How to Buy a Used Single Bunk Bed

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How to Buy a Used Single Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are a good way to save space in a guest room or a room that a couple of children share. It is not always necessary to buy a brand new bunk when buyers can easily opt for used single bunk bed. Also, when it comes to children, they can outgrow their beds very quickly. Hence, it makes sense to go for a used single bunk bed and save some money in the process.

Considerations While Buying Used Single Bunk Beds

When contemplating buying a used single bunk bed, consider who will be using the bunk bed and how much space is available at home or any other place where the bed would end up.


A bunk bed can be used by children or adults. Usually for smaller children, a single over single bunk will suffice. On the other hand, if there is one older child and a smaller one, the older child will require more sleeping space. This means it is imperative to think about a single over full bunk bed.

Space Allocation

An important criterion in selecting a used single bunk bed is the height of the ceiling. After the bunk bed is placed in the room, there should be enough space between the ceiling and the top of the bed, so that the person (child or adult) using the top bunk has enough space to sit up comfortably without knocking their head on the ceiling. This problem does not arise if the house has a standard ceiling height of 8 feet, but could be a problem if the ceiling in the room is low, as seen in rooms with slanting ceiling.

Types of Used Single Bunk Bed

There are many types of used single bunk bed available. They come in an assortment of configurations, shapes and types. When buying a used single bunk bed, check all the types before making a decision. Invariably, the decision should be made based on the functionality and practicality of the used single bunk bed.

Single over single bunk bed

This is the standard bunk bed that is available in the market. It comprises of two single beds, with one placed on top of the other. It is mainly used for children that are nearly of the same age, but can also be used for a single child and the upper bunk can be used during a sleepover or to accommodate a houseguest. Typically, this type of single bunk bed can be dismantled and made into two separate beds, which adds value to the entire bed setup.

Single over full bunk bed

In this type of single bunk bed, there is a full-sized bed below and on top, there is a single-sized bed for one person. This kind of sleeping arrangement helps those who have a grown teenager and a smaller child sharing one bedroom. It also can be used for a single child, and parents can lie on the full bed with the child and read a bedtime story before the child goes to sleep.

Materials used for Making Used Single Bunk Beds

A single bunk bed is made either from wood or metal. Weigh the pros and cons of both these materials and buy the used single bunk bed that best suits the set requirements and budget.


Wood is sturdy and durable and, hence, if the used single bed is built properly, it will last a long time. However, if it appears flimsy and rickety, it has to do more with the way the bunk bed was built rather than the material used.


Metal is also sturdy and durable, as it can be moulded into different shapes more easily than wood. It is possible to view a greater variety of styles when it comes to a metal single bunk bed. Also, a metal single bunk bed is lighter than a wooden one. Furthermore, the metal used is coated with a special powder coat that prevents the metal from getting rusted, scratched or damaged.

While metal single bunk beds have its own market share, bunk beds made from wood are the most prefered. And, as the demand for wood single bunk beds is greater, there are a larger variety of arrangements, shapes, and styles to choose from. Several sellers provide the option of choosing used single bunk beds made from different types of wood.


Maple is heavy and hard; it is highly resistant to wear and tear and abrasions. The wood has a uniform texture and the colour varies from creamy white to dark reddish brown. A single bunk bed made from maple can be polished to look new and shiny.


Oak is also quite sturdy and heavy, which makes it very durable. The colour of the wood can vary from white to reddish brown, depending on the species of the oak.


This wood can resist shock and is of medium strength. The colour varies from red to reddish brown. However, as the wood ages or when it gets exposed to light, it darkens in colour. A used single bunk bed made from cherry wood will usually have a smooth finish to it.


Walnut wood is quite tough in character, and the colour ranges from a lovely light brown to a deep chocolate brown. Sometimes, the wood can have a purple-coloured hue to it. A used single bunk bed made from walnut can be painted to another colour, as this wood can hold paint quite well.


Its beautiful knotted look gives the wood a unique appearance. It does not decay very easily and holds well together. It is a light wood and comes in different colours, namely creamy white, light brown, and pale yellow. It can give the single bunk bed a very rustic look.

Composite wood

This type of wood is made from bonding wood particles, veneers, strands, and lumber to form a composite that is stronger than the individual parts used. A single bunk bed made from composite wood will have a uniform surface.

Optional Items in a Used Single Bunk Bed

There is no doubt that single bunk beds are practical and help to make life easier. It, therefore, makes sense to take into consideration other optional items, such as storage space, trundle bed and staircase. If some of these optional items are present in the used single bunk bed, it is quite obviously great value for money.

How to Buy a Used Single Bunk Bed on eBay

eBay is one of the best online resources to buy a used single bunk bed. Not only professional and authorised sellers will be selling used single bunk beds; it is also possible to connect to private individuals who want to dispose of the their beds. However, if looking for a quality used single bunk bed with minimal wear, it is best to buy from a professional eBay seller or someone who has got good reputation in the eBay community. Put in the term “used single bunk bed”, into the Search option on eBay to get a list of products. If narrower search results are needed, use the Advanced Search option, where the criteria for the used single bunk bed can be clearly spelled out. Alternatively, narrow down the search by going through the respective categories. Start off on the home page by clicking on All Categories and then selecting Home, Furniture & DIY. Next, proceed by hovering over Furniture & Living and selecting Beds & Mattresses. Any additional preferences can be selected by clicking the appropriate boxes or links on the left hand panel. Before buying the used single bunk bed, ask all the relevant questions from the seller. These questions include shipping of the bed, whether it has been treated for infestation, and what is the return policy, in case not being satisfied with the quality of the used single bunk bed being delivered. If the seller makes a claim about the quality, he should be able to back it up with a warranty. It is recommended to opt for a local seller, as it will be easier to inspect the used single bunk bed in person and check its quality, wear and tear, and other features before finalising the deal. Also, transporting the bunk bed is much easier and cost-effective when dealing with a local buyer. It is also a good idea to check the comments left by other customers to determine the quality of the service that they can expect. This also will help in determining whether the seller is trustworthy and worth the business relationship.


A used single bunk bed is a wise buying decision if there are young children in the home. Not only is it economical to buy a used bunk bed, they also help make good usage of the space in the children’s bedroom. In fact, using a single bunk bed means that children will have more available space to play in their room. And when buying used single bunk beds from eBay, purchases will be covered by the eBay guarantee, which protects customers from unscrupulous online sellers.

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