How to Buy an Eye Mask on eBay

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How to Buy an Eye Mask on eBay

Eye masks, commonly referred to as sleep masks, are worn over the eyes to help the wearer to have a good night’s sleep. The eye mask creates total darkness, tricking the brain into producing melatonin, a sleep-producing hormone. The mask is also ideal for those attempting to get to sleep during daylight hours, whilst travelling for a long distance or having completed a night shift.

Eye masks may also be used to help to relieve tension. The mask itself may place slight pressure on the wearer’s eyes or it may avoid eye contact all together. While some eye masks are lavender, rose, or chamomile scented, others contain gel packs which can be heated or cooled before wearing. When used in combination, hot or cold scented eye masks are thought to help relieve headaches and sinus problems.

Eye masks range in shape, size, and style. However, many basic masks are available in one size fits all. It is important to find a proper fit for the mask to function properly, that is, to block out the light and to enable the wearer to rest undisturbed. The eye mask should fit comfortably around the wearer’s eyes and nose. The strap, which extends around the head to hold the mask in place, should feel secure. While standard eye masks are widely available for sale, buyers may also choose to customise the eye mask so that it better fits their specific needs. Eye masks can be found in various styles ranging from simple, solid colours to intricate designs. They may be made of materials, such as silk, satin, or lace and have embellishments, such as rhinestones.

eBay is an excellent source for buying eye masks. This guide will help buyers to take the proper steps in order to to make an informed purchase.

How to Find Eye Masks on eBay

Eye masks can be found using various search methods on the eBay website. From the eBay homepage, buyers can use the search bar to look for "eye masks". This method is likely to result in a large number of listings. Conversely, buyers with a more specific idea about the type of eye mask that they would like to purchase should use eBay’s advanced search feature. This feature allows buyers to include additional search terms which will help to narrow down their results, such as colour, fabric and size. Once on the search results page, buyers may further filter their search by subcategory listings. These subcategory listings give buyers the option to choose between new and used eye masks, to search within a limited price range, and to search by item location.

For those who are unfamiliar with the various types of eye masks available, eBay offers an easy to navigate category search option. By following the provided category links, buyers are lead to their desired item. This is often the preferred way of searching as it allows buyers to see options that they may have otherwise missed by limiting the search.

Narrowing Eye Mask Search Results on eBay

The number of search results for eye masks can seem vast, especially to first time eBay buyers. eBay’s large selection of products is often the main reason buyers are attracted to eBay, so buyers can find themselves spoilt for choice. Fortunately, eBay has filters set in place, allowing for easy navigation of the site’s features.

Searching by Condition

Many buyers seek eye masks that are in a particular condition. While new eye masks are widely available for purchase, buyers may opt for a used mask as a cheaper alternative. Most eye masks can be washed, so there is little to no risk in buying one that has been pre-owned. Buyers should always ask sellers about the condition of the eye mask before placing a bid. If the eye mask is scented, buyers should make sure that the scent is still present.

Although you may be drawn to the pictures of the listed item, always be sure to read the detailed item information before making a purchase. Sellers must use standard terminology to describe the condition of their items and each listing will include a brief definition of the item’s condition in the Item Specifics section.

Items that are still in their original packaging are classified as New, whereas, Like new items are those that appear to be new, but have been removed from their original packaging. Like new items contain no signs of visible wear and all parts are present and in proper working order. If the eye mask is listed in Very good condition, this may mean that the item has been previously used, but has incurred minimal wear and tear. The mask should be free from damage, including scratches, rips, and tears. An item that is said to be in Good condition functions as intended, but may be subject to minor imperfections, such as scratching and loose threads. Items in an Acceptable condition still function as intended, but include obvious signs of wear and tear. For example, embellishments may be missing from the mask.

Searching by Location

Some buyers may offer free postage and packaging, but if not, delivery charges can be expensive. Factoring in postal insurance to protect the eye mask only adds to the cost. Therefore, it may be beneficial to arrange a local collection of the mask to ensure safe delivery.

Buyers should always communicate clearly with sellers to see if they allow local collection. This information may also be listed under the item description. While some sellers may not allow this delivery type, others are willing to work with buyers to ensure a positive transaction and help eliminate postage, packaging, and insurance costs.

Finding a local seller can be done at any time during the the search process. When looking at the results from a search, simply choose the filter that allows the listings to be shown only for a particular location. Buyers can choose to limit the distance from a specific postcode. By using the “Sort” drop down feature the listings can be arranged by distance in order of the nearest location.

Buy Eye Masks with Confidence

Before making a purchase, buyers should always examine all listing images for signs of wear or damage to the eye mask. The pictures of masks for sale can provide a helpful insight to the buyer and let them know exactly what they are bidding for. If additional images or information is required, then contact the seller by using the Ask a question link on the item description page. Most sellers will be happy to provide additional information and to promote a positive transaction. However, it is possible to buy an eye mask that is not as one expected. To prevent being left with an unreturnable item, buyers should only purchase eye masks from sellers that accept returns. It is also important to remember that postage, packaging, and insurance are typically non-refundable. Information regarding returns and exchanges are generally included within an item description. If the description does not discuss the returns policy, a buyer should contact the seller to ask about this important detail before committing to a bid.

Feedback Ratings

Check a seller’s feedback rating before buying an eye mask. Ratings are determined by information provided from other sellers within the past year. This information, along with the number of transactions a seller has completed, is a reasonable indication of the level of service a seller provides. Upon receiving an eye mask, leave feedback for the seller. This can help worthy sellers find new customers, or it can provide useful information about unprofessional eBayers. If you are dissatisfied with the eye mask, contact the seller to see if a resolution can be reached before leaving negative feedback.


Shopping for eye masks on eBay is a good way to find the desired item without having to pay the full price for an item that can be found for a fraction of the cost. The selection of eye mask listings available on eBay is far larger than many retailers offer. Whether buying an eye mask to use as a sleep aid or for therapeutic tension relieving purposes, eBay offers buyers the choice of the most interesting and unique eye masks at some of the best prices. Buyers should familiarise themselves with eBay’s condition guidelines which have been put in place to avoid confusion between buyers and sellers. What may be considered "like new" to one person may only be "acceptable" to another. The category listings on eBay are designed to help buyers to narrow down their options. Buyers are also free to use a general search term if they wish to browse a large number of eye masks, or to use very specific keywords to limit the search to the particular item that they want. Whichever route one decides to take, buyers should always familiarise themselves with a seller’s returns policy and eBay’s feedback rating system before placing a bid. Doing so helps to ensure a positive transaction and a pleasurable online shopping experience.

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