How to Buy a Vinyl Carry Case on eBay

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How to Buy a Vinyl Carry Case on eBay

Turntable technology reached its peak popularity in the mid-20th century. By the mid-1980s, the advent of the CD ended the reign of vinyl, and by the end of the century, CDs and digital music formats had all but consigned vinyl records to history. However, there is still a market for accessories related to the vinyl format. Vinyl aficionados still want to be able to transport and store their music, and to do this, they need vinyl carry cases.

The decline of vinyl saw a decline in demand for accessories like vinyl carry cases. This is why it can be quite challenging for buyers to puts their hands on these specialised carry cases. Few, if any of the music shops still operating stock them. There are specialised vinyl carry cases manufactured for DJs to carry their records, but these space-age, hardshell carry cases can be very pricey.

Many music lovers and DJs now turn to eBay in their quest to find vinyl carry cases. The site offers listings from all over the country. The range varies from used DJ vinyl carry cases to vintage cases from the 1950s. To find the right vinyl carry case, the buyer should start out with a have fairly good idea of what they need out of a vinyl carry case.. They also need to know how to use eBay's user-friendly search tools.

What Is a Vinyl Carry Case?

Vinyl carry cases are specialised carry cases used to store and transport vinyl records.Vinyl records may have seen better days, but this music format is still avidly collected by music aficionados, and scratch DJs. These record discs can be very fragile. To protect their prized music, record collectors and DJs often turn to vinyl carry cases to store and transport vinyl records.

In order to preserve vinyl records, each disc needs to sit on its edge. Vinyl records should not be stacked one on top of each other because the weight of the stack can deform the records. Vinyl carry cases allow records to sit upright, like books on a shelf. All vinyl records come in one of two sizes: 7-inch and 12-inch. The 12-inch disc is the most common format. Vinyl carry cases are designed to accommodate either of these two sizes. While there are only two sizes when it comes records, vinyl carry cases do vary in terms of capacity. Some DJ backpacks, or shoulder bags,, can carry a handful of LPs and several dozen CDs, while most vinyl carry cases carry fifty 12-inch records. There are cases that can carry between 200 and 500 LPs, but these carry cases resemble trunks and require two people at either end to carry it.

Vinyl carry cases are made of myriad materials, ranging from cardboard to aluminium. They can include features like carry handles, wheels, and lockable latches. Before conducting a search for a vinyl carry case on eBay, the buyer must be clear on what they need the carry case for. Is the carry case required to store vintage records at home, or does the vinyl carry case need to be hardy enough to withstand rough handling by baggage handlers at the airport?

Performing a Keyword Search on eBay

An effective search of eBay begins with a keyword search from eBay's homepage.. There is search bar on the homepage and every other page on the website, including the results pages. It is recommended that a user start with a generic search phrase, like 'vinyl carry case&'. A more specific search query, which includes a more detailed description of the carry case, including specifics such as colour, capacity, and brand, ensures a more targeted search, but there are only a hundred or so vinyl carry cases listed on eBay at anyone time, so a search query that is too specific may yield no results. Rather, the buyer should use a generic search query and then select and deselect various search filters to browse the current listings.

Refining the Search for a Vinyl Carry Case

The eBay search platform allows buyers to browse listings by sorting the listings on the results page. The buyer can specify the type of carry case, the material it is made from, features like padding and lockable latches, and the brand of the carry case.

Types of Vinyl Carry Cases

Most of the vinyl carry cases on eBay are the types used by professional DJs to transport vinyl records from one gig to another, often by air. A buyer can sort the listings by specifying the type of the carry case. Some carry cases have been designed to meet the rigours of air travel. For convenience sake, a DJ should consider buying a trolley vinyl carry case.. There are also flight cases. These carry cases are robust and can stand up to the abuse meted out when luggage is loaded onto and taken off a plane. Of course, there are the standard carry cases. These come with handles and lockable latches and hold about fifty or so 12-inch LPs. For the vintage music collector, there are vintage carry cases. These can be modern reproduction of vintage carry cases or the actual vintage carry cases dating back to the 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s. Vintage carry cases from these decades were made of cardboard or PVC.


Modern carry cases are built to be tough. The job of the modern vinyl carry case is to protect the records inside. This why most modern carry cases are manufactured using hardy materials like aluminium or hard plastic. These materials are also lightweight. While wood is strong and very durable, this materials is not a good option for the DJ flying from gig gig, and the music enthusiast relocating their entire vintage music collection across the  country, or across the world. This is due to the weight of the wood. Even empty, these carry cases can prove to be very heavy. Vintage carry cases are lightweight, but they are not meant to offer protection for LPs in transit.


