How to Buy (and Wear) Coloured Mascara

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How to Buy (and Wear) Coloured Mascara

Mascara is a cosmetic used to define the eyelashes. It enhances the lashes by colouring, curling, stiffening, or lengthening them. A close relative of modern-day mascara was created during the 19th Century using petroleum jelly and coal dust. This cake-like cosmetic was applied to the lashes with a damp brush; it was very messy.

It was not until the 1950s that Polish-born cosmetics giant, Helena Rubinstein, created a tube and wand version of the mascara, making the application process much neater. Today's mascara is made from mineral oils, such as sesame oil and lanolin as well as waxes like paraffin and beeswax. Colour pigmentation is also an important component of mascara. Even though brown and black mascaras are the most popular, using brightly coloured mascara is a fun way to experiment with different palettes and to make the eyes pop in dramatic ways.

Approach a coloured mascara purchase with an open mind. Many colours work wonders on different eye colours and skin complexions. Whether purchasing from a general merchant, cosmetics counter, beauty supply store, or online retailer, be sure to confirm return policies first, just in case the coloured mascara is not a good match. Once ready to shop, keep in mind the different types of brushes available, as well as what colours best accentuate the facial features. When ready to put mascara on, follow a few steps to achieve a put-together look. Also check out eBay for a large selection of coloured mascaras from sellers worldwide.

Buying Coloured Mascara

There are many places to find coloured mascara. Drugstores and general merchants sell affordable, popular brands, such as Maybelline and Rimmel. Another place to find coloured mascara is at a department store's cosmetics counter. Brands such as Clinique and Lancome are more expensive than those found at drugstores or general retailers; however, an advantage to shopping at a cosmetics counter is the availability of personal make-up consultants who can offer suggestions for choosing the right products based on skin type, skin and eye colour, and the desired look. In addition, most department store cosmetic counters offer no hassle returns if the product purchased is not ideal; thus, the consumer is not out of any money if the coloured mascara turns out to be the wrong choice.

A beauty supply store, where both low-end and high-end cosmetics are sold, is another option. Often, there are consultants available to offer advice and make-overs with the more expensive brands, and limited returns are often accepted, though policies vary by store.

Another place consumers can buy coloured mascara is from an online retailer. Shopping online affords buyers an extensive selection from all different brands, and online retailers often offer free shipping and other promotions. The savvy consumer should also check out eBay for the largest selection of coloured mascaras at affordable prices. Because mascara is meant to be replaced every four to six months, consumers should look for a brand that best suits their budget while also meeting their make-up needs.

Types of Brushes

Regardless of where mascara is purchased, be sure to know a bit about the types of brushes that are available before choosing. The type of brushes impact the particular look desired.

Straight brushes are easy to use and versatile. They are good for reaching small lashes or corner lashes. Additionally, straight bristles allow users to apply several coats of mascara without clumps.

Curved brushes are better for those with a steady hand. They are a bit trickier to use, as the wand is designed to be pulled gently from the root to the tip of the eyelash, in one fluid stroke. This technique gives the eyelashes extra curl and lift, making the eyes look fuller and wider.

Comb brushes are ideal for promoting lash length. They are small and flat, and do not add much volume to lashes; however, they separate lashes well, and discourage clumping. Those with thick lashes often use comb brushes.

Another thing consumers should consider is whether they want waterproof or water soluble mascara. For those who are outdoors often, who perspire, or who spend a lot of time in the pool, waterproof mascara is best. On the other hand, buyers looking for normal daily wear makeup should choose water soluble mascara because it looks great and is easy to remove.

Once familiar with where to buy waterproof or water-soluble mascara and the types of brushes available, consumers can concentrate on the fun part of mascara shopping and find the perfect colour.

Mascara Colours

Most popular mascaras come in varying shades of black and brown, since these colours match the natural colour of most eyelashes. However, for the adventurous consumer, coloured mascara can achieve a trendy, eye-popping look. To avoid looking mismatched, consumers should keep a few things in mind to ensure that the mascara they choose matches their eye and skin colours.

