How to Buy a Wood Club on eBay

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How to Buy a Wood Club on eBay

Every golfer is allowed a maximum of 14 clubs in their bag. Therefore it is vital to make sure you get a club that is suitable for your swing and is effective in the job it is supposed to do, whether it is an iron, a wedge or a putter. For sheer power and distance the wood is a useful club to have on you. Knowing how to buy a wood club on eBay can help you to get a professional swing at an affordable price.

Types of wood

While wood clubs are called woods rather confusingly modern wood clubs tend to be made of metal. Traditionally these clubs were made from beech or ash wood. In the modern game wood clubs are now made from hollow titanium, steel or a mixture of composite materials. The most known of wood clubs is the number 1 wood, a club that is better known as the driver. It is this club that golfers generally tee off with and provides the most distance while hitting the ball.

Traditionally woods have tended to be classified in odd numbers with the number 1 wood or driver being the one that hits the longest distance while fairway woods numbers 3 and 5 are designed for shorter distances on the fairway so that they hit shorter distances but more accurately than the number 1.

In recent times there has also been the addition of even numbered 2 and 4 woods. As the numbers suggest a 2 wood hits a shorter a distance than a number 1 but allows for better accuracy and likewise with a number 4 wood hitting shorter distances but more accurately than a 5 wood. This can change according to the manufacturer but the number system provides a reasonably accurate guide for a golfer.

Some golfers also use hybrid clubs and these work as a kind of cross between a 5 wood and an iron. This is beneficial for people who want as few clubs as possible but still want a range of distances to choose from with the clubs in their bag.

Type of wood


1 wood or driver

This club is used for teeing off and hitting the ball longer distances

3 wood

Often used on fairways. Hits shorter distances than the 1 wood but is more accurate

5 wood

The equivalent of a low iron club. The shortest distance hitter of the woods but the most accurate.

2 or 4 wood and hybrid clubs

Can be used instead of an iron or to allow for fewer wood clubs. Ideal for people who want fewer clubs in their bag.

The set

When purchasing wood golf clubs it is worth remembering that the driver will tend to be the most expensive of the set. This is because it has a specialised role. The oversized club head and deep striking face are ideal for its long range usage. If someone can hit with a driver and get the longest distance from it then they are more likely to get a lower score than someone who needs to do a follow up after using a driver that does not cover the same distance.

However distance is not everything. While it may look impressive to hit a ball 500 yards it is less impressive if it ends up in the rough or you are a long way from the fairway. Accuracy is also important. This is why the condition of the driver is important as well. A worn driver will not hit a ball cleanly and this is why you need to carefully check any pictures of drivers you wish to purchase on eBay.

Condition is equally important for the other wood clubs in your bag. The grooves on the side of the clubs need to be clearly defined. Indentations on the clubs negatively affect how well the ball flies after you hit it so make sure you carefully look at the pictures of the clubs before you purchase them.

When buying a set consistency is important. There should not be one brilliant club and others that are of inferior quality. It is also important to make sure you do not have a number of clubs from different sets mixed together as this can make it harder to play a consistent game.


In terms of wear and tear alloys on the club heads tend to be more susceptible to wear and tear than a steel club head. It is also important to look carefully to ensure that the club head has not been painted over as this can be a sign that the seller is attempting to cover wear and tear on the clubs.


One of the things you need to remember is that how you swing the club is equally as important as the quality of the club itself. Therefore the shaft where you grip the club is a vital consideration. While grips can be replaced this is an additional expense you are not likely to want in addition to purchasing the clubs as well. It is also worth remembering that if you have to pay for new grips for each additional club this extra expense can soon add up and the bargain price may end up looking like less of a bargain.

If the shaft has a covering it should not be worn. This will make it harder to grip the club and therefore make it harder to swing it effectively. A steel shaft should not look like it has been bent back into shape. Upon close inspection of product pictures this ought to be clear.

Things to think about

  Consider how often you are likely to play. If you are not likely to play very often consider getting a set with fewer clubs that can be easily stored away, preferably in a bag that can be kept free of dust and kept in a storage area that is not too hot, cold or humid.

 You also need to consider your level of ability. Manufacturers often provide both beginner level clubs and those for more advanced professionals. While some clubs may be advertised as the ones that the pros use these are not necessarily appropriate. Generally the clubs designed for people at professional or amateur level will tend to reflect the type of swing they have and compensate accordingly.

 Contact the seller about how to look after the clubs and keep them in the playable condition. The seller ought to respond and offer advice. As well as being a hint towards the condition of the clubs this is also an indication of their depth of knowledge in regards to both golf and the clubs they are selling.

  Look around for feedback and reviews. There are numerous manufacturers available and each will have their advantages and disadvantages. When looking at the feedback check to see if the person doing the review is of a similar playing ability to you as it is more likely that you will be able to choose an appropriate club when listening to someone in a similar situation to yourself.

  Remember that big brand names are not necessarily better. You do have to be careful that you are not paying an additional amount for the logo. This is another reason why paying careful attention to reviews is important.

  It is also worth checking feedback on the people selling the clubs as well. The eBay trusted trader mark is a sign that a seller has proven their quality both in terms of the items that they sell and the customer service they offer to the people they sell to. People who get awarded this will usually have very high ratings and positive feedback.

  Remember you are also not restricted to bidding for items on eBay with some sellers offering a buy it now option. Ultimately it is up to you whether you prefer the thrill of the auction or want to get something there and then. Whether you bid or buy make sure you do your research. Do not be afraid to ask questions even when you are in the middle of bidding for an item. While it can be exciting to be the winner of a bid you still need to ensure that you are getting value for money.

  Check product specifications carefully to ensure you get the right size of clubs and also to look for any return policy and shipping details, as well as any warranty details if applicable.


In summary knowing how to buy a wood club on eBay is about knowing how wood clubs are used, the different types available and how to use them effectively. It is also about being aware of your playing ability and how often you will use them as well as knowing the right club options to purchase. With these factors considered you should be able to get the right wood clubs for your golfing needs.

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