How to Buy an Art Deco Pendant on eBay

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How to Buy an Art Deco Pendant on eBay

Pendants are decorative ornaments with a small opening that are hung from an unadorned chain necklace. Some pendants also have a pin at the back, which allows them to be worn as a brooch. Pendants may be bought with a chain, or just as the setting alone, so the wearer can select the best chain to suit their requirements. Pendants are available in a wide array of shapes and usually consist of precious stones, sterling silver, or gold. They can be engraved with the wearer's name or personalised with their birthstone. Pendants can also be symbolic, representing the wearer's beliefs, interests and hobbies. They can be casual or formal, elaborate or simple, and costly or inexpensive.

Art Deco pendants usually reflect the character of the person wearing them. These pendants can be found in various designs including Indian symbols, African emblems, animals, and insects. They are meant to be eye-catching, drawing attention to the wearer. When buying an Art Deco pendant on eBay it helps to know how to identify the different types so that the buyer can find their ideal pendant using eBay's search features.

Identifying Art Deco Pendants on eBay

Art Deco pendants first became popular in the 1920s and were widely worn through much of the 1930s. During this period, there were great improvements in machine manufacturing and jewellery started to be mass produced. In more modern times, Art Deco pendants are still worn as a form of costume jewellery. Art Deco pendants are often characterised by their combination of pearls, rubies, gold, chrome, steel, and sometimes plastic. They are usually shaped into geometric designs such as circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and arcs. Art Deco pendants are available in several styles, including glass, hammered metal, machined, and jewelled.

Glass Art Deco Pendants

Glass Art Deco pendants are made by blowing glass into various shapes and designs. Colours are then added to the jewellery with coloured glass that is ground into powder and picked up during the blowing process. Popular glass Art Deco pendants are often in the form of plants, flowers, and insects. These pendants may be embellished with precious stones.

Hammered Metal Art Deco Pendants

Hammered metal Art Deco pendants are typically made of silver or gold. These are classified as softer metals, making them easier to work with. Hammered metal Art Deco pendants often have a geometric shape with superimposed zigzags, triangles, lines, or squares. Hammered metal Art Deco pendants can often be recognised by their black and red lacquer.

Machined Art Deco Pendants

Machined Art Deco jewellery was first created by Jean Després. This jewellery often took on a masculine appearance, appealing to the liberated women of the Jazz era. Like other Art Deco jewellery, machined pendants can be found in various geometric shapes. They are often made of welded gold.

Jewelled Art Deco Pendants

Jewelled Art Deco pendants often incorporate diamonds and rubies into their design. The added flair of this jewellery helps to give definition to its geometric shapes. Jewelled Art Deco pendants can be recognised by their use of onyx and other dark stones, which are often set against a platinum or white gold background.

Registering for an Account on eBay

Buyers are free to browse the eBay website as a guest. However, in order to buy an Art Deco pendant, registration is required. Once registered for an account, eBay members can buy items, manage their buying activity, write reviews, give feedback, and post on eBay’s community message boards.

How to Find an Art Deco Pendant on eBay

Buyers looking for an Art Deco pendant can do so through various means on the eBay website. From the eBay homepage, buyers can use the search bar to type in keywords such as "Art Deco pendant&". This is a good way to search through eBay’s large inventory of items. Using this method tends to extract a large number of listings. Alternatively, buyers with a more specific idea about the type of Art Deco pendant that they would like to purchase can use eBay’s advanced search feature. This feature allows buyers to use detailed characteristics about an item, which helps to filter the results to what they are looking for specifically. Once the search listings have appeared, buyers can further narrow down their results by using the subcategory listings, including condition and price.

For those who are unfamiliar with the various types of Art Deco pendants available, eBay offers an easy to navigate category search option. By following the provided category links, buyers are lead to the best items. This is often the preferred way of searching as it allows buyers to see the listings that they may have otherwise missed by limiting their search.

Narrowing the Search Results for Art Deco Pendants on eBay

eBay is an extremely large marketplace. So, it may be overwhelming to browse through a long list of items. Fortunately, eBay has a filter feature as well as user-friendly search categories to help with easy site navigation.

Searching by Location

eBay users that are operating on a budget can consider limiting their search to Art Deco pendants that are sold close to the area that they live in. This may help to reduce postage and packaging, bringing down the overall cost of the item.

To find sellers close to a specific location, buyers can use eBay's advanced search feature to filter the listings pages according to the item’s location. This allows buyers to limit the distance from a specified postcode. When viewing search results, buyers can also organise listings by distance using the sort drop down feature.

Another option buyers have to limit postage and packaging costs is to ask the seller if they allow local collection. Buyers may be able to find this information in the item description section. Some sellers may not allow this delivery type, while others are willing to work with buyers in order to ensure a positive transaction.

Buying an Art Deco Pendant with Confidence

Buyers should always examine all available listing images for signs of damage, defects, and missing components. Images should give accurate information about what a buyer is purchasing. If the buyer is not satisfied with the images provided, they are encouraged to contact the seller to request additional images. Most sellers are happy to provide any additional information or images.

Ask a Question

Buyers can find the "Ask a question" link with every item listing. This link allows them to communicate effectively with the seller to discuss any questions, comments, or concerns. If an item listing is unclear or if a buyer would like more information regarding the Art Deco pendant, the link can ease the buyer's mind and help them to feel more confident throughout the buying process.

Feedback Ratings

Feedback ratings are the overall score for an individual seller. These ratings are determined by information provided from other buyers within the past year. Together with this information, the number of transactions that a seller has completed can offer insight into the level of service that they provide. Sellers with high feedback ratings are known for dealing fairly and providing accurate item description information. Once a buyer has received their Art Deco pendant, they should leave feedback for the seller. This helps good sellers to find new customers.

Preferred Method of Payment

When a buyer has decided to purchase an Art Deco pendant from a particular seller, they should understand fully what forms of payment the seller accepts. This information should be listed in the item description. When purchasing on eBay, it is recommended to buy an item with a validated form of payment. All sellers are required to offer at least one approved method of payment. A credit card or debit card, as well as PayPal are the preferred options. A buyer should never pay with cash or a cheque. When using a credit card, the seller never has the ability to view a buyer’s credit card information. For a complete list of payment options, buyers should refer to how to pay on eBay.


Art Deco pendants can be a unique item of jewellery and an stylish accessory. Their vintage look makes them much sought after, and authentic items from the Art Deco period can be worthy heirlooms. Whether looking for an Art Deco pendant for a collection or to wear, eBay offers a wide selection at fair prices. Art Deco pendants are characterised by their geometric shapes and gemstone settings. They are often eye-catching in design, as they are meant to be noticed. Hand blown glass pendants were popular during the Art Deco period, as were those made of hammered metal. With advances in technology, machined pendants rose in popularity.

To find Art Deco pendants on eBay, buyers are free to enter their terms into the keyword search. Alternatively, the category listings are designed to help buyers to narrow down their options. Whichever route a buyer decides to take, they should always familiarise themselves with eBay's feedback rating system and payment options before making a purchase. eBay sellers offer a range of Art Deco pendants to give an outfit some 1920s flair.

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