How to Buy a Used Sofa

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How to Buy a Used Sofa

The sofa is one of the larger pieces of living room furniture and that means it is also one of the most important pieces in the design of the room in which it is placed, plus buying one can make a person spend a significant amount of cash. These points make it imperative that a person think practically before buying. That said, quite a few people turn to charity shops in order to lower their expenses, while getting the sofa they want. There are other reasons apart from saving cash that people buy used furniture, like the want for vintage sofas.

People buy and resell cars, clothes, and furniture all the time; there are many shops offline and online selling used items, of which eBay is one of the more popular. For many, acquiring gently used items is one way of cutting down costs when replacing furniture or moving into a new flat. There are more and more people gunning for a good deal, especially on big ticket items, like furniture. Knowing where to look, what sofa they need, and what features to look for make a used sofa bargain-hunt all the more satisfying and successful.

Why Buy a Used Sofa?

With cash buying less and less, people are more inclined to look for sales and discounts, used furniture not the least. But there are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing a sofa that has been used previously.

Advantages to Buying a Used Sofa

Disadvantages to Buying a Used Sofa

The buyer does not pay as much for the sofa even if nearly new

The chance of acquiring top-quality furniture that the buyer would not have been able to afford new

Can be re-upholstered in new styles without going over budget


The are no warranties for used furniture, meaning the buyer has no chance of replacement or support from the manufacturer if stains or other damage is detected

May have hidden damage due to former use, or pests

There are drawbacks to buying used living room furniture, so why buy a used sofa? Still, many believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. An inquisitive shopper systematically analyses a used product before deciding to purchase it.

Used sofas can be acquired anywhere, in vintage shops, charity shops, yard sales, auctions, car boot sales, online retailers and resellers, and more. Checking whether there are tag sales, bargain basement shops, or warehouse sales in the locality can direct the buyer to places where good, high-quality sofas or other furniture can be acquired.

Types of Sofas

Many people do not have specific parameters and styles to acquire when they buy sofas, which only makes searching for the most appropriate sofa more difficult. There are many sofa designs, and knowing what they are only helps a shopper when searching.

Sectional Sofas

A sectional sofa is an excellent choice for any kind of space, because while designed to be a single sofa, it is also able to be separated into individual, smaller parts that are most appropriate for smaller living room spaces.

Regular Sofas

Regular sofas are those that fit two to three people comfortably and are most likely convenient for nearly any living room. They are not sectioned and are the sofas that most people get who are unsure of what they want to buy, which is unsurprising because they can adapt to any space.

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are also called sleeper sofas, and are a good choice for people who expect visitors all the time but do not have an extra guest room. Most sofa beds can accommodate two adults, which is enough to put up a couchsurfer friend or a parent visiting a college student. The versatility is appealing to many people.


Two-seaters are also called loveseats, and while the name implies a small size, there are two-seaters that are quite large. Also, these sofas are exceptionally comfortable seating choices for cramped spaces and good for those city flats that are getting smaller and smaller by the year.

Design Features of Sofas

There are many things to consider when purchasing a used sofa, probably more so than when buying new. When a buyer knows what to look for, he or she knows what to bargain for, whether looking for a corner sofa or a leather sofa, or any other kind of living room furniture. This lowers the chance of acquiring a sofa that would only have to be returned later because it does not match the living room decor exactly, or it has a flaw that is not initially noticed.


The frame is the main body that carries the cushions, therefore, it should be sturdy and have the ability to last against heavy weight and prolonged use. Most frames are made of wood and should have been treated or reinforced against termites or other wood-boring insects, especially in the warmer or damper climates.

Frame materials are often hardwoods or sometimes metal. The wicker sofas and chairs are made primarily of rattan. Choose durable hardwoods, like oak, though the softer wood types, like pine, can save the buyer more in terms of cash.

Springs and Cushions

There are sofas with springs that hold the cushions up, and sofas that are designed without springs but contain foam cushions over a wood bottom, which are less costly. Good-quality sofas have hand-tied coils that make up their springs, and are more comfortable for the sitter. Make sure the springs are well-coiled and level or they can cause a lumpy couch that gouges into the flesh before long.

Cushions can be loose or permanently affixed in place. If the buyer wants to know how many people a sofa can sit, he or she should only count the cushions. Loose cushions can be flipped once in a while to minimise dips or lumps.


Tightly woven upholstery fabrics are more durable and last longer with less wear and tear. There are shops that steam clean upholstered furniture before re-sale, so the buyer should look into that as well. For the buyer who has little time to be cleaning upholstery, durable fabrics that are easy to clean are the most appropriate upholstery choices, for instance vinyl or a leather variant. It is possible to encase the cushions in plastic material to protect the upholstery, particularly with a household that has children or animals.

Sofa Back

The sofa back is important to the overall design of the sofa and the comfort of the person sitting on it. An upholstered sofa back can be used as a decorative accent; the design can contain buttons, be smooth, and have loose cushions or attached; the design chosen is dependent on buyer preferences. Buttons help to keep the foam on the back from shifting too much, and they look more formal than other styles.

The back should be sturdy enough to take the weight of a number of people, especially for those who like leaning against it.

Arms and Feet

The arms and feet of the sofa can be upholstered or not. Make sure they are sturdy and firmly attached to the frame or sofa back. Some sofas have wheeled feet, making transportation easier, though are not recommended for those who have hardwood floors that are easily gouged.

How to Buy a Used Sofa on eBay

There are many places to acquire a top-quality used sofa, and eBay is one of the leading retailers online. Using eBay simplifies any search for any product. You just have to navigate to eBay and type the keywords for what you need into the site search bar. The results can number in the thousands, but they can be narrowed down using site tools. With these tools and options, it is possible to filter out used sofas from new, locate items based on proximity to you, and more. You can also narrow down the selection with more specific keywords. Type in “blue sofa” and your search results contain a more specific list of sofas in that colour that are closer in relevance to the sofa that you want.

Ordering a used sofa online also means that you or the seller have to arrange transportation for the item. Coordinating with the seller and receiving shipping insurance ensures that your investments are protected. Evaluating both seller and product as thoroughly as you can increases the chances of getting exactly the sofa you want to complete your living room.


There are many people who first look for used sofas and furniture for their homes and turn to buying new as a last resort. For one, used pieces are always less expensive than new ones of the same quality, and the buyer is able to customise the furniture without spending too much. There are many used sofas that can be of vintage styles too, and just what the buyer needs for a living room that looks chic.

Of course, used furniture could have been infested by pests, have foul odours coming from the cushions, or have hidden flaws. There are disadvantages too, as one never knows from where the furniture comes, but a careful shopper knows how to minimise these risks by knowing where to look and how to look for what he or she wants. Many shops, both offline and online, offer used furniture, and eBay is only one of them, albeit one with an impressive array of choices for the buyer.

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