How to Buy and Install Your Own Trails and Motocross Bike Parts

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How to Buy and Install Your Own Trails and Motocross Bike Parts

Trails riding and motocross riding are two of the popular motorsports activities of all time. The thrill of motocross racing lures the speed demon and daredevil deep in all riders as it has for decades. High performance bikes ready for indoor and outdoor courses, along with X Games-style riding, are painstakingly crafted by riders using superior parts and accessories. Once only available to those on two wheels, today's trail riders embark on their adventures astride two, three, and four-wheeled vehicles tough enough for any terrain.

The parts needed for most trails and motocross bikes as well as all-terrain vehicles and universal terrain vehicles come as standard equipment. However, depending on the individual rider's tastes or intended use of the vehicle, specialised parts and accessories can be purchased and installed. Depending on the level of parts replacement or accessory installation, the work may be performed by people with moderate mechanical aptitude. For more specialised work, it might be a consideration to purchase the parts and accessories and then have a trained mechanic do the labour. With its large selection of products for vehicles, the auction website eBay can help an owner acquire the trials and motocross bike parts he needs.

Decide What Parts You Need

While there are many bike parts and accessories that can be purchased and installed, concentrating on the important ones first is the right way to begin. Obviously, there are far too many parts to be covered in one guide, so only some of the bike parts are used as examples in this discussion.

Covers and Guards for Trials and Motocross Bikes

Motocross and trails bikes can take quite a bit of rough treatment before suffering a performance-ending malfunction. However, protecting the sensitive and expensive parts of these bikes with covers and guards can increase their durability significantly. Some higher end bikes may come with guards and covers, but if not, these accessories are easy to locate and install to protect brakes, engines, drives, and more.

Type of Guard or Cover

Danger and Protection

Brake Covers and Guards

The brake rotors are exposed and thus are susceptible to damage from flying debris such as rocks and gravel

Brake covers protect rotors from trial and track debris damage

Engine Case Guard

The engine case can be damaged from impacts sustained in a lay-down spill

Engine case guards absorb impact when the bike is laid down

Chain Drive Guards

The chain drive can be damaged by flying debris, or debris snagging in the chain can damage the gears

Chain drive guards prevent rocks and other hard debris from hitting the chain drive

Engine Covers (also known as skid plates)

Heavy impacts from under the bike to the bottom of the engine can break parts off the engine and may damage the block

Engine covers protect the engine

Frame and Suspension Guards

Impact damage from collisions and flying debris can damage the shocks, forks, and even the frame of the bike

Frame and suspension guards provide strength and protection to the bike's overall construction

Covers and guards increase the durability of a trails or motocross bike and are fairly easy to install. If your bike does not have covers and guards, then purchase them. These types of parts can be of great benefit if you want to spend time riding your bike instead of fixing it.

Buying Your Own Trails and Motocross Bike Parts

You have decided to buy trails and motocross parts and now need to do a bit of homework to find exactly what you need. Depending on where you purchased your bike, you should have an owner's manual for it. If not, then it is a good idea to purchase one, along with a repair manual. No matter what type of changes may be made to the bike in the future, having access to these two publications is invaluable. If all else fails, then consult the bike manufacturer website; many bike builders post manuals for their products. Identify the parts that you want and note down both the part description and number for reference while shopping.

Other Considerations When Buying Trails and Motocross Bike Parts

While there are nearly as many types of retail options for purchasing parts for trails and motocross bikes, one decision that may be common is to spend as little as possible, without sacrificing quality. For instance, one may find these parts at a local dealership, but that can be an expensive option with the retail markups. One is well advised to look for respected aftermarket parts manufacturers such as Acerbis, Carbon Fiber Works, and MSR Racing, to name but a few. These companies specialise in aftermarket parts and accessories and may offer better pricing. Luckily for the prospective buyer, products from top manufacturers are available in many locations, including online shopping sites such as eBay; where not only individuals but also dealers and part manufacturers sell items.

Again, there are many parts that can be bought for trails and motocross bikes in addition to covers and guards. No matter what the part or accessory is, the important thing is to obtain the part number and description so that you purchase the correct part for the bike you own.

How to Install Parts on Trails and Motocross Bikes

Depending greatly on the physical design of the bike, parts and accessories may attach slightly differently. However, for the most part, items are designed to attach with little to no modification. Most parts, unless used, come with basic installation directions. Read the directions completely before beginning work to ensure that you have the proper parts, tools, and specific hardware, such as nuts, bolts, washers, and gaskets, among others.

Be sure that you have proper safety equipment such as eye protection, mechanic style gloves, and hearing protection if you need to start and rev up the engine. As mentioned, proper tools are needed, consisting mostly of socket wrenches and appropriately-sized sockets, box wrenches, and other hand tools. Depending on the job to be done, it may be necessary to place the bike on a motorcycle repair stand to safely perform the work. Finally, you need to perform the work in a dry, well lit environment; inside a garage, if possible. It is also helpful to have someone nearby to assist you in case of an accident.

Double-Check Before Making Radical Changes

As you go through the installation process, take your time and ensure that the parts are fitting as they are supposed to. If the part is the correct one for the make and model of the bike, it should attach easily. If something does not fit right without needing to make some major change to the bike, such as drilling holes, then double-check to ensure that it is the correct part. If the part is correct, and if no solution is evident by looking up the bike's repair manual, it might be a good idea to consult a licensed, professional mechanic to resolve the issue.

Once you have completed all installation work, ensure that you have tightened the nuts or bolts that you loosened or installed. Also make sure that the newly installed item does not interfere with any normal functions of the bike. If everything looks good, then you are ready to hit the trail or track.

Buying Trails and Motocross Bike Parts on eBay

Parts for trails and motocross bikes can be expensive. This is where eBay Motors can be a great resource for your bike needs. To find the part or accessory that you need, click on the Motorcycles tab on the eBay Motors home page, select the make and model of your bike, enter a description of the part you want, and click search. Once the results page opens, you can narrow your search fields by selecting one or more of the filter options on the page. If you need more than one part, then check to see if the seller you have found carries the other parts as well. You can find significant savings by bundling items and only paying one shipping charge.

The eBay Community is a meeting place for buyers and sellers to exchange information specific to items and groups of items purchased and sold on eBay. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then visiting the eBay community page and looking in on the groups or discussion boards to locate people with mechanical knowledge might be a great way to find a resolution.


Because of the enduring popularity of trails and motocross riding, the market for lighter and more durable parts for these bikes is wide open for a buyer. No matter the part or accessory, there is a manufacturer producing these items for just about every make and model of bikes. Before going to buy a part, be sure to have all the descriptive information available for it, and do some comparison shopping to get a sense of pricing for the parts. With its extensive selection of products and wide network of sellers, eBay can help in the purchasing process for these parts.

Once you have purchased the parts through eBay, use the available reference materials and manuals to complete their installation on the bike. Be sure to use proper safety protection and work in a clean and well-lit location. After completing the installations, it is important to double-check your work before attempting to test ride the bike; when satisfied, hit the trail or track and enjoy the fruits of your labour. 


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