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How to Buy the Most Sought After Memorabilia from the 2012 London Olympics

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How to Buy the Most Sought After Memorabilia from the 2012 London Olympics
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How to Buy the Most Sought After Memorabilia from the 2012 London Olympics

The summer Olympics were started as a way to promote international camaraderie through sporting competition, beginning with the first games in 1896. The summer Olympics are held every four years in various countries and medals are awarded to the top three winners of each sporting competition. While the events celebrated in the summer Olympics change over time, the summer Olympic games consistently cover events such as track, cycling, gymnastics, and diving. In 2012, the summer Olympics were held in London, England, beating out bids from Moscow, New York City, Madrid and Paris. The 2012 London Olympics were the first games to include women's boxing, making it also the first games where every sporting competition had female competitors.

The most sought after memorabilia from the 2012 London Olympics is available for purchase at auction, Olympic collector stores, and online. Buyers interested in purchasing the most sought after memorabilia from the 2012 London Olympics should familiarise themselves with the important moments from the 2012 London Olympics, how Olympic memorabilia is evaluated, and the types of 2012 London Olympics memorabilia available.

Important Moments from the 2012 London Olympics

Memorabilia that represents the 2012 London Olympics illustrate some of the important moments that occurred during the 2012 summer games. These moments range from great accomplishments to tragic disappointments. The following chart describes some of the top moments from the 2012 summer games, including, the sport, athlete or team, country, event, and moment.






Mo Farah

Track and Field

Great Britain

10 kilometre race

Won event in the final lap in addition to also winning the 5 kilometre race

Usain Bolt

Track and Field


100 metre race

Won 100 metre race after losing both the 100 metre and 200 metre in the Jamaican time trials

Michael Phelps



4 x 200-metre freestyle relay

Broke all-time medal record after winning his 19th medal in the 4 x 200 metre freestyle relay

Oscar Pistorious

Track and Field

South Africa

400 metre race

First double amputee to participate in the summer Olympics

Andy Murray


United Kingdom


Beat Roger Federer in straight sets after losing to him in the Wimbledon final

Missy Franklin, Dana Vollmer, Rebecca Soni, Allison Schmitt



4 x 100-metre medley relay

Set the world record to win the 4 x 100 metre medley relay

Misty May-Treanor, Kerri Walsh

Beach Volleyball



Won third consecutive gold medal

While there are many moments that help define the 2012 London Olympics, these are just a few that helped shape the memories for the 2012 summer games. Some of these events are illustrated in the most sought after memorabilia specific to the 2012 summer Olympic games.

How Olympic Memorabilia is Evaluated

There are a few things for buyers who are in the market for Olympic memorabilia to consider. Each of these considerations help consumers properly evaluate 2012 London Olympic memorabilia before making a purchasing decision.

Memorabilia vs. Collectibles

The terms "memorabilia" and "collectible" are often used interchangeably. However, consumers should understand that technically, these terms encompass different meanings. Memorabilia covers photos, cards, jerseys, or related sports equipment that has been signed by an athlete and then certified as authentic. Collectibles encompass replicas and authentic sports products are are unsigned, or signed and not authenticated. Regardless of whether a seller refers to an item as memorabilia or a collectible, a consumer should do further research to fully understand what they are purchasing.


Another important consideration when shopping for the most sought after memorabilia from the 2012 London Olympics is authenticity. Verifying authenticity requires a consumer to do some research into the reputation of the retailer or seller that they are purchasing the item from. Additionally, a consumer should also request some documentation that speaks to the authenticity of the product.


Since there are many types of 2012 London Olympic memorabilia items available, the grading scale for each type of item is different. However, once a consumer determines what type of item they are interested in purchasing, they should familiarise themselves with that specific item's grading scale. For example, the grading scale for coins ranges from good to mint condition, and covers eight levels. 