Vinyl carry cases come with a variety of features. For the professional DJ flying from gig to gig, there are flight-friendly vinyl carry cases that come with trolley wheels and telescoping handles. eBay allows a user to sort listings based on what features a buyer is looking for in a vinyl carry case. A user can sort listings based on features like locks,, handles,, and padding. A lined or padded vinyl carry case offers greater protection, especially from hard knocks and accidental falls off of stages or luggage conveyors at baggage claim.


The decline of the vinyl format means that there are only a handful of manufacturers still producing vinyl carry cases. One of the most notable DJ accessories brands is Citronic.. Other brands include Kool Sound, Soundlab, Reloop, and UDG. While eBay allows the user to sort listings by brand, it is recommended that a user browse the listing first, as most sellers simply neglect to specify the brand in the the item listings.

Saving the Search

If a buyer's search yields no results on a particular day, eBay allows the user to save their search parameters, and the user is notified, if and when an seller posts a listing that matches the buyer's search criteria. Instead of the buyer coming back to the site everyday and submitting the same search parameters, they can sit back and wait to be notified by email when the vinyl carry case they are looking for becomes available on eBay.

Assessing the Seller

Sellers who consistently attract glowing praise from their customers and high feedback scores are referred to as 'eBay Top-rated Sellers'. eBay sellers who have earned this distinction can be counted on to provide excellent customer service and deal only in top quality merchandise. A top-rated seller is also knowledgeable about the items they have listed for sale. The seller is most likely an avid collector of vinyl records and most are more than willing to share their wisdom on the subject of sourcing and caring for vinyl records.

To find listings for vinyl records posted by top-rated sellers, the user simply selects 'eBay Top-rated Sellers' under the heading 'Seller' on the results page. To learn more about the seller, the user clicks on the seller's username in the listing for the vinyl carry case and goes into the seller's profile page where they can read the feedback posted by former customers. Inside the profile page, the user also finds the contact link. They click on this link if they have any questions for the seller about the vinyl carry case the seller has listed for sale.

Assessing the Condition of the Vinyl Carry Case

In assessing the condition of the vinyl carry case, it is a good idea for the buyer to ask the seller for close-up photos of the case, if the seller hasn't provided them already. This is important if the seller is considering a used carry case or a vintage vinyl carry case. They should look for any evidence of obvious wear tear to the exterior of the case. Are the latches in the good condition? The more robust aluminium vinyl carry cases may sport a scratch or two, but this damage should be considered minor. On the other hand, vintage vinyl carry cases from the 1950s and 1960s are made of cardboard. If the vintage carry case was stored in an antic for a few decades, it could have suffered water damage, weakening the integrity of the cardboard. The buyer should look for any water stains and if the water stains are not evident, the buyer should still enquire as to where the vintage carry case was stored.

Postage and Packing Fees

Depending on how many LPs it is designed to hold, a vinyl carry case can be quite a large item to ship across the country. Postage fees get that much steeper if the seller has thrown in a few LPs for good measure, adding to the weight of the carry case. It is advisable for the buyer to try and find a listing for a carry case in their local area. This way, and if the seller is agreeable to the idea, the seller can pick up the carry case himself. This eliminates the shipping costs altogether. To sort the listings to only show those results from a specific area, the buyer clicks on 'Distance' on the results page, enters their postcode, and enters a search radius in miles.


While personal music players and CD rule the roost, there are still many music enthusiast who enjoy the warm sounds of a vintage format like vinyl. Scratch DJ also use vinyl records in their performances. Whether transporting prized vinyl records across the world or down the the hall, it is important to carry the vinyl records sitting on their edges. The best way to do this is by carrying LPs in a vinyl carry case.

While the decline in the vinyl format means there aren't many vinyl carry cases to choose from, the best range of new, used, and vintage carry cases is to be found on eBay. This online market is able to connect vinyl enthusiasts from all over the world, allowing member to buy and sell vinyl records, turntables and turntable parts, and vinyl carry cases. Before venturing onto eBay, it is important to consider the purpose for the carry case, and consider features like the material the carry case is made from, and other features like trolley wheels,  internal padding, telescoping handles, and locks.

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