How to Buy a Wooden Headboard

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How to Buy a Wooden Headboard

The bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom and the headboard is what makes the bed a pleasing focal point. People spend a lot of time in their bedroom whether they are awake or not, and their room is their sanctuary. Because of this, the space should be inviting, relaxing, and tasteful so that people can enjoy retreating to their private sanctuary after a long day. Many people consider headboards to be an optional accessory, but the headboard helps complete the look of the room and it does have the functional purpose of retaining pillows and linens as well as keeping things from falling between the bed and the wall.

Choosing a headboard is arguably one of the most important decisions when putting together a bedroom. It is the centrepiece that brings the rest of the furniture and decorations in the area together. When people walk into a bedroom, it is the first thing that their eyes will be drawn to. Therefore, it should be selected with care. As a generally more expensive item, it cannot be immediately replaced if it ends up not being satisfactory. A common option for materials when buying a headboard is wood.

Sizing the Wooden Headboard

Before beginning the process of finding a headboard, shoppers have to know what sizes to look for. The width of the headboard is dependant upon the size of the mattress and bed frame. The chart below lists the most common headboard measurements for each mattress size from smallest to largest.

UK Mattress Size

Headboard Width (cm)

Headboard Width (ft)

Small Single






Small Double









Super King



How tall the headboard is will vary. The average headboard is about 120 cm high, but others are taller at around 140 cm. The taller the headboard, the more of a formal, sophisticated look they will have. Most traditional and contemporary headboards will be the average size.

Types of Wooden Headboards

Headboards can come in a few variations that are installed in different ways. The main determining factor when picking them out is how the bedframe is set up because some of the headboards attach directly to the frame.


Free-standing headboards are not attached to the bed frame in any way. They are leaned up against the wall and then the bed is pushed up against it to hold it in place. They are easy to install but they will also fall over if the bed is moved.


Platform headboards are the same as standard ones in that they are attached to the bed frame. The only difference is that they are designed specifically to be attached to the platform frame rather than a standard frame.


Standard headboards are the most common and attach directly to the bed frame with bolts.


Wall-Mounted headboards are hung on the wall behind the bed. These are convenient because they take up less space and are easy to install with screws. If using this type of headboard, be sure to hang it at least one inch above the mattress

If using a standard or platform type of headboard, make sure that they are compatible with the existing bed frame. The measurements will have to be precise and the screw holes all have to line up.

Styles of Wooden Headboards

Headboards come in a variety of styles and most often match the style of the bed frame. Before going shopping, consider the style of furniture and decorations that already exist in the room. They will make a big impact on what style of headboard to get. Those starting a room from scratch will have much more freedom in selecting the styles that they like best.


Bookcase headboards have built-in shelves and sometimes draws as well for extra storage. These are very convenient because they can house everything people may need in bed close by. Some of the bookcase headboards even come with lighting so that people can read in bed.


Canopy headboards are luxurious and elegant. The bed has four tall posts that connect at the top to form a ceiling over the bed. Linen curtains then hang from the ceiling frame enclosing the bed and keeping it private.

Captain's Bed

The term "captain’s bed" refers to a style where the bed frame has built-in drawers underneath. However, the headboards for these will match the traditional design of the frame.

Four Posters

Four Post headboards come as a set with the footboard. They have a classic look with two posts on the headboard and two on the footboard.


Mission style headboards come from the late 19th century and are characterised by straight lines formed with wooden slats. The headboard will have a wooden frame with narrow slats spaced evenly apart completing the centre of the board.


Platform frames are solid with no feet and they sit low to the ground. The headboards for these are usually have a contemporary look with straight lines and a simple look. They can attach to the frame or to the wall.


Sleigh headboards are elegant and sophisticated. The headboard and footboard consist of solid, thick wood that curves outwards away from the bed to resemble a sleigh.

Sometimes with headboards it is much easier to buy an entire set that that includes the headboard, frame, and footboard. This ensures easier installation and that the styles go together. However, mixing and matching bed pieces can also create a unique, contemporary look.

Wooden Headboard Finishes

After selecting the style of headboard, the next step is to decide on the wood itself. The type of wood and how it is finished makes a big difference on the overall look.


Painted wooden headboards are the most affordable because the wood used does not have to be perfect. Being painted also means that the headboard can come in any colour.


Natural headboards are more expensive because the wood has to be high quality and without blemishes in order to showcase the grain, knots, and other characteristics of the wood.


Wood can also be stained to create different shades. There are light and dark tints as well as coloured ones that can give the wood a slightly unnatural, but unique colour.

If choosing a stained or natural headboard, be sure that the tint goes well with the other woods in the room. Many woods do not mix well together especially if it is a contrast between light and dark shades.

Find Wooden Headboards on eBay

Without a doubt, eBay makes shopping easy for people around the world. eBay gives companies and sellers one central place where they can come to sell their products. This means that buyers can also find anything and everything that they need with very little hassle and hardly any time investment. A lot of people shy away from online shopping because they are concerned about the postage fees. However, the majority of sellers either offer free postage or they list the products lower to accommodate for the charge. They can do this because it costs them less to sell things on eBay than it would to rent a brick and mortar store with limited customers.

To take advantage of the eBay way of shopping, go to their website and take a look around it. When you are ready to begin looking at their vast selection of headboards, use the search bar that is located on every page. To use this feature, just type the name of what you want. For example, enter "stained wooden headboard" or "wooden sleigh headboard". If you want to generate a broader list of products, enter in something more general such as "wooden headboard".

Since these are larger, more expensive items, it is recommended that you take a few extra steps to ensure a good purchase. First, either check the box to only view listings sold by the eBay Top-Rated Sellers, or read through the reviews that the sellers have gotten from their past customers. Make sure that the sellers have a history of providing good service and products. Next, look at the pictures carefully especially on the used items. Lastly, be thorough in reading through the product description to make sure that you are getting everything you think you are. Some pictures are confusing because they make it look like the buyer is getting a full set when they may actually only be getting the frame.


Headboards are an important part of the bed as well as the bedroom. They keep the pillows in place as well as the sheets and other linens, they prevent things from falling between the bed and the wall where they cannot be reached, and they are the focal point of the room that determines whether or not the space is inviting or mediocre. Wooden headboards are also classic, sleek, and they add natural warmth to the room decor. To purchase one, buyers need only to find their right measurements, choose the type of headboard and the style, select the finish, and then start browsing through the eBay website where they can view a huge selection of headboards in one place.

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