How to Buy an Industrial Oven on eBay

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How to Buy an Industrial Oven on eBay

When one needs high heat to cure chemicals, dry paint, or connect electronic parts, or when a restaurant, bakery, or supermarket needs to cook a large volume of product, what one needs is an industrial oven. The three main purposes for industrial ovens are curing, drying, and baking. There are several types of industrial ovens, available in a variety of capacities, sizes, and heating capabilities. Industrial ovens can work either in batches or in a constant manner through the use of conveyor belts.

Using eBay to search for an industrial oven is an excellent way to find both new and used units in a variety of styles, price points and brands like Miele, all from the comfort of one's home. Whichever type and configuration of industrial oven one may need, any potential purchaser can benefit from a guide to the various types of industrial ovens and their uses in a variety of industries, as well as how to find and purchase them on eBay.

What is an Industrial Oven?

Industrial ovens are large-scale furnaces used for heating any number of items that require heat during their manufacture. While most might think of ovens in relation to food items, this is but one function of the industrial oven. In addition to cooking and baking large quantities of foodstuffs, industrial ovens are used for curing and drying many manufactured items that require painting, as well as for attaching components to electronics.

Industrial ovens are capable of reaching an average temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, and the heating elements are usually treated with a mineral coating to provide durability. Additionally, most industrial ovens have blowers as well as sensors that detect levels of the interior humidity that may affect the heating process.

The Evolution of the Industrial Oven

Initially, industrial ovens were very large and constructed from brick. Typically, these brick ovens were shaped like a beehive, much like kilns, and the objects needing to be heated were passed through from one side to another. Modern industrial ovens are usually box-shaped, not unlike a refrigerator and made from stainless steel or similar material, which allows for easy cleaning and upkeep. They are usually available in either horizontal or vertical configurations, as opposed to the previous dome-like shape, to allow one flexibility with regard to using the space available in one's kitchen or workspace.

Uses of Industrial Ovens

While most people, at the mention of ovens, immediately think of cooking or baking, industrial ovens have many purposes that extend far past the production of edible items. Industrial ovens can indeed be used for baking and cooking large quantities of food, as well as for pasteurising liquids. However, they can also be used as a pre-treatment measure, such as to dry out items before applying paints and other finishes.

Industrial ovens also find use in nail salons, where they serve to sterilise equipment in between uses, while manufacturers of electronics use them to solder together components. Additionally, nearly all manufacturing of plastics requires the use of an industrial oven. Powder coatings are applied to metal pieces by the use of curing ovens, which allows the powder to fuse with the object without the use of any solvents or sealants. This makes for a more secure application through the use of a chemical reaction.

Types of Industrial Ovens

With all these various uses for industrial ovens, there are also many types in existence, all of which function differently. Some ovens cause chemical reactions, while others remove moisture, and still others combine the two processes. Yet another type of oven allows for repeated heating and cooling within the same machine. Each specific type of industrial oven is designed for a specific heating application. All can be found and purchased on eBay in both new and used condition.

Curing Ovens

Curing ovens are used to create a chemical reaction that, once a certain temperature is reached, alters the object. One such chemical reaction that is commonly produced from a curing oven is the powder coating mentioned above. In this process, rather than simply applying a coating to an object, powder is fused to it by the use of heat and a combined reaction. Powder coatings are most commonly utilised with metal substances. Curing ovens operate slower than do other ovens to completely accomplish the goal of the chemical reaction.

Drying Ovens

Often mistaken for kilns, drying ovens are meant to remove moisture completely from an object through a constant, heated air stream that is circulated in the drying oven, allowing it to dry completely. This is often part of the process of pretreating or painting. While not as hot as a ceramic kiln, the drying oven treats the object evenly, so that any later application of paint or finish to have an even, consistent coat.

Baking Ovens

Baking ovens combine the purposes of curing and drying ovens. When various foods are heated to specific temperatures, they undergo chemical reactions that alter the consistency. For example, a pan full of batter placed in a baking oven, at the proper temperature, emerges as a cake. The level of drying varies, from a slight change in consistency or texture to full dehydration. Baking ovens are used in bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, and factories, all of which produce larger quantities of food than is possible in a common kitchen oven.

Reflow Ovens

Typically used for the soldering of circuit boards and specific electronics, reflow ovens have in them several areas, all of which can be set to different temperatures. Most of these are heating areas, while some are for cooling. A conveyor belt moves the object through the various stations, heating and cooling as the belt moves the object through.

Batch Ovens

Batch ovens can be used for the processes of curing, drying, or baking. Wheeled racks or carts that hold several trays of food items are wheeled into the industrial oven in batches. Batch ovens can also be referred to as walk-in ovens or truck ovens.

Conveyor Ovens

Reflow ovens employ a conveyor belt, but so do other types of ovens that produce a consistent temperature. Any product manufactured on a massive scale, whether packaged baked goods, figurines, or replacement automobile parts, can be heated in an oven that uses a conveyor belt. Instead of being placed in an enclosed oven and then removed, the objects are moved along the conveyor belt and heated for increments of time before being moved on to the next station of production.

How to Buy an Industrial Oven on eBay

To find and purchase an industrial oven on eBay, go to eBay and type 'industrial oven' in the general search bar. You may choose to limit your search further by selecting from one of the subcategories, such as that for restaurants and catering or for industrial supplies. Alternatively, you can restrict your search based on criteria such as the oven's condition, whether new or used, price parameters, the distance of the oven from your location, or free shipping. Since industrial ovens are larger items, those listings offering pick up save on shipping costs.

Once you have found a listing that meets your needs, read through the details carefully. If photos are provided, examine them and compare them to the written description. Pay close attention to any payment and shipping requirements set forth by the seller, including any expected turnaround times. Click on the name of the seller to be redirected to the eBay feedback page. Here you are able to read any comments left by past buyers involved in transactions with the seller, as well as learn about the seller's eBay feedback rating, which is based on the number of successful transactions completed. Additionally, should you have any questions about the listing, you can contact the seller securely through this page without having to provide a personal email address. Finding an industrial oven on eBay is a great way to look through a variety of new and used options before settling on the right oven for your needs.


The purchase of an industrial oven is a significant one, and should be considered an investment. Whether one is purchasing an industrial oven for use in a food service business such as a bakery or a restaurant, or for other applications such as curing paint or creating electronic components, research is crucial for a successful transaction. Taking the time to be educated about industrial ovens serves the purchaser well. Those looking to purchase industrial ovens should take the time to learn about the various types of ovens available, the uses of each oven, and the costs associated with each oven, including purchase price, energy costs, and maintenance expenses, as well as which oven best meets any specific needs.

Purchasers should not neglect to take into account the size, cost, and potential temperature or each oven as well. Using eBay to purchase an industrial oven allows the shopper to apply the knowledge gained from his or her research to make an informed and satisfactory purchase.

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