How to Buy the Right Floor Standing Speakers for You

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How to Buy the Right Floor Standing Speakers for You

As television screens continue to increase in size and music systems become ever more sophisticated, the home sound stage expands into a domain of surround sound. Without the right speaker system and amplification listeners lose much of what the filmmakers and music producers intended for them to hear, such as surround effects and bass extension. So, investing in high quality surround sound makes good sense.

Floor standing speakers, also called towers, are built to stand independently on the floor and deliver excellent sound quality to listeners. Their design enables them to provide a greater level of energy efficiency than other speakers. Floor standing speakers are typically larger than other types of speaker and are able to transmit greater ranges of sound and frequencies, including deep bass. On average, floor standing speakers are 60 centimetres high. They work best in large rooms or as part of a home theatre system. When purchasing the right floor standing speakers, buyers should familiarise themselves with powered towers, consider the various features floor standing speakers have to offer, and learn about proper speaker placement. Floor standing speakers can be bought from audio specialist shops and online retailers such as eBay.

Powered Towers

In general, speakers are responsible for carrying the higher frequency sound, while subwoofers transmit the lower frequency, deep bass sound. Powered towers are floor standing speakers that include a powered subwoofer. These speakers are ideal for buyers who have limited floor space as they combine the subwoofer in the speaker tower.

Features of Floor Standing Speakers

There are a few important features to consider when searching for the right floor standing speakers. These features include frequency response, price, and power. The details of each feature should be found with the specification sheets included in the instruction or installation manual for the speaker.

Frequency Response of Floor Standing Speakers

Frequency response refers to the range of sounds that the floor standing speakers are able to produce. In general, the broader the range, the better the sound.

Price of Floor Standing Speakers

Floor standing speakers vary in price greatly. Choosing named brand speakers can increase the cost. There is a direct correlation between price and the quality of sound, with high quality speakers costing a greater sum.

Power of Floor Standing Speakers

Before purchasing floor standing speakers, buyers should ensure that the power output level of the speakers matches that of the listener's audio-video receiver or amplifier. If the power outage level is not the same, buyers can risk blowing out their speakers. There is no added value in having speakers with a higher power rating than the receiver. The amount of power output also directly impacts the price of the floor standing speakers, with higher power costing more.

Factors to Consider When Buying Floor Standing Speakers

In addition to the speaker's features, buyers should consider the type of cables used, the flooring in the home, and the room setting. These factors help to optimise the sound and determine the right speakers for the buyer.

Cables for Floor Standing Speakers

When searching for the right floor standing speakers, buyers should bear in mind the cables used to connect the speakers. Cheap cables cause the signal to degrade, especially over longer distances, resulting in loss of detail and dynamics in the sound. Poorly made cables allow noise and interference, which compromises the signals coming from the source and ultimately results in a below average listening experience. Buyers should consider replacing the cables that are often bundled with floor standing speakers with higher quality versions. High quality cables provide a more realistic sound. Buyers should also consider the cable length. The length of the cable should comfortably span the distance between components. However, it is best to avoid long cables as they can lead to a degradation of the signal.

Flooring for Floor Standing Speakers

Buyers should bear in mind the flooring in the room when searching for the right floor standing speakers. An unstable foundation, such as a carpet, can cause unwanted vibrations to the sound. In more extreme cases, an unlevel foundation can cause the floor standing speakers to tip over. To compensate for these factors, buyers should consider floor standing speakers that come with carpet spikes to improve the speakers' stability. If planning to place the speakers on a hardwood, vinyl, or stone floor, buyers should look for speakers that have padded feet.

Room Setting for Floor Standing Speakers

Room size not only affects the speakers' sound, but can also cause the speakers to look out of place, if not proportional. Glass windows, doors, coffee tables, and bare walls and floors can all distort a floor standing speaker's sound. To compensate for this, buyers should consider installing curtains or placing a rug over any bare flooring. There are also special sound damping materials that buyers can install on their walls or ceiling to help to improve the sound quality.

Placing Floor Standing Speakers

Regardless of the type of floor standing speakers that a buyer plans to invest in, they should pay close attention to the placement of the speakers. The right placement ensures a high quality of sound. Each floor standing speaker model has unique acoustic properties and every person hears sound a little bit differently. These factors may also play a deciding role in where the listener places the speakers. Before making a purchase, buyers should consider the floor layout of the room. It is also a good idea for buyers to familiarise themselves with the instruction manual because it may offer model-specific recommendations for the ideal placement. The table below provides overall speaker placement recommendations with respect to each type of speaker.

Type of Speaker

Recommended Placement

Centre channel speaker

First speaker to be placed

Directly below the television

Centred if possible

Precisely the same distance from a listener's position as the front left and right speakers

Front left and right speakers

Point to the left and right of a listener's primary spot

Equal distance apart

Recommended to measure the distance as a few centimetres can make a huge difference to the sound

Tweeters should be at the seated listener's ear level and aimed at their ears

No solid objects, such as furniture, should be between the speakers and the listener

Surround Speakers

To the left and right of the listener and to the rear

High placement recommended so that drivers do not fire directly at listener's ears

When placing speakers, the shape and layout of the room should be considered as these factors ultimately affect the speaker's performance. Floor standing speakers should never be placed in close proximity to a wall as this can muddy their sound. Instead, placing the speaker's away from the wall lessens their bass response, but improves their clarity.

Buyers should consider the receivers that come with automatic speaker calibration. This feature is included in most newer models of floor standing speaker and uses a microphone to record and measure test tones played through the speakers. The time that it takes for the sound to reach the microphone, along with the strength of the sound, tells the receiver what kind of speakers a buyer has, their placement in relation to the listener, and how the sound produced reacts in a particular room setting. The receiver takes these factors into account, and then adjusts to ensure that listeners get the best possible sound.

Buying the Right Floor Standing Speakers on eBay

Buyers who would like to purchase floor standing speakers on eBay can start by going to the eBay homepage. From there, you can enter any related key terms into the search bar, such as "floor standing speakers". For a more precise search, try entering more specific key terms such as "Sony floor standing speakers". Once on the search results page, you can continue to follow the subcategories to further narrow down your choices.

For those who wish to browse listings within a certain price range, eBay offers an advanced search feature to help buyers to set a budget. This helps you to determine which sellers are offering the best deals on floor standing speakers. eBay's advanced search also lets buyers narrow down options based on the floor standing speaker's condition. For the maximum reassurance when purchasing, buyers can limit their search to items sold by Top-rated sellers who are known within the eBay community for providing excellent products and customer service.


Floor standing speakers help to bring cinema and concert hall quality sound to the confines of the home. Buyers who wish to enhance their sound quality and get the audio experience should consider investing in floor standing speakers. When purchasing floor standing speakers buyers should consider the speaker's features, including frequency response, price, and power. Both frequency response and power levels affect the speaker's price directly. These features also determine the quality of sound.

The buyer's room layout often determines where the floor standing speakers can be placed. The placement can greatly impact the way that the speakers sound. For the best sound quality, speakers should be placed an equal distance from the sound source, a television or hi-fi, and the listener. In addition, buyers should consider the flooring in their room to ensure a steady foundation for the speakers. The selection of floor standing speakers at eBay lets buyers find just the right model for their specific requirements.

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