How to Buy a Used Single Mattress

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How to Buy a Used Single Mattress

Be it a short nap or a night’s peaceful sleep, a clean and comfortable mattress is the key to a well-rested body, especially when the mattress is of the right type and size. A standard single mattress is an ideal choice for a single bed, however, there are different sizes to suit individual requirements and budgets. Used single mattresses, though not everybody’s cup of tea, are equally functional and cost-effective, provided adequate care is taken in selecting the right mattress from the right vendor.

Why Buy a Used Single Mattress?

They are cost-effective alternatives to buying brand new mattresses, either for permanent or temporary use. They suit the needs of growing children, who may soon grow out of standard size mattresses. Guest rooms, too, can make good use of second-hand single mattresses. The type of mattress, size, and physical state are all important factors to consider while choosing a used single mattress.

Types of Single Mattresses

There are several types of single mattresses available on the market. Coils and springs create a strong framework that is often filled-in using synthetic or natural material. Spring density or the number of springs in a mattress determines the hardness and the support it offers to the body. Contrary to common belief, hard mattresses may not necessarily offer the best levels of support; however, a reasonably strong structure, padded up with a material of choice, firmly yet supplely supports the body, while cushioning it as well.

Mattress Type

Hardness Factor

Ultra Plush




Pillow Top (Extra padding at the top of the mattress)


Cushion Firm




Temperature-sensitive memory foam mattresses offer firm support during winters and get softer in the summer. They also adjust to body temperature quite nicely. These mattresses are dense and take time to gradually respond to the heat from the body, eventually providing maximum comfort and support as they get acclimatised to the temperature. Memory foam mattresses do not harbour dust mites and are well-ventilated as well when placed on slats.

Single Mattress Depths

Single mattress depths are not really bound any standard measurements. Depths usually vary depending on the type of the mattress, comfort levels and the material used to manufacture the mattress. Pocket depths are crucial not only to ensure comfort levels but also to procure the appropriate mattress covers. Choice of mattress covers is limited and it is quite expensive to neatly cover deep-pocketed mattresses.

Mattress Type

Approximate Pocket Depth (inches)

Pillow Top (Extra padding at the top of the mattress)

17 – 21 or higher in rare cases

Ultra Plush




Cushion Firm

9.5 – 11.5



Single Mattress Sizes

Single mattresses are available in different sizes to suit specific requirements. Tall individuals may need just that extra space to stretch their feet comfortably.

Mattress Size

Dimensions (Width X length in inches)

Standard Single

39 X 75

Extra long single

39 X 80

A standard single mattress can comfortably support an adult and one child.

Choosing the Right Used Single Mattress

Not everyone is comfortable with buying used products, especially mattresses that have been used over time by strangers. It may be comforting to know that some of these mattresses from select sellers may be as good as new; these are hardly used mattresses sold off by people, who no longer find use for them. Returned mattresses, though typically a very small percentage, are also marketed as used mattresses. It is, however, important to choose the right mattress, be it a brand new one or a used mattress. Additional care has to be put in, especially while buying a used mattress. Select a Trusted Vendor – It is advisable to go by reference, feedback from existing customers, watching out for negative reviews on the credibility of the vendor. If shopping for a used single mattress at a brick-and-mortar shop, the shopper must watch out for any physical signs of damage, including mould, stains or marks that may indicate a prevalent bug problem. Take time to try out the mattress, sitting down or even lying on it to see if it is comfortable. A used mattress could still be loose or sag with weight, though it may look quite clean and perfect superficially. It is important to watch out or ask for special tags that often indicate the type of material used to refurbish the mattresses, or if it has been professionally cleaned and decontaminated. It is also equally mandatory to ensure that the used mattress is non-inflammatory. Check if wool is used to fill mattresses, as natural wool, though tagged fire retardant, can catch fire in reality. Note that coil or spring-based mattresses tend to get bulkier over the years with dust, sweat, dead skin cells settling in the structure, aiding the growth of dust-mites and mildew. Though slightly pricey, pure foam or latex mattresses devoid of springs are usually resistant to such problems.

Buying a Used Single Mattress Online

Shopping for a used single mattress online is an easy, quick, and effort-free alternative to exploring the local markets for a suitable deal. However, the option may not be that appealing, given the fact that shoppers may not be able ascertain the physical condition of the mattress in person. If satisfied with the credibility of the online dealer and the quality of products offered at their websites, then still go ahead and browse the various deals on offer and shortlist few mattresses that suit the needs and the budget. This would help them quickly gather essential details on the model, brand and other specifications. Once the list is ready, then visit the manufacturer’s website to find a local retailer to check out the make, appearance, size, and comfort levels in person. Used single mattresses may, of course, slightly vary from the ones at the local store. Shoppers may also visit nearby furniture outlets that deal with refurbished or used single mattresses to finalise their choice, and then order a similar type of used mattress from their trusted online dealer. Online marketplace helps shoppers to extensively browse for favourable deals and compare several offers before making an investment in the right mattress, even if used. It is also quite easy to check for negative reviews or feedback trending on the social networking sites.

Cleaning and Disinfecting a Used Single Mattress

Despite the product being purchased from a reputed online marketplace and has the necessary tags to indicate product safety, sanitation, non-inflammability - certain precautions ensure that used single mattresses do not cause any discomfort. It is important to get the mattress professionally cleaned before use. A clean mattress cover must be used to avoid direct contact with the surface of the mattress. Those tolerant to plastic sheets may use them to seal the surface. The used single mattress should be regularly powdered and vacuumed to rid bugs and prevent any further damage to the unit

How to Buy a Used Single Mattress on eBay

To shop for a used single mattress on eBay, go to the eBay homepage. The Categories menu option must be clicked to get access to the All Categories tab. The Home, Furniture & DIY link must be selected to move on to the Home & Garden tab. The shopper must expand the Furniture & Living menu, and select Beds & Mattresses to view a list of used and new products in this category. The selection can be further refined by selecting the Used check box to indicate the condition of the product. The Manufacturer Refurbished or Seller Refurbished options must be used to look for refurbished products. Also, it is possible to quickly key in an appropriate set of keywords that describe the requirements and searching for used single mattresses directly from the eBay homepage. Before going ahead with purchases on eBay, check out the seller ratings and feedback on the site to confidently go ahead with the transaction. Ratings and feedback are regularly updated to enable shoppers to make an informed purchase. The shopper must select a used single mattress that suits both the need and the budget from a top-rated, if not positively-rated, seller on eBay and use eBay’s recommended PayPal payment service to complete the purchase.


Used single mattress does not necessarily mean a compromise on quality or hygiene, if the purchase is judicious. Second-hand mattresses from reputed online dealers come in quite handy for those who cannot afford to spend fortunes on buying a new branded mattress, or even those who do not mind using a second-hand product in near-perfect shape. Secured with proper disinfection, mattress covers, free ventilation and regular vacuuming - used single mattresses may prove a wise investment, especially while catering to bedding requirements of children at home, hostel or dormitories.

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