How to Buy the Correct Brake Discs

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What Are Brake Discs

It’s easy to explain what brakes do, they slow you down – pretty crucial when you are hurtling along at 70mph in a metal box on wheels! The brake system consists of brake pads, brake discs, brake fluid and many other parts that turns your foot pressing a simple peddle into the desired effect.

We at Autosessive have a huge range of brakes online from OEM parts manufacturers, like Bosch, Delphi & Drivetec, to help you maintain your car’s brakes. Because we rely on brakes to perform the most crucial safety task, it’s important they do this when we want and in all conditions for the longest amount of time possible. That’s why we only stock brakes that can be trusted to be up to the job!

Brake discs are central to the disc braking system common on modern cars. Disc brakes work by the application of friction through brake pads to the wheel driven brake disc. This friction slows the vehicle to a stop.

Brake discs come in a variety of styles and materials; discs can be produced as:
  • Solid discs
  • Vented discs
  • Drilled and vented discs
  • Drilled grooved and vented discs

As a safety critical system, brake discs should be checked; brake discs wear over time and can become pitted and will need to be replaced.

Autosessive offers an extensive online range of brake discs and brake pads covering matching original quality to value for money discs. All available next day. Autosessive also offers all braking components such as brake pads, calipers and brake fluid.
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Which Discs are Correct For My Car

Brake discs come in a variety of styles and materials; discs can be produced as:

Vented discs
Solid Discs
Drilled and vented discs
Drilled grooved and vented discs

Vented or Solid Discs
  • Vented or Ventilated Brake Discs are twin walled - Normally 20mm+ Thick.
  • Solid Brake Discs are single walled and normally 10mm/12mm think. 
  • Brake Drums can be found on the rear of most modern vehicles.

Replace Like for Like
It's even more important to replace the correct size and style, if you're vehicle is fitted with 300mm vented discs you must replace these parts with the same size.

This can become a little confusing as most vehicles have multiple choices for instance; if your vehicle is a 2006 2.0 TDi Golf  this may have 256mm, 280mm or 288mm front brake discs all for the same 2.0 TDi engine, any decent motor factor will be able to confirm the correct size via your details.

How to Check your Size
  • Contact our sales team with your vehicle registration or 17 digit chassis number 
  • Check your owners manual for the correct size
  • Remove the wheel and measure the disc diameter
  • Remember to check to see if your disc is vented or solid as this is crucial

Most modern day vehicles are fitted with vented front discs and solid rear discs, some models may also have rear brake drums, the choices are endless and here at Autosessive we're here to help resolve any brake enquiry you may have.
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