How to Buy an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

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How to Buy an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Diamond rings are commonly used as engagement rings, but they are, in fact, more versatile than most other options. Some women buy diamond rings as an expression of style and since the diamond is the April birthstone, diamond rings are sometimes given as gifts for those born during that month. Regardless of how a diamond ring is put to use, one of the most interesting and beautiful cuts of a diamond is the emerald cut. The emerald cut, as the name implies, is a cut that was originally developed for emeralds.

The emerald cut makes the gem into a rectangular shape, similar to a princess cut, but with bevelled edges. Emerald cut diamond rings are available in jewellery stores as well as on eBay, where buyers are treated to a wide selection of rings and sellers. Regardless where the ring is purchased, there are a few things that the buyer should keep in mind in order to make the buying process easier. These factors include: understanding gem quality, knowing what options for precious metals are available, and understanding gold quality.

Picking the Right Diamond

Not all diamonds are created equally, and it is important to understand the aspects of a diamond that determine its quality. A general classification system that is used internationally by jewellers and diamond buyers, are better known as the four C's. These C's stand for cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Each of these factors is a part of determining how much a diamond costs.


Cut refers not to the shape of the gem, but rather to how a gem is cut. A properly cut diamond allows light to travel through it so that it reflects light properly. Light travelling through a diamond in the right way makes the diamond sparkle as if it has an internal fire. If the diamond is not cut the proper way, the light reflects toward the bottom and sides, which typically makes the gem look dull.

Emerald Cut

An emerald cut is a cut originally designed to give emeralds a certain lustre. Since emeralds tend to have more flaws in them than other gems, the long lines of an emerald cut allow the light to have more surface area to reflect through if flaws get in the way. Emeralds are also prone to breaking easily, which is why emerald cut gems have cropped corners in order to reduce stress. Diamonds that have an emerald cut, feature dramatic flashes of light, but the longer lines make the light slightly less brilliant than it might be with another cut.


The clarity of a gem is of utmost importance in determining its value. While emeralds are known for containing many imperfections, including air bubbles, cracks, and small pieces of other minerals that are collectively known as 'inclusions,' diamonds are generally clearer. This is not to say that diamonds do not have inclusions, but that they are fewer and farther apart. This means that there are diamonds with virtually no inclusions, but they are highly prized and are quite expensive.


For diamonds, those that do not have any colour, usually hold the most value. The reason for this is that light is better able to pass through a transparent gem compared to a coloured one. However, there are variations in diamond colour that can make a gem quite unique. For the most part, diamonds range from being totally transparent to having a light yellow or brownish colour. Diamonds with more colour usually have a lower price. Diamonds with a faint amount of colour, can be placed in a ring that compensates for the colour and makes the diamond appear transparent. The best choice for minimising diamond colour is a ring made of yellow gold rather than one made of white gold or platinum.


Carat refers to the weight of an individual gem. A carat is an international standard of weight that is equal to 200 milligrams. Of course, in many cases a diamond can be lesser or greater than a carat. A diamond with a deeper cut can appear smaller than a diamond with a shallower cut, even though they have the same weight. Larger diamonds are far more rare than smaller ones, and therefore cost much more money.

Picking a Precious Metal

While the diamond is a major part of a diamond ring, the ring itself is just as important. For the most part, diamond rings are made using precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum. Each metal has different qualities that make them useful as jewellery.


Silver is a popular metal because it is less expensive than gold or platinum, and it has an attractive and appealing colour. The difficulty with silver is that it eventually tarnishs, which means that it has to be regularly maintained or polished in order to keep it in good condition. Since silver is not as valuable as gold, many people feel that it is not as worthy of a large diamond as gold or platinum.


Gold is the most popular choice for diamond rings, especially for engagement rings. Gold is not prone to tarnish or rust, and it is a rare and precious metal that can be worth a considerable amount of money. Gold in its natural state is quite soft, which means that pure gold is not always the best choice for jewellery. For this reason, gold is usually mixed with other metals to increase the hardness. This also has the effect of altering the colour of the gold. Natural gold is yellow in colour, which is a popular choice for many people. However, many people prefer different gold colours. The two most popular options are white gold and rose gold. White gold is made using gold along with metals like silver, nickel, zinc, and palladium. White gold is similar in appearance to silver, and is easier to match with silver jewellery and clothing accessories. Rose gold is made by mixing gold with metals like copper, which gives it a reddish colour.

Gold Quality

The practice of mixing gold with other metals to increase hardness, reduces the overall quality of the gold. Gold quality is measured in carats, a unit that is different than the carats used to measure diamond weight. Carat refers to the percentage of actual gold present in a specific piece of jewellery.


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While 24 carat gold is 100 per cent gold, 18 carat is more popular for fine jewellery as it has the right hardness and gold quality. Cheaper jewellery is often made with 14 carat gold.


Platinum is the rarest of precious metals used in jewellery. Unlike gold, platinum does not need to be mixed with other metals in order to be made into jewellery. Platinum has a white colour that many people actually prefer to gold. While platinum does not tarnish like silver does, it does oxidise, and over time. A platinum ring is typically covered in a patina, reducing the shine but keeping it attractive in a unique way.

Buying an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring on eBay

There are many beautiful pieces of jewellery available for purchase on eBay, even a specific item like an emerald cut diamond ring. The nature of eBay means that there are many different rings available made from different metals, including stones of many different sizes. The fastest and most efficient way to find an emerald cut diamond ring is to simply enter the term, 'emerald cut diamond ring' into the search bar on the eBay home page. From there, you can modify the search to look for rings made of a specific metal or with a specific carat.

Investigate Before Buying

It is important to see if a ring is going to be aesthetically pleasing enough for the wearer. It is just as important to read everything you can about an individual piece of jewellery prior to purchase. In some cases, a diamond may actually come with a certificate of authenticity, meaning that a reputable jeweller, or other expert, has stated what the quality of the gem is in terms of the four C's. At the same time, knowing any history that a ring might have, or the quality of the precious metals included, makes it easier to buy a ring with confidence.


An emerald cut diamond ring is a striking piece of jewellery, whether it is worn as an engagement ring or simply as an expression of taste and style. When a diamond is cut with an emerald cut, it allows the light that passes through the gem, to reflect through the top in order to create a dazzling display. Of course, there is more to selecting a diamond ring than just selecting an emerald cut diamond. Diamonds are graded not just on the cut, but on the clarity, colour and weight of the stone as well. Along with ensuring that the diamond itself is of high quality, it is important to find a ring that is made of an appropriate blend of precious metal. Popular metals for rings include silver, gold, and platinum. Each metal has different benefits and drawbacks as well as different costs. Taking all of these factors into consideration makes buying an emerald cut diamond ring a much simpler process.

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