How to Buy an Electric Fire Suite

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How to Buy an Electric Fire Suite

Buying an electric fire suite can be a simple way of adding new ambiance and functionality to a room. Electric fires are often used as a focal point in a space, particularly in a living room used to entertain guests and for everyday family activities. However, finding the right electric fire suite for the right space in the home can require a certain amount of research and careful consideration. Electric fire suites can be found in a variety of styles, makes, and models, all of which should be thought about very carefully, since some models are more cost efficient than others and the cost can vary considerably. There are many websites where an electric fire suite can be purchased, and eBay is one of them. Follow these tips and information in this article to buy a suitable electric fire suite for the home on eBay.

Why Purchase an Electric Fire

Electric fires are very popular in the home and the reasons why many homeowners purchase and install them are many and varied. They have a distinct advantage of both gas and solid fuel models. As well as looking like a real fire, electric fires are more cost efficient, as they use no gas. As far as maintenance is concerned, there is also no need to employ a CORGI-registered fitter to perform annual maintenance on an electric appliance as there is with a gas one, which also reduces the running costs in the favour of electricity. Electricity prices in the UK are generally lower than the equivalent price of gas, a trend which is unlikely to change in the near future, so an electric fire is the perfect choice for a household that wants to save money both on their bills and the initial purchase. The fuel (which is the electrical supply) is converted directly into heat in the appliance, whereas with a gas or solid fuel fire, poisonous or heavy materials are produced as a side product, which must be vented externally in order to prevent contamination. A good electric fire will also live longer as an appliance than a gas fire by about a third. Since an electric fire uses no fuel, it does not become unnecessarily hot. This is particularly useful in homes where children and animals are present, as it means they cannot be harmed by a hot appliance should they get too close. Electric units do, however, come with a built-in ‘flame effect’, which mimics the look of a real flame so that only on close inspection does it become apparent that the flame is not real. Added safety purchases such as fireguards are also not required, unlike with gas or solid wood fires.

Things to Consider when Purchasing an Electric Fire Suite

Before making any purchase, firstly some consideration must be given to where the fire will be situated. In most homes this will be simple since fireplaces are already fixed in location with no real scope for alternative siting. Suitable and detailed measurements of the space need to be taken, as for obvious reasons this will influence the choice of purchase to a great extent. If the product comes as part of a set with more than just the electric insert, the space where the additions will fit must also be measured.

Sections of an Electric Fire Suite

Electric Fire Insert

Fireplace surround


Back Panel

Hearth Stone


Some purchases will consist solely of the electric fire insert. Others may include a surround, which may or may not match the specific insert, a mantle, a back panel, and the hearth stone. These can come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs. Purchases of all items of the suite will match each other, which will make the order easier for an inexperienced buyer. For someone with more experience who requires all these items, it can be considerably cheaper to buy them all separately. However, great care must be taken to ensure that all sections are compatible and will fit together. Buying all the items separately but from the same seller can be useful here, as potential compatibility issues can be questioned beforehand.

Buying a Second Hand or Used Electric Fire Suite

In some cases, used or second hand electric fire suites can be bought. Great care must be taken when considering purchase of such an electrical item, and purchase should only be done by someone with enough experience to know a good product from a bad one. Unlike a brand new one, the appliance has been in use at some point in its lifetime, so enough information about the unit’s past should be sought before buying. Ask as many questions as possible about about the previous usage, and preferably adequate photos. Appliances that have been PAT (Portable Appliance Tested) by a qualified professional will offer some security to their safety. Ex-display units from a professional company can be a great way to get an electric fire suite at a reduced price. This type of suite will have had some usage, but it will have been gentle use rather than severe everyday use in an ordinary family home. Some products also come with a 28-day money back guarantee, or a longer warranty. This can be useful in case there is an immediate problem with the product. Guarantees such as this will only come from professional companies rather than private sellers, however. Good quality brand names are more likely to last longer and be more efficient in the home. Recommendations from friends and family can give an indication on what will suit the home best, as will reviews from online websites and magazines.

Popular Electric Fire Makes to Consider


Classic Flame





This list is not exhaustive by any means and what may suit one house and purchaser may not necessarily suit another. Prices of electric fire suites can vary considerably depending on what is included. The easiest way to find if a price is right is by firstly deciding on the make and model that is desired, and doing research into prices online and in high street stores. The price for a surround and hearth stone will also vary according to the materials in use, with real marble usually being the most expensive.

Where to Find an Electric Fire on eBay

To find an electric fire suite on eBay, first go to the homepage. From here, go to the links on the left hand side of the page, select 'Home and Garden' and then 'Home and Garden' again from the drop down options. This will then load the Home and Garden section of eBay. From here, using the 'browse by room' tool, select 'Living Room,' or an alternative if the fire is to be located in a different room. Then select 'Fireplaces' from the drop down section. This will then load all the listings in the Fireplaces and Accessories category. Listings of this kind can include Heating Stoves, Fireplaces, and Mantelpieces. Alternatively, use the eBay search engine on the top of any page to find listings that match specific needs in the home, particularly if individual sections of the electric fire suite are required rather than the entire product.


Buying an electric fire suite can greatly improve the decor of the intended room, and electric fires are cheaper and easier to run than alternatives such as gas or solid fuel. Yet the right electric fire can look as impressive as both of those. Always do a considerable amount of research into the electric fire suite that is desired for the intended space, so that the right product can be purchased. If buying sections of the suite separately, always make sure that each part will be compatible with the others or installation problems can result. Lastly, if buying a second hand electric suite, any electrical guarantees will be useful to give a certain amount of security to the product. Be careful when making such a purchase and as before, do lots of research.

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