How to Buy an Amplifier on eBay

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How to Buy an Amplifier on eBay

Amplifiers are electronic devices that carry, translate, and boost sound signals. While amplifiers are often thought to be just for musical and stereo equipment, they are compatible with a variety of devices. Speakers are built into computers and can be improved with external amplifiers or internal sound cards with a better built-in amp. Televisions also have internal amps but consumers can purchase devices that increase sound output. External amplifiers are also available to pump up the sound in car stereos, ham radios, and telephones.

With different types of amplifiers to choose from, consumers can boost almost any type audio. The different types of amplifiers can be found quickly and easily from sellers on eBay. The best way to search is to navigate to the main webpage and use the search box. People can enter general search terms or use more specific terms to narrow their choices. This guide informs people looking for amps about how to browse the sellers and eBay stores to quickly meet their amplification needs.

Finding Amplifiers on eBay

When using eBay's website, the search box can be a very useful ally. While eBay does categorise and organise items, amplifiers are found in a few different categories, so the search box will lead people to the appropriate amp more precisely. There are two ways to conduct a search: generally or specifically. Either way will lead to amplifiers. Sometimes a general search helps consumers find items they might not have known existed, and even points them toward related items. The specific search narrows results and refines the quest.

General Search for Amplifiers

Amps are offered by a variety of sellers, including those with eBay stores that specialise in electronics and sound. Enter the term amplifiers in the search box to see the wide variety of products and related items. This type of search allows a consumer to browse the options and choices and may also give new insight into increasing the sound output of different devices. eBay offers refinement filters to refine the results, for instance new or used amplifiers. Alternatively, the search box is always there to start a new search.

Search for Amplifiers by Type

For a more specific search, enter terms like "stereo amplifier" or "car stereo amplifier". Following is a breakdown of amplifiers by type and an explanation of their purpose so consumers can be more specific in the search. Looking at the different types may also spur some inspiration as many devices are compatible with amplifiers. Keep in mind that many amplifiers come with a remote control and whether buying new or used, the operational manual will be helpful.

Car Stereo Amplifier

A car stereo amplifier improves sound quality and volume. When searching, enter terms like "mono car amplifier", "two-channel amplifiers", or "multi-channel car amplifiers" depending on how many speakers will be connected. When browsing, look for technical details about the power output, as an amp with more power than the speakers can damage the speakers. Some sellers may include the amplifier wires and fuses with the amp. Additionally, installation kits are available.

Home Stereo Amplifier

When looking for home stereo amplifiers for music or home theatre systems, you can conduct a general search using the term amplifier. However, stereo amplifiers have a few subcategories. Consumers can find either integrated amplifiers or preamplifiers. The integrated amp has both the preamp and the power source in the same device, while the preamp requires a separate power source.

Many audiophiles prefer the preamp as the delicate components are separated from the power radiations. Another type of search is to look for either transistor amplifiers or valve amplifiers. Some who like loud music choose the transistor, while acoustic music lovers often choose the valves. However, valve amps can produce loud sound when used with sensitive speakers.

Guitar Amplifier

Guitar players and bass players as well, have many choices. They can simply put the term guitar amp in the search box. To conduct a more refined search, there are four major types of amps. Tube amps are loud with warm tones and usually have channels to change tones, but the tubes need replacing regularly. Solid-state amps use transistors, which are more reliable than the tube amps, have a clean sound, and many have channel changing capacity. Hybrid amps combine tube technology with solid-state reliability. Digital amps model the sound from tube amps and can also include digital effects. Players can choose between two configurations. One is a combination amp that includes the amp housed with a speaker and the second is the amplifier alone.

DJ Amplifier

Disc jockeys can choose amplifier speaker combos or a separate DJ amplifier. When choosing, keep in mind that an amplifier's power must not overwhelm the speakers. An amplifier's RMS (root mean square), measured in watts, should be compatible with the speakers or be only slightly more. Buying a more powerful amp than the speaker is possible, as long as the amp's power is kept at the speaker's level.

Ham Radio Amplifiers

Amateur radio enthusiasts can purchase a linear amplifier to boost the sound signal. However, without a quality signal and during negative conditions like interference, an amplifier will not help the clarity of the sound, only increase the poor sound. With a clear sound, an amplifier can increase the sound strength. People can search for tube linear amps or solid-state linear amps.

Telephone Amplifiers

Standard telephones are programmed for the majority of the population with hearing in the normal range. For those with hearing loss, amplified phones or external amplifiers for a telephone are available. Since some people lose sounds in the higher frequency range, while others lose hearing in the lower frequency range, better telephone amplifiers have controls to adjust the tones.

Computer Amplifier

Computer sound systems can be amplified. External computer amplifiers include solid state and tube amplifiers, and some have both analogue and digital capabilities. Options include a connection to the USB port or the S/PDIF port for sound through the speakers, or to the headphone jack for amplifying the ear pieces. Sound cards with a built-in amp are available for internal installation.

Television Amplifier

A TV amplifier is known as an AV receiver. It is the device that translates the sound between the TV and the speakers. Consumers can choose a stereo amp for this purpose as the sound is better and stereo amps are much less expensive.

Vintage Amplifiers

Musicians looking to reproduce sounds from artists like the Beatles can purchase vintage instruments and vintage amplifiers. Older amplifiers are the tube style, so they may need replacement tubes as well as transformers and capacitors. Collectors of vintage electronics can find vintage amplifiers as well. Like other vintage or antique items, refurbishments or major changes can alter the amplifier's value.

How to Find an Amplifier on eBay

Buyers can refine their search for amplifiers by putting the type of amplifier into the search box, onto eBay. Since many amplifiers have sub-categories, using the sub-category along with the type of amplifier will enable the user to quickly find the exact amplifier desired. For instance, when searching for a home stereo, input the term solid-state stereo amplifier.

Another way to search is to use the refinement filters, which will more precisely locate an amp or lead to a category where it is fruitful to browse. Refinements allow buyers to search for a local seller and find sellers with favourable return and exchange policies. Many sellers make the buying process comfortable by offering to accept returns and exchanges within a certain period of time if necessary.

Since an amp may be heavy, another advantage for the buyer is a seller's free shipping policy. Alternatively, sellers usually explain their shipping policies and rates, as this helps customers make the buying decision. Expedited shipping is often an option.

Sellers provide images and descriptions of their amplifiers. Some offer many images and multiple viewpoints, and some pictures have a zoom-in feature for a closer inspection. When it comes to amplifiers, look for technical details in the description in order to compare different amps. Contacting the seller is useful for clarification or for additional questions.

Consumers may also want to visit eBay stores as their proprietors often have specialised knowledge which is especially useful when buying amplifiers. These authorised sellers are in a position to help people sort through the options and select the appropriate amp. Another way to find a seller is choose one of eBay's top rated sellers as they have good feedback from other customers.


Consumers should first be clear about what type of device needs a sound boost. While many people know that amps are for stereo equipment, amps are also available for other kinds of equipment. For instance, the AV receiver is used for home theatre systems and the linear amp increases sound power in the ham radio. Computer users can improve their sound system with an internal sound card and amp or an external amp for the speakers or headphones.

People who are hard of hearing can purchase telephones with a built-in amp or plug in an external amplifier. Guitar players and DJs rely on the quality and strength of sound and can find a variety of amps to suit their tastes. People interested in the sounds of previous eras can find vintage amplifiers. Consumers can search eBay stores and auctions to browse through a wide range of amplifiers and purchase from sellers who make it easy to amplify and improve sound.

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