Blue Mascara

In the cosmetics world, all shades of blue go well together. Varying shades of blue, such as teal, navy, and turquoise, complement each other, and can be worn together to create dramatic, differing effects. So for those with blue eyes, blue mascara can work wonders. Blue mascara, when coupled with a similarly-colored eye shadow, makes the eyes look more open, and makes the whites of the eyes appear brighter. Such an effect is especially good for those who are tired and want to look more awake.

Green Mascara

Green mascara is versatile and, if not overdone, looks great with many eye colors. Light shades brighten dark green eyes, whereas dark green mascara gives lighter green eyes greater depth. Consumers with brown eyes also benefit from using any shade of green mascara, since it lightens the eye colour and softens the look of the entire area. This is especially beneficial to those who suffer from dark circles underneath their eyes. For those with lighter eyes, such as hazel, darker ivy shades of mascara look best.

Purple Mascara

Purple mascara adds glamour to many eye and skin colours. For those who have olive or darker complexions, as well as those with darker-coloured eyes, deep grape mascara offers a beautiful contrast. Lavender or plum shades give a burst of colour to those with light skin and light eyes. Because of its versatility, purple mascara in various berry colours is compatible with almost any skin or eye colour. If worn correctly, purple mascara is just as polished as (and even more stylish than) traditional black or brown mascara.

Applying Mascara

Applying mascara requires a steady hand, a mirror, and plenty of light. For those uncomfortable sporting coloured lashes, brown or black mascara can be applied first, followed by the chosen colour on just the tips of the lashes. This adds a subtle pop. To add more volume and texture to the lashes, follow these steps when putting on mascara:

1. Use an eyelash curler to curl the lashes upward. This makes the eyes start off looking more wide open.

2. Remove the wand, and with a clean tissue, remove any clumps of colour on it.

3. Beginning at the base of the lashes, wiggle the wand left to right while applying the mascara. Start at the roots of the lashes to make them appear longer and fuller.

4. Continue pulling the wand up and through the lashes. Be sure to keep wiggling the wand, because this prevents clumping and separates the lashes.

5. If clumping occurs, use a clean plastic comb mascara brush to remove it. Do this before the mascara dries; otherwise, the dried makeup can flake off.

6. If applying another coat or another colour, do so to the tips of the lashes.

7. Remove any excess mascara under the eyes with a Q-tip dampened with liquid eye remover.

When mascara is applied correctly, the eyes should appear brighter, bolder, and more beautiful.

Buying Coloured Mascara on eBay

Once you have determined the right coloured mascara for your eyes, check out eBay for a large selection of cosmetics. eBay features many different brands and types of mascara for sale from sellers all over the world.

Searching for Coloured Mascara on eBay

The easiest way to begin a search on eBay is to enter an exact description of what you seek into the search box on eBay's home page (e.g. "coloured mascara"). Once you have done this, you are presented with other categories from which to choose, such as the brand, the specific colour, and others. For an even more refined search, use the Advanced Search feature.

Buy Coloured Mascara on eBay with Confidence

Buyers reap a host of benefits when shopping online with eBay. Registering for an account is easy, and affords limitless shopping possibilities all under one, safe and secure username. Furthermore, the eBay partnership with PayPal allows users to protect their personal financial information and save time when completing transactions. This, along with over 100 million users on the eBay website, means buyers can shop at any hour of day or night from the comfort of their homes.


Modern-day mascara has roots that can be traced back to the mid-1800s, and it remains a popular way for women to enhance their eyes. Fortunately, mascara has come a long way since its inception, and is easier and neater to apply with today's tube and wand applicators. Tube and wand mascaras are available at a variety of locales, such as general merchants, department store cosmetics counters, beauty supply stores, and at online marketplaces like eBay. Regardless of where the eye makeup is bought, consumers should verify return policies first, in case the mascara turns out to be the wrong shade.

Whether purchasing coloured mascara to lengthen, define, or dress up eyelashes, look for those shades that best complement the wearer's eye colour and skin tone. When applied correctly, mixing and matching shades creates dramatic effects. Also be sure to consult eBay's large selection of coloured mascaras from sellers all over the world. Buying from one of the many sellers on eBay affords shoppers with a convenient and enjoyable experience.

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