How to Buy an Affordable Strimmer

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How to Buy an Affordable Strimmer

Garden strimmers are a very popular garden tool nowadays. Their labour-saving advantages are considerable, and their ability to shape lawn borders and edges very neatly and precisely make them an attractive and desirable tool for when a garden is to be managed and maintained. With such a wide range of garden strimmers available from department stores, garden specialists, online retailers, and more, finding one that is affordable should present little problem if the following points are kept in mind.

Choosing a Suitable Strimmer

Suitability is the most important consideration. Affordability doesn't just equate to low price. It equates to value for money. In other words, a reasonably-priced strimmer that is suited to the work it's intended to do makes more economic sense than a cheaper one that isn't. When buying a garden strimmer, first be clear about what kind of strimmer is most suitable for particular needs. Then, look within the range of suitable and available strimmers for one that is attractively priced.

Types of Garden Strimmer

Basically, garden strimmers come in three types: electric (mains) powered, battery-powered, and petrol-driven. Each type has its own particular features which, depending on the intended use, can translate to advantages or disadvantages.

Electric (Corded) Garden Strimmers

Electric (corded) strimmers are powered by mains electricity. For typical garden owners, that involves connecting the strimmer's power cord to the house's electricity supply, whether that's a mains socket located inside the house or located outside, such as in a garden shed, for example. Although most strimmers come with a generous length of cable supplied, it's rarely long enough. For all but the smallest gardens, an extension cable almost always has to be used in order to allow unrestricted access to the farthest reaches of the garden. While the extra length provided by an extension cable solves the problem of restricted range, it introduces a problem of its own; the cable itself often causes restricted movement as it easily snags on objects within the garden and has to be freed. Nevertheless, this type of strimmer is the most popular among owners of small to medium gardens. The cheapest strimmer models are usually electric-corded strimmers.

Battery-Powered Garden Strimmers

These are powered by a rechargeable battery. No cables are required. The advantage is freedom of movement and unrestricted access to all parts of the garden. The disadvantage is that the power supply is time-limited. While a fully charged battery can power the strimmer long enough to complete many general tasks, a big job might require the use of a spare battery to ensure the trimmer can continue to operate until the work is completed. Otherwise, the job would have to be interrupted until the lengthy recharging process is completed.

Petrol-Driven Garden Strimmers

Powered by an onboard petrol engine, these are among the most powerful (and most expensive) strimmers available. Like battery-powered strimmers, they are completely self-contained and require no connecting cables that limit the range or restrict movement. However, also like battery-powered strimmers, their power supply is limited, in this case by the amount of petrol remaining in the fuel container. Refilling with petrol, unlike recharging a battery, is quick and causes no serious interruption to the task in hand. However, petrol is an added expense that has to be taken into account when affordability is the main priority.

Intended Uses

There are two main uses for strimmers in a typical garden. First is grass trimming. The term 'strimming' actually comes from 'grass trimming'. The strimmer's ability to produce neatly-manicured lawn borders and edges, especially after the lawn has been mown, makes them a highly desirable tool. The other use is in clearing coarse, neglected, and overgrown vegetation patches from the garden. Provided the strimmer is powerful enough, it can quickly and effortlessly clear large areas of overgrown grass and tough, coarse vegetation. While both capabilities are important, grass trimming is a routine operation that will be performed many times during the spring and summer growing season every year. Clearance of rough vegetation that has accumulated over the years isn't a routine operation. It really only needs to be performed one time, after which the cleared area can be managed manually. In other words, there's no need to buy an expensive and powerful strimmer for its 'clearing power' if it's only going to be used for that purpose one time. It would make more sense to hire (or borrow) a powerful strimmer for that particular task, and then buy a less powerful (and less expensive) strimmer suited to the lighter jobs it will be required to do from then on.

Points to Consider

The following aspects of strimmer quality should be considered when deciding on the type, make, and model of strimmer to choose.


Strimmers come in a range of power ratings. Petrol-driven strimmers are rated in engine capacity size from around 25cc to 52cc. Electric strimmers are rated in power from around 500 watts to 1500 watts. Generally speaking, the more powerful the strimmer, the more expensive it is. Less powerful strimmers are fine for small gardens where grass trimming is all that's required of them. They can also cut through weeds, but may struggle to clear any areas of tough and coarse vegetation. For this purpose, more power is required, such as that provided by a petrol-driven strimmer or a high-end electric strimmer.

Reliability and Durability

Many garden strimmers are manufactured under famous brand names, which, in many cases, is a clue to their reliability and durability. It's not a guarantee, however. Many lesser-known brands can be just as reliable and durable. A few minutes browsing any online review site will reveal plenty of information from current users as well as from industry professionals on just about any model of strimmer. To find such sites, type "strimmer model number" +"review" into any search engine.


Prices vary considerably depending on the type and power of strimmers, but knowing the type and power required, it’s easy to select and compare models of similar quality in order to find the one which is most affordable.

Price-Saving Opportunities

Good deals and bargains can often be found from various retailers, both on the 'High Street' as well as online. The following are some common ways to reduce the cost of buying a suitable garden strimmer.

Off-Season Discounts

As autumn approaches, strimmer sales fall. Discounts are common as retailers try to clear any unsold stock.

Manufacturer-Refurbished Strimmers

Although not new, manufacturer-refurbished models are practically as good as new. They have to be refurbished to the required specification. They can offer a significant price-saving opportunity. Third-party refurbished strimmers are also available and may be even cheaper than manufacturer-refurbished models. However, they may not be refurbished to the same level of specification as that required by the manufacturer.

Lesser-Known Brand Discounts

Many lesser-known manufacturers reduce prices to compete with well-established companies and gain a reputation in the strimmer market. Don’t be put off buying a strimmer from them simply because the name is unfamiliar. As mentioned earlier, user reviews are readily available online for most models of strimmer

How to Find a Garden Strimmer on eBay

Garden Strimmers are a popular item sold on eBay. The various types are categorised under the relevant sections of eBay. Anyone searching can locate garden strimmers within the Garden section of the Home & Garden main category. There they are listed under Power Tools. Alternatively, they can enter 'strimmer' into the home page search box and then filter the results by further selecting according to type (battery, corded electric or petrol), power, brand, condition (new, second-hand or refurbished), or price. Strimmers available on eBay may be offered as auction items or as Buy it Now items. They may be sold as new, refurbished, or second-hand, and the sellers will either be retailers or, in the case of those offering second-hand strimmers, private sellers. First-time buyers or bidders on eBay first need to register, which is simple and quick. Buying (or bidding) on eBay is straightforward. When a suitable strimmer is found, it will be offered as an auction item accepting bids, or it may be available for immediate sale under the Buy it now option. Having bought (or successfully bid on) the strimmer, payment is then made according to the seller's payment requirements. This is usually by credit card or Paypal. Some sellers will also accept a cheque or postal order. The seller will arrange delivery, which is often free.


Given the huge range of garden strimmers available, finding an affordable and suitable one isn't too difficult. Their quality, reliability, and durability is constantly improving and strimmers are now a standard and affordable tool for most garden owners.

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