How to Buy an Affordable Chest of Drawers

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How to Buy an Affordable Chest of Drawers

Chests of drawers provide storage and decoration options for rooms throughout a home. They are designed in several different styles, and can vary greatly in price. The materials, design, size, and condition of a chest of drawers all affect its price, so take these factors into consideration while shopping to find affordable products. Chests of drawers are primarily made from wood and chipboard. Wood is a more expensive option, though many chests made of chipboard can appear sleek and modern. Determine the appropriate size for a chest by measuring available space. Small chests tend to be less expensive than larger ones made from the same materials.

New chests of drawers can be purchased from furniture stores, department stores, and online furniture retailers. Used items can also be found at pawn shops and thrift stores. Online marketplaces like eBay have both new and used items available from private and commercial sellers. Shop from a variety of sellers to find the best products at the most affordable prices.

Choosing an Affordable Chest of Drawers

There are several factors involved with the price of a chest of drawers. The biggest one is materials, followed by the size of the item. Some chests are designed with additional features, like a glass top or carved wooden feet. These options also add to the price of a chest of drawers. Buyers can also save money by purchasing used items. Begin by deciding on the materials.


The materials used to create a chest of drawers has the largest impact on how expensive or inexpensive it is. There are two primary options, including wood and chipboard.

Solid Wood

Wooden chests tend to be the most expensive products on the market. However, they have a natural visual appeal, are durable, and their weight gives them a sturdiness and stability on the ground that can be favourable, especially with taller units. Chests are primarily made from two different types of wood: pine and oak. Of the two, pine is less expensive as it is lighter than oak, and is more likely to warp over time.


Chipboard is an inexpensive alternative to wood. It is lightweight, and more prone to damages than wood, though chests made from it can also appear more sleek and modern than standard wooden units. Chipboard chests can be given a matte finish to give them a natural look, similar to wood, or a high gloss finish that contributes to their modern feel.


The next thing to consider while shopping for a chest of drawers is its size. Generally, larger chests are more expensive. Chests are built in several different forms, from high and narrow to low and wide. Wide, low-lying chests take up more floor space, though they can have their top surface used to hold decorations or general possessions. A tall chest is generally better for rooms with limited floor space.

Be sure to obtain the full dimensions of a chest of drawers before committing to a purchase. Using a metre stick or tape measure, calculate the available space in a room. The length and width of the dresser is most important, though it may also be worth considering its height while shopping. Consider doorways and the path to a room to be sure a chest can be moved properly in and out of its desired location without difficulties.

Number of Drawers

Chests range in the number of drawers they hold, usually from two to eight or more. When possible, try to obtain the dimensions for the drawers on a product. This can help buyers determine how many drawers are needed and how large a chest should be. It can be useful to have several large drawers for storing clothing or other large items, along with two or three small drawers for storing smaller items. 


Chests of drawers are designed in several different styles. Some include cabinet doors or shelves, mirrors, or glass fronts. They also vary in the number and type of handles they contain.


Chests of drawers can be designed with cabinet doors for an alternative type of storage. These are often included at the ends of low, wide chests. In some cases, the cabinets can have shelves on the interior that allow for organisation. Cabinet doors can be made from the same material as the rest of the chest, or they may be made from glass. Glass cabinets are ideal for displaying antiques, books, or other items.


Some chests of drawers are designed as a vanity, and have a mirror attached at the top. Use these items if space is limited in a bathroom, or if the bathroom is shared with another person. It is also possible to buy a mirror with a base that can be set on top of a chest of drawers.


Another consideration is the type of handles on the drawers. Chests of drawers are produced with either handles or knobs, and some solid wood chests of drawers have a lip carved into the top of the drawers, which allows them to be pulled open. Wooden chests tend to have wooden handles and knobs, while chipboard chests favour metal handles.

Buying Used Chests

Used items are a great option for buyers on a budget. There are some important things to keep in mind while shopping for a used chest, however. Inspect the legs and base of a chest for holes, especially on wooden chests. Small, circular holes are a sign of insect infestation, which can destroy the structural integrity of a piece of wooden furniture. Also, be sure all the drawers pull out smoothly. A chest that has been been exposed to sunlight or sharp changes in temperature and humidity over time can become warped. Inspect the surface of the material for scratches, scrapes, and wear, and be sure these are reflected in the seller’s asking price.  


Although most chests of drawers are designed for use in bedrooms, they can also be attractive pieces of furniture in other rooms of the home. Consider using a low and wide chest of drawers in a dining room to store dishes, utensils, napkins, candle holders, and other table settings. The top of the chest can be decorated with framed photos, flowers, and other items.

A chest of drawers can also function as a small entertainment centre in a living room. Consider placing a television and video player or video game system on top of a chest of drawers, and use its storage for holding magazines, videos, games, and other items.

How to Buy an Affordable Chest of Drawers on eBay

A high variety of chests of drawers can be purchased on eBay. An easy way to find listings for these items is to enter keywords into the search field on the homepage. For example, to see listings for chests with a gloss black finish, type "chest of drawers black gloss". Listings can be refined by adding new keywords, or by clicking on any of the category options that appear in item listings pages. eBay also has an option that allows users to shop for products by their price, making it easy to find items within a budget.

Inspect item listings before committing to a purchase to help ensure a positive transaction. Read the description provided by the seller, and examine all available photos. In some cases, photos of a chest may be stock images, and not the actual item you will receive. Sellers often note this in their item description, so be clear on the nature of the photographs provided. Check the price of the chest, and remember to include shipping charges into an estimate of the final cost.

Click on sellers’ names to see their full profiles. There, you can find information about their past performance, including ratings and comments left by previous buyers. Positive feedback ratings reflect the percentage of buyers in the past twelve months, indicating they’ve had a favourable experience with the seller. Once you receive your chest, take a moment to leave feedback about your experience. This helps the seller improve in any areas you may have felt were lacking, and also informs future eBay shoppers. 


Chests of drawers are functional and decorative pieces of furniture that can be used in many different rooms of a home. There are several factors to keep in mind to find quality, affordable items. The materials used to create a chest has the biggest impact on its price. Solid wood chests are often the most expensive, though pine chests are more affordable than many other types of wood. Chipboard is a less expensive option. It can be finished to look like natural wood, or given a high gloss coating. The size of a chest is also important to consider. Large chests are more expensive, so find one that offers a balance of storage and price. Buyers can also keep the design of a chest and its ideal placement in mind to find the best units available.

Chests of drawers can be purchased from furniture stores, department stores, and online retailers. Marketplaces like eBay have a high number of products available, providing buyers with the opportunity to browse listings by price, materials, and size. Shop around, and be familiar with the many types of chests available before committing to a purchase. Patient buyers can find quality, affordable chests of drawers that will provide years of use.

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