How to Buy the Right Car Parts for Your Radio-Controlled Car

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How to Buy the Right Car Parts for Your Radio-Controlled Car

Modification is the main lure of radio-controlled cars to all collectors and eBay is one place that you can get hold of every detailed part no matter how small.

This buying guide will explain which parts of your car can be modified, where you can find the parts and how to procure them on eBay both safely and securely.

Types of Radio-Controlled Car

Before committing to any radio-controlled car part purchases on eBay it’s extremely important to check the piece being bought is for the correct type of car.

There are three types of radio-controlled cars and the table below outlines the main characteristics of each type:

Car Type



Powered by battery and require no extra fuel to run. More affordable to run than fuel versions. 


Engine uses fuel that is a mixture of nitro methanol and methanol. Can achieve high speeds and requires skill to drive.


Fuel is a mixture of petrol and two-stroke oil. Largest radio-controlled vehicle available and very similar to normal cars.

Components of a Radio-Controlled Car

Radio-controlled cars are valuable pieces of kit that require constant maintenance in order to continue performing at their optimum level. Every single part of the car may need replacing at some point in time and it pays to get to know everything about all the cars in a collection.

That starts with becoming familiar with what makes up the car and how it can be modified. The following sub-headings look at each part of the car with a brief run-down of what each part is:


The single most important element of a radio-controlled car is the engine that powers it. They are found in all varieties of radio-controlled car and affect the performance depending on their power.

Nitro-RC engine life depends hugely on the composition of fuel used. It is worth noting that the smaller the percentage of nitro methane in the fuel the, longer the life of the engine.

Fuel doesn’t have as adverse an effect on Petrol-RC cars. In Electric-RC cars, the threat to engine life is non-existent.

Batteries & Chargers

This only concerns Electric-RC cars and a new battery can be like a new engine for radio-controlled cars powered by electricity. The beauty of buying new batteries is that you can fit higher voltage ones and give the car’s engine a significant boost.

Rechargeable batteries will make the hobby an even more affordable one and chargers can be bought alongside them in order to maximize their usage.


The easiest way to change the look of the car is to buy a new body shell. Very important to take note of the size to make sure the body shell will fit the car it’s being bought for.

Decals & Stickers

This is a simple and affordable way to customize your vehicle. Decals can be applied to any body shell and the opportunities in the customisation stakes are endless when it comes to decals


The exhausts are an important component for fuel-powered radio-controlled cars as they get rid of fumes that are produced when fuel is being burned.

They can be bought for Electric-RC cars but will be completely for show and only serve to make the car look good.

All are designed with the size of the car in mind and will differ vastly from one model to another.

Gears & Gearboxes

Essential to the running of the car and, when they break, they are easily replaceable on eBay. Regardless of whether the car is an Electric-RC, Nitro-RC, or Petrol-RC it will have a some kind of gearbox.


Can be bought in many different colours and add another layer of realism to the car. Require complex wiring and buyers must check the car can accommodate them before buying.


Tyres are one of the main differences between on-road and off-road radio-controlled cars. The tyres will give off-road cars that extra layer of protection against rugged terrain. Both on-road and off-road cars will go through a lot of these.


Damage to radio-controlled cars regularly occurs to the wheels. Before buying, make sure the wheel-arch of the car will be able to hold the size of wheel that is being purchased.


There are big differentiations in suspension between off-road and on-road cars. Check the suspension being bought is for the correct type of radio-controlled car so that it will fit.


Servos are small parts that are used to convert electrical signal into movement. There are many different types of servo that can control everything from the gearbox and bearings to the motor. All types are available to buy on eBay.

Other Parts

There are a vast number of other parts that can be bought for radio-controlled cars and some are extremely self-explanatory in the way they’re listed. Here is a bullet-point list of the other parts that can be bought:


  • Fuel
  • Glue & Adhesives
  • Screws
  • Transmitters & Radio Equipment

Condition of the Parts

Radio-controlled car parts come in various different conditions and this will influence reliability and price more than anything else. Parts for sale on eBay come under a number of different categories and the following table identifies them:


What to Expect


Brand new and has had no prior use.

New Other

Will differ slightly to a new part and the seller will give additional details as to why this is the case.


Part has been used in the past and is still in full working order. Pay extra attention to product description.

Manufacturer Refurbished

Used item has been returned to the original manufacturer and they have confirmed it’s now in full working order.

Seller Refurbished

Part has been returned to a seller and repaired. It will now be in full working order.

For Parts or Not Working

Usually a large collection of similar items of which some won’t function at all.

How to Buy the Right Car Parts For Your Radio-Controlled Car on eBay

There are tens of thousands of radio-controlled car parts on eBay and some of the most reliable and affordable are just a click away.

eBay is home to the highest concentration of parts online and sellers will go above and beyond the expected sales protocol to help anyone that is buying parts for the first time.

  • To find Radio-Controlled Car Parts on eBay, visit the Toy & Games category. From there scroll down to the Radio-Controlled sub-category and choose Cars. On the next page scroll down the left side of the page until you reach the Categories drop-down list. Under here click on the Car Parts & Accessories tab and it will list all parts and accessories available to buy on eBay.
  • To narrow the search down, choose a specific part under the Accessory Type tick box list. There are even more ways to specify the search with a wealth of other options on the left hand side of the page.
  • The Ask the Seller option gives you the ability to find anything extra out about the item that isn’t available to the naked eye. This is especially important with car parts as finding the correct one can be a taxing exercise.
  • The Buying Tips page gives even more help on the eBay purchasing process and how to get the most out of the site.
  • When ready to Buy, make a bid, choose to Buy it Now or place your Best Offer. Using PayPal will make sure the process is a safe and secure one.

Safety Considerations When Buying

  • Buying any items on eBay means taking a variety of things into consideration. Looking through the seller’s transaction history is a good place to start and is important when looking to buy radio-controlled car parts.
  • Every seller will have a feedback history and look out for feedback left on radio-controlled car parts in the past to see if the seller is reliable or not.
  • Don’t be afraid to Ask the Seller questions at this stage if you are unsure about anything.
  • Be sure to read through the conditions of sale a few times before making a bid and remember that eBay has a service to deal with any disputes that may occur.


When it comes to extra parts for a radio-controlled car, the choices are endless. Every single part of the car can be modified and everything from the engine down to the decals can be bought using eBay’s straightforward process.

Before buying parts on eBay make sure the following things are clear:

  • What type of radio-controlled car the part is for.
  • The part that needs replacing.
  • The part that has been chosen is the correct size.
  • Buyer has taken note of the condition of the item.

Taking heed of these four pieces of advice will make sure the item being bought fits the bill and is an easy way to narrow down the thousands of items for sale. Finding the right parts for your radio-controlled car on eBay has never been easier.

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