Types of Sought After 2012 London Olympic Memorabilia

There are several types of sought after 2012 London Olympic memorabilia available for purchase. Some of these items garner more interest from avid Olympic games collectors, while as other items are more attractive to a buyer interested in one specific year, such as the 2012 London Olympics.

Lapel Pins

For each Olympic games, there are a number of different lapel pin designs released to signify the memorable event. There are a number of 2012 London Olympic game pins to choose from, including the London Olympic Games logo pin,, the London Olympic limited edition pin,, a London mascot pin,, and various pins representing British landmarks. These pins should have the proper backstamp to ensure their authenticity. These lapel pins are both sought after and relatively available and affordable.

Participation Medals

Participation medals are given out to athletes, officials, and other integral members of each Olympic games. In more recent games, including the 2012 London Olympic games, volunteers have also received participation medals of a different design than those given to athletes, officials, and organisers. Because these participation medals are not widely available to the public, they are a sought after piece of each games, including  the 2012 London Olympic games.


While not as widely available, some torchbearers at the Olympic games choose to sell their torches. These torches are likely one of the most sought after pieces of memorabilia from the games but often come at a high price. Consumers interested in potentially purchasing a torch from the Olympic games should pay particular consideration to the reputation of the seller and the authenticity of the item.


Particularly for collectors, there is a set of royal mail stamps that were specifically designed to illustrate the 2012 London Olympic games. Some of these images include illustrations of boxing, the modern pentathlon, and cycling. All of these stamps bear the official seal of the 2012 London Olympics game.

Autographed Posters

Another type of sought after memorabilia item from the 2012 London Olympics are autographed posters that illustrate a consumer's favourite Olympic athlete. These posters range from photographs to art prints and include an authentic signature by the athlete. Sought after autographed posters from the 2012 London Olympics might include a photograph of Mo Farah crossing the finish line of the 10 kilometre race, or an art print of the USA women's 4 x 100 metre medley relay team celebrating their world record.


Similar to stamps, there is also a collection of coins released to commemorate the 2012 London Olympic games. There are two sought after coins, including the Official London 2012 Official Gold Proof Coin and the London 2012 Official Brilliant Uncirculated Coin. These coins are meant to capture the spirit of the 2012 London Olympic games and are relatively expensive.

How to Buy the Most Sought After Memorabilia from the 2012 London Olympics

There are many different ways to commemorate the 2012 London Olympic games. Some consumers choose to purchase the 2012 Olympic lapel pins, while other collectors might be more interested in getting their hands on rare collector's items such as the participation medals. Whatever memorabilia you are after, eBay has a range of the most sought after memorabilia from the 2012 London Olympics. Perhaps you are interested in an autographed poster of Mo Farah. Simply type autographed poster Mo Farah into the keyword search box located on the eBay website portal. Once you hit the search button, the available options matching this description are populated for you.

While doing the right research into the seller of an item is generally important, it is even more vital when purchasing memorabilia. To ensure that both the authenticity and the condition are parallel to their listing, you should consider purchasing items from those sellers listed as Top-rated sellers. Top-rated sellers consistently deliver items, provide adequate descriptions of their products, and charge fair postage. Utilising the Top-rated seller feature is just one way eBay makes buying the most sought after memorabilia from the 2012 London Olympic games easy and worry-free.


The Olympic games are meant to bring the international community together and promote a sense of unity through healthy competition. Each year, records are broken and athletes rise and fall. Like summer Olympic games of the past, the 2012 London Olympics had scandals, great moments, and history all its own. Some of the greatness of the 2012 London Olympic games is commemorated in a host of different memorabilia. As a result, consumers often seek the most sought after memorabilia to celebrate the spirit of the 2012 London Olympics.

While some memorabilia is more attractive to avid collectors, other memorabilia is purchased by Olympic enthusiasts. Regardless of which category a consumer falls under, it is important to understand a few concepts about how to evaluate the most sought after Olympic memorabilia. With the right tools and research, any buyer is equipped to purchase the most sought after memorabilia for the 2012 London Olympic games.

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