How to Buy an Affordable Radio Control Helicopter

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How to Buy an Affordable Radio Control Helicopter

They are the perfect gift and provide hours and hours of fun. For any youngster or for anyone just wanting to relive their youth, a radio control helicopter is a fun and exciting toy gadget.

Radio control helicopters are now much more affordable and thus much more accessible than they once were, with a wide selection of brands available amongst a wider price range. Offering radio control helicopters available for immediate purchase or for bidding, eBay is an excellent place to purchase a radio control helicopter for either a first time buyer or for an extensive collector.

How Radio Control Helicopters Work

Radio control helicopters are well-constructed and detailed pieces of machinery and different models provide a varying degree of control and power. Some helicopters are lighter and more manoeuvrable, delivering a greater degree of aerobatic capabilities. Whereas some models are more complex and although are heavier and less affordable, provide a much long longer flight time and are more stable.

The flight controls of a radio control helicopter are designed for the user to hold full control over the direction of the helicopter, similar to how a remote control car,, aeroplane or boat works. Controls give simple motions and so the user has full control over all of these aspects:

  • Collective and Throttle-which controls the power that the helicopter uses to accelerate
  • Cyclic Controls-which allows for the dynamics of pitching and rolling
  • The Tail Rotor-which allows for control over the motions which the helicopter is directed

When controlling these three in unison, radio control helicopters work in a very similar way to real helicopters providing a unique and special experience. Radio control helicopters have a full range of motion and when piloted correctly can do a wide array of manoeuvres such as:

  • Hovering
  • Rolling
  • Backward flight
  • Inverted flight

What to Expect from a Radio Control Helicopter

There are many different types of affordable radio control helicopter available and when purchasing one, expect a fully equipped piece of machinery with up to date and reliable technology. Also expect a fully functional trim control. Extra parts can also be bought separately.

Radio control helicopters mainly use AA batteries and some models can be charged remotely or from a USB cable. eBay can provide both of these chargeable sources if they do not come in the pack. No assembly is required and all products are ready for flight straight out of the box. Depending on the model that is bought, the requirements that should come with a purchase of an affordable radio control helicopter should include:

  • The model helicopter
  • Transmitter
  • Mains charger
  • Batteries
  • Instruction booklet

On average a 25-30 minute charge is equal to an 8-12 minute flight. Many radio control helicopters can easily fly both indoor and outdoor however some can only fly outdoor in certain conditions so it is important to check the specifics of the model.

If you are relatively new to flying a radio control helicopter then perhaps stick to a less complicated model, however they are simple to pick up and easy to get the hang of.

Observe some basics when purchasing, as some models run by electric while some run on petrol.. Keep in mind it takes time and effort to keep then maintained and well run. But there is no need to be hesitant when purchasing a model, especially from eBay, as it is an exciting hobby. Expect a fully working, well-crafted piece of machinery if purchasing the remote control helicopter new.

Advice for Purchasing an Affordable Radio Control Helicopter

Before purchasing a radio control helicopter, it is important to fully check what requirements are needed:

  • What are the product features: Check the product features, as a variety of models are aimed at different markets and provide varied features. Even more affordable radio control helicopters can sometimes be widely different with their features. For example, some fly more stable to help beginners, while some have a more sensitive control and are directed towards experts for tricks such as flips, somersaults and figure of eights. It is highly important to purchase the correct model for your requirements. For a beginner when buying a radio control helicopter, aim towards stability and reliability with a minimal weight as they provide a better introduction to flying. While experts should aim towards quality and a stronger performance.
  • What is the budget available- How much can be spent on an item such as a radio control helicopter? As with many products there is a direct correlation between price and quality, however with the type of product it is, buyers must take into account who the product is for. For example, when buying for a toy for a small child it may be more sensible to aim at a smaller price where the product will be less delicate and contain a less complex way of working. Products at the top end of the market can cost up to and above £5,000 and fully operational models are also available for as little as £2, so when purchasing an affordable model it is key to obverse the specifics.
  • Is it worth the investment?- A radio control helicopter can be seen as an inexpensive purchase but it is well known that when purchasing a less expensive item it may not have the quality and performance needed and thus can be seen as a waste of money. However overspending on a toy gadget may see the buyer not getting the most out of the product so it is important to get the right balance.

Where to Buy an Affordable Radio Control Helicopter

Affordable radio control helicopters can easily be found on the high street or in larger toy stores and supermarkets, but eBay has the distinctive advantage of having an extensive collection of choice. The best option is to browse the selections online, which gives an idea of the whole market.

eBay has a varied selection of affordable radio control helicopters,, all available in different styles and colours.

Simply typing “Radio control helicopter” into the search engine brings up a whole list of results and from there; buyers can pin down their preferences and narrow down their search in terms of selecting the ideal choice. Key factors include:

  • Price range
  • Who it is for
  • Condition
  • Brand
  • Location of item
  • Price of postage

When purchasing a radio control helicopter on eBay, read the seller information and their ratings so you can buy with confidence. The important factor about eBay is you can easily view the contacts, payments and delivery costs the buyer sets out. Just because buying a radio control helicopter through eBay may be more affordable than purchasing one in an actual store doesn’t mean that there is less quality in the model. In most cases people are genuinely trying to sell their radio control helicopters at a cheaper price to guarantee a quicker sale. eBay sellers are known for competitive selling so expect a variety of prices with flexible payment options.

In fact, in some cases buying through eBay is an extremely safe and time-saving way of buying an affordable radio control helicopter. Some distributors of radio control helicopters have their own eBay stores so they can sell specific brands and parts; this is a trustworthy and worthwhile way of purchasing an affordable radio control helicopter.

If deciding to buy from eBay there are a few tips that will ensure a smooth and safe purchase:

  • Read the description of the radio control helicopter and all the conditions and parts that come with it
  • Read the reviews of the seller and their feedback ratings. Are their ratings positive or negative and how many of each do they have?
  • Check how many sales the seller has completed, if they have had a lot of sales they are experienced and therefore trustworthy
  • See if the seller provides a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product
  • Check if there is there a warranty still valid in case the product is damaged, faulty or breaks.
  • Check if the delivery conditions acceptable, if the product is a ‘collection only’ listing then do you live within a reasonable distance to pick it up?
  • Make sure to ask the seller any questions if there are any doubts over the product
  • Check all the details in the terms and conditions

If you decide to buy a radio control helicopter on eBay; then either place a Bid, Buy it Now,, or put down your Best Offer. Buying with PayPal will ensure the transaction will go smoothly and all eBay users are protected by the Buyer Protection Program..


  • Affordable radio control helicopters are exciting toy gadgets that can be enjoyed by a variety of age groups both in the comfort of the users own home or outdoors. Finding an affordable radio control helicopter on eBay could not be simpler or safer. A wide selection helped with descriptive information for each product makes for an easy purchase.
  • If you still need further advice you can contact any online suppliers or customer support, who will have a wealth of knowledge on the subject.
  • Before making the purchase, consider all options and be sure to ask our reliable eBay sellers any questions relating to the individual product listings. Experienced sellers on eBay can guide potential buyers though all their concerns.
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