How to Buy a Wooden Bread Bin on eBay

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How to Buy a Wooden Bread Bin on eBay

Bread bins are small compact boxes that are used to store bread. Wooden bread bins are very effective at keeping bread and other baked good fresh, and are a favourite in kitchens all across the world. Wooden bread bins are also quite visually attractive and work well with the majority of kitchen decors.

Some people buy old bread bins as they are recognised as antiques and can be quite valuable. Antique wood bread bins are especially sought after as they are often decorated and designed with attractive carvings.

Buyers are advised to search for wooden bread bins on eBay as the site has a great selection and the bread bins are often at lower prices than those found in stores. The following guide shall examine the various types of bread bin for sale today and why wooden versions are so popular. It shall also detail how to locate bread bins on eBay.

Types of Bread Bin

Bins used for storing baked goods have existed for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used small bins made from clay to store their loaves of bread. Bread stales when the moisture within it crystallizes. Keeping bread or baked goods in a moist environment, such as a fridge, will cause this process to speed up. Bread bins slow this process down as once the lid is shut the air becomes very dry and stays that way. Bread bins were very common in kitchens until the arrival of modern baking and preservatives that can keep food fresher for longer.

Bread bins can be made from different materials, but the overall effect is always the same. The different types of bread bins are as follows:

Steel/Stainless Steel Bread Bin

Bread bins made from steel or stainless steel are manufactured to be durable and long lasting. Steel bread bins are a relatively new type, having been introduced to the public in the mid 20th century. These types of bins are very hard wearing and will have an indefinite lifetime once they are not damaged. Bread bins made from steel or stainless steel are available in a large selection of shapes and sizes and come in matt or brilliant steel finishes. Stainless steel bread bins are resistant to rust giving them an even longer potential lifespan. People choose these types of bins as they are very hygienic and are easy to clean. Also, steel and stainless steel bins complement modern kitchens and are visually pleasing. Most steel bread bins use a drop down lid, but there are plenty of models available that have motorized or rolling lids.

Enamel Bread Bins

Enamel bread bins became popular during the end the 19h century, and are today seen as a very traditional kitchen tool. The majority of enamel bread bin manufacturers still use the same designs and processes to create the bins as the originals, helping this type of bread bin to keep its history and identity. Enamel bread bins work very well in the kitchens of older houses, as well as adding a cosy element to newer, minimalistic modern kitchens. They are available in a range of colours and sizes, and are proficient at keeping bread and other baked goods fresh. These types of bread bins tend to be made from steel and then coated or double coated with enamel. Enamel bread bins are very durable and long lasting, and its possible to purchase bread bins made over one hundred years ago.

Ceramic Bread Bin

Bread bins made from this material have been common in kitchens for a few hundred years, and where a major source of sales for potteries across the world. Ceramic bread bins are good at keeping bread fresh, but are not as durable as the other types. A dropped ceramic bread bin will easily chip, if not completely smash. Ceramic bread bins look nice in older kitchens, but can look slightly out of place in more modern dwellings.

Wooden Bread Bins

Wooden bread bins are one of the oldest types of bread bins, having been used by people long before ceramic or enamel. People began using wooden bread bins to keep their baked goods safe from pests and insects, and to keep them in a dry atmosphere. Wooden bread bins have remained popular throughout the ages because of woods compatibility with the majority of kitchens. These types of bread bin look nice in traditional and modern kitchens. Their designs equally complement earthy, homely kitchens and stark minimalistic kitchens. Wooden bread bins can be made from a variety of different woods including beech, hevea wood or rubber wood. They are also available with a number of different lid options. Wooden bread bins come in a number of sizes from extra large farmhouse bins, to smaller contemporary designs. Many claim that wooden bread bins are the best way to store bread, and will keep the bread fresh for the longest time possible.

Why Choose a Wooden Bread Bin?

The addition of preservatives to modern baking, and the use of plastic covering means that many people believe bread bins to be an obsolete device of no use. However, this is not true and wooden bread bins offer a number of advantages.

  • Wooden bread bins are designed to prolong the life of a load of bread by keeping it in a dry and cool atmosphere, away from light, heat and moisture.
  • Wooden bread bins will also keep the bread or baked goods safe from insects and fruit flies. Plastic wrappers can be chewed through and are not adequate protection against pests.
  • Using a wooden bread bin can add a bit of life to a kitchen and help with the visual aspect of it.
  • Bread bins do not necessarily need to be used just for the storage of baked foods. They are great for storing kitchen clutter and can easily keep all the bills, keys and accessories safe and out of sight.

Antique Wooden Bread Bins

All old bread bins can be considered as an antique, but wooden ones are especially of interest as these have been used for hundreds of years. Buyers interested in collecting antique wooden bread bins should start with purchases of around £50 before working their way up to more expensive and rare bins.

Buying Wooden Bread Bins on eBay

To find wooden bread bins on the site simply take the following steps.

  • Log onto and click the See All Categories link found in the Shop By Categories drop down menu.
  • Next, scroll down to the Home, Furniture & DIY heading and click on the Cookware, Dining & Bar link.
  • On the Cookware listings page, click on the Food and Kitchen Storage filter found in the Categories table on the left of the page.
  • Click on the Bread Bins sub-category and type Wooden Bread Bins into the search bar and press enter. Alternatively, simply click on the Wood filter found under the material head on the left.

Searching Tips

Use the filter options on the left of the page to assist with the search. Buyers can choose to list wooden bread bins by Style, Colour and Condition.

  • Buyers can also adjust the amount of bread bins listed per page. To do this, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click on one of the numbered boxes. Buyers can list 25, 50, 100 or 200 bread bins per page.
  • If thinking about buying a used bread bin, make sure to read the description box for any extra information about the bin, and inspect any photographs for physical defects. Buyers can request more photographs and additional information by using the Ask A Question feature located at the bottom of the item page.
  • Review the seller’s past dealings on eBay, and see how other eBay users have rated them. The Seller’s History box on the item page is a quick way to do this. Avoid any sellers who have received a high percentage of negative feedback, and be diligent if searching for an antique wooden bread bin.
  • If looking for a particular bread bin, and having difficulty locating it try using the eBay Stores. Also the Wish List feature will let other users know about a wanted item not currently listed.
  • Contact Customer Support for help using the site, and the Resolution Centre to sort out any problems encountered when dealing with sellers.


Wooden bread bins are handy devices that keep bread and baked foods fresh for a long period of time, and keep these foods safe from pest and moisture. This type of bread bin has been used for hundred of years, and its constant popularity is a result of practicality and appearance. Wooden bread bins work well in any type of kitchen, and can be used to store things other than bread. Antique bins are considered as collectable items, and are often very visually pleasing, while remaining of use.

eBay is a great place to search for wooden bread bins, and the site has a variety of the bins and prices that wouldn’t be found in stores or on other sites. Buyers should spend some time browsing to find a bin suitable for them, and can contact the seller with any questions they may have. Wooden bread bins make great life lasting gifts for any occasion.

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