How to Buy the Correct Wings and Quarter Panels for Your Car

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How to Buy the Correct Wings and Quarter Panels for Your Car on eBay

Wings and quarter panels make up a large amount of the car's exterior. As a result, they are the most frequently damaged part of a car in accidents. Minor damage can be repaired with a body filler. However, more extensive damage often results in complete wing or quarter panel replacement. A car has four quarter panels, two located near the front of the vehicle and two near the rear. The front corner panels include the front fenders, while the rear quarter panels, also known as the rear wings, consist of the area between the side doors and the boot. The rear quarter panels may be welded into the frame of the car. So, they may come as a single unit, including the roof and side panels. On the other hand, front quarter panels are usually held in place with a couple of bolts and can be removed easily. Most quarter panels have wheel well openings designed for the easy placement of car tyres.

Quarter panels and wings come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the type of car. They are usually made of sheet metal, although fibreglass and fibre reinforced plastic are also used. When purchasing wings and quarter panels for your car on eBay, consider the various types, familiarise yourself with the factors that go into making a well informed decision, and learn how to replace these components.

Types of Quarter Panels

There are various types of quarter panels. Choosing the best type often depends on the car's features and the amount of damage panels have endured.

Type of Quarter Panel



Also known as factory style or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) style quarter panels

Spans the entire distance to each edge of the rear panel, reaching from the boot and door edges to the roof line

Quarter skin

Nearly as large as full quarter panels, but do not include any boot lips or door frames

Costs less than full quarter panels, but takes more labour to install

Requires a lip in order to weld around the edge, making it a poor choice for cars with rust

Quarter patch

Small pieces of quarter panels

Used for repairing small holes in isolated areas

Often difficult to hide the seam areas where the patches are welded to the original panels

Cars that have undergone significant damage to the quarter panels benefit most from a full quarter panel or quarter skin. On the other hand, quarter patches are ideal for small repairs and are more affordable than their counterparts.

Factors to Consider When Buying Correct Wings and Quarter Panels for Your Car

There are many factors that should be considered when buying wings and quarter panels on eBay. These factors help buyers to choose the correct type of components for their car.

Vehicle Make and Model

When searching for the correct wings and quarter panels on eBay, it is important to filter the search by the make and model of the vehicle being repaired. Wings and quarter panels are designed specifically for each vehicle type. Searching this way can narrow down item listings drastically and factor out those that hold little interest to the buyer.

Location of Petrol Cap

When searching for rear quarter panels, buyers should consider the location of their petrol cap. If the petrol cap is on the side of the car, then buyers need to take this into account as the cap is located directly in the centre of one of the rear quarter panels.

Location of Wings and Quarter Panels

In order to find the correct wing or quarter panel for their car, buyers should consider the location of the panel that needs to be replaced. The left front quarter panel is opposite in shape to the right front quarter panel. Therefore, it is possible to buy an ill-fitting panel if its location is not taken into account.

Colour of Wings and Quarter Panels

Buyers searching for wings or quarter panels for their car should consider purchasing high quality parts that match the colour of their vehicle. This eliminates the need to repaint the panel, which can save on the installation costs.

Replacing Wings and Quarter Panels on Your Car

Wings and quarter panels often need to be replaced because the car has been involved in an accident, the panels have become rusted, or have deteriorated as a result of everyday wear and tear. The process of replacing wings and quarter panels often differs depending on the type of car and the location of the panel. Older cars often require more extensive labour, as excess metal needs to be removed from the car before the new panels can be welded into place. However, the wings and quarter panels on more modern cars can be replaced easily by removing a few bolts.

When replacing wings or quarter panels on a modern car, buyers should begin the process by loosening the lug nuts on their car's wheel next to the quarter panel that needs to be replaced. The vehicle should then be lifted with a jack and securely placed on a jack stand. From here, buyers can finish removing the lug nuts and then proceed to remove the wheel. Remove the wheel liner by undoing the plastic rivets that lock them into place. The rivets may need to be prised off with a flathead screwdriver. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the rivets.

Once the wheel liner has been removed successfully, buyers can access the bolts that hold the quarter panel or wing in place. The number of bolts vary depending on the car's make and model. Buyers should also access the bolts that hold the corner panel to the car's body by opening the bonnet. All of the bolts should be loosened and removed. This process works best if one person holds the quarter panel or wing in place while a second person loosens the bolts. Once removed, the new quarter panel can be installed in its place. Again, the first person should hold the panel, while the second person tightens all of the bolts. The wheel liner, wheel, and respective lug nuts should then be replaced.


Wings and quarter panels make up a large proportion of a car's exterior. These specialised car parts are individually tailored to fit the make and model of their respective car type. Choosing the correct wings and quarter panels on eBay is important to maintain the safety and durability of the car. Buyers should consider the extent of the damage to the existing panels. If the damage is minor, then buyers may simply need a quarter patch replacement part. If there is more extensive damage, then a quarter skin is more appropriate, unless the vehicle has become susceptible to rust, in which case a full quarter panel is necessary.

In addition to the car's make and model, buyers should also bear in mind where the wing and quarter panels are going to be placed on the car as this influences how the part fits. In order to cut costs, buyers should learn how to replace wings and quarter panels themselves. Once equipped with the proper knowledge, the installation process is straightforward. With so many listings on eBay, buyers are sure to find wings and quarter panels that are specifically suited to their car.

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