How to Buy a Vintage Boa

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How to Buy a Vintage Boa

Vintage boas are the perfect accessories to add a touch of class to your wardrobe. They not only provide warmth, but help you easily dress up outfits. Classic and timeless, vintage boas are very popular, and available in a huge range of materials. Knowing the law surrounding certain boa materials, how to check the condition of a vintage boa, and understanding your material options ensure you purchase a stunning vintage boa for any occasion.


Condition of a Vintage Boa

You need to study the condition of your vintage boa carefully. Regardless of the material, look for bald spots and missing or loose feathers and embellishments. Check for stains, frayed material, and examine the finish. Do not forget to look for signs of insect infestation, as this causes extensive damage. If you choose a boa with thumb loops, ensure both are present and sturdy. For a boa with a satin tie closure, check that the satin is intact with no signs of moth damage, and with no fraying. If your boa has a chain or brooch closure, ensure any gemstones are present and secure in their settings, and look for signs of corrosion on the metal.


Vintage Boa Material

Feather boas are the most common boa type, and are very popular, particularly in black, white, or black and white. For ornate, sophisticated boas, many women choose iconic ostrich feather boas, with long, voluminous plumes. Turkey feathers are another common option for vintage boas. Large turkey feathers are flat and produce dense, heavy feather boas, perfect for warmth and style. Chandelle boas use small, fine, downy turkey feathers and produce fluffier, lighter boas. Marabou feather boas use the fine, downy feathers from the marabou and produce lightweight, fluffy, chic vintage boas. Vintage boas are also available in a range of furs, including sable, martin fur, and fox fur, as well as faux fur.


Vintage Boa Embellishments

While many vintage boas are plain, some have a variety of embellishments. Some models feature satin tie closures, while others feature chain and brooch closures. Other embellishments include the addition of faux berries, bright splashes of colourful beads, or even sequins.


Laws Regarding Fur Boas

There are very strict laws in the United Kingdom surrounding owning fur, including real fur boas. For vintage fur boas made of an endangered species fur or an animal on the banned fur list, the fur has to date pre-1947, and has to have a certificate of authenticity, complete with date of origin. This is part of the worldwide crackdown on the production of furs from endangered wildlife and is part of the Convention of Internal Trade in Endangered Species, or CITES, act of 1975.

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