How to Buy the Right Mattress Topper for You

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How to Buy the Right Mattress Topper for You

There is almost nothing worse than sleeping on a hard or lumpy bed. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to improving a person’s overall mood, stress level, and work performance. Having a bed that is uncomfortable can also result in a person not getting enough adequate sleep if they are not able to maintain the deep sleep periods that a body needs to rejuvenate itself each night. Many people may think that in order to fix these types of problems, purchasing a new bed is the only option. That is not the case. Purchasing a new bed can be very costly, especially as you may need to then replace your bedroom furniture. All of the hassle can be completely avoided just by adding a mattress topper, which could be enough to do the trick.

Choosing the right mattress topper is as essential as choosing the right bed. Not all mattress toppers are the same, and not every person has the same needs when it comes to getting a comfortable night’s sleep. Mattress toppers can be purchased at many bedding stores, home improvement stores, and on eBay. One of the things that need to be considered before purchasing a mattress topper is understanding what makes the sleeping situation uncomfortable. Once this information has been realised, then it is easy to find the mattress topper that is comfortable and most advantageous to the person or persons buying it. Moreover, gauging the proper depth of a mattress topper for the mattress it is to be placed on is also an important part of the process so that it can fit the existing mattress. Just remember, it is always a good idea to spring clean your mattress and mattress topper every now and then.

Analyse the Situation

Many people suffer from a condition called insomnia. According to the online source, insomnia is a condition in which individuals are unable to fall asleep or stay asleep, often on a chronic basis. There are many factors that people attribute to this condition, such as constant worrying, sore or achy muscles, movements of sleeping partners, or even being too tired to fall asleep. While these conditions can definitely contribute to insomnia, in many cases the problem may primarily be the result of sleeping on an uncomfortable bed.

Taking the time to analyse the sleeping conditions of a bed may work wonders in finding a solution that is as simple as buying a mattress topper. Over time even the best mattresses can show signs of wear and tear, and the components that they are constructed from can break down, making the mattress saggy or bumpy. Take note of certain things, such as the padding depth on the top of the mattress. If springs can be felt when minimal pressure is required, a deep mattress topper may be needed. Other factors, such as physical ailments like back or hip problems, should also be taken into account as well. If the outer covering of the mattress is torn and exposes foam or padding or even feels rough to the touch, then that should be noted too. By analysing the condition of the bed, it is easy to choose a mattress topper to help alleviate these problems.

Choosing the Proper Mattress Topper

Choosing the proper mattress topper often varies from person to person depending on the condition of the bed that it is to be placed upon and the physical health of the sleeper. It is important not to rely solely on the information that is placed on the packaging when choosing between mattress toppers. Instead rely more heavily on the information that is relevant for getting a good night’s sleep for the person or people who use it.

Types of Mattress Toppers

Knowing the benefits and disadvantages that come with owning a particular type can make it easier to choose the proper one. The chart below includes a few of the popular choices for mattress toppers along with the benefits and disadvantages of each.

Type of Mattress Topper



Feather or Down

Adds an additional layer of cushion; helps relieve stiff muscles so body can relax; easy to care for; offers body temperature regulation

May need to be plumped back up as feather or down flatten; not appropriate for some allergy sufferers; offers minimal support

Latex Foam

Adapts to fit the shape of the body; diminishes movements of others in bed; no unpleasant odour; remains extremely durable after continued use; natural hypoallergenic properties

Elasticity weakens and breaks down support over time; natural blends can be more expensive than other foam toppers; some types not appropriate for those with latex allergies

Memory Foam

Adapts to fit the shape of the body; diminishes movements of others; support helps relieve muscle and joint pain

At first, may have strong chemical odour; elasticity is compromised over time; can be more expensive than other types; does not regulate body temperature


Adds additional layer of cushion; can help create additional warmth when temperatures are cold; contains natural hypoallergenic properties

Offers minimal support; may need to be plumped back up over time due to flattening

If more than one person shares the bed, the needs of the others who use it should also be taken into account. More than likely if others who share the bed do not have the same problems falling asleep, they may not have a problem doing so with the addition of a mattress topper, but it is never a bad idea to seek their opinion before the final decision is made.

Gauging Depth Requirements

All the careful planning in the world when it comes to picking out a suitable mattress topper does not help if it does not fit the mattress. Taking the time to gauge the pocket depth required for a mattress topper can save a lot of time and frustration and may also eliminate the need to buy new sheets to fit the bed as well, especially if one chooses to buy a double mattress topper.

Begin by choosing one corner of the mattress as the starting point for taking your measurements. Using a measuring tape, place the end of the tape vertically so that it touches the top of the box springs under the mattress. This helps to ensure that the full height of the mattress is included in the measurements. Continue measuring until you reach the highest point of the mattress corner. That measurement is the one that you use to choose the proper mattress topper size. It is also helpful to choose the opposite corner and retake the measurements to ensure that they are roughly the same. It is important to note that attempting to take measurements from any place on a mattress other than a corner can create inaccuracies as mattresses hold the most accurate height only in the corners.

How to Buy Mattress Toppers on eBay

Finding the right mattress topper for your bed is as easy as performing a search on the eBay homepage. If you already have made a selection for a mattress topper type, all that you need to do is to enter the desired mattress topper type in the search query box that is at the top of the homepage. For added convenience, additional searches may still be performed at the top of any eBay page.

If you have more than one option in mind and want to compare prices, eBay makes that easy for you too. All you need to do is to click on the advanced search option located next to the search query box and a variety of filtering tools that are readily at your disposal. Here, you can eliminate mattress topper selections from being returned to you, ones that are not from a preferred seller, ones that are not within your necessary price range, or ones that are not within a specific location, to give a few examples.

There are also additional features available within the advance search location that allows you to find mattress toppers that are available to be picked up by you at the seller’s location as well as ones that are listed as best offers. Finding the mattress topper that is right for you is so easy, especially since this online store is never closed, so there is also the additional freedom of being able to shop whenever it is convenient for you.


There is such a rewarding feeling that comes from knowing that a good night’s sleep may only be a new mattress topper away. Purchasing a mattress topper is a very economical way to add more comfort to an old bed without having to spend a fortune replacing the bed itself. There are many added benefits that can be realised from adding a mattress topper to an existing bed that a person may find that they have a hard time ever leaving it again.

Improved sleeping conditions can make crucial differences in the day that follows for the individuals who choose to utilise this option. By taking the time to analyse the conditions of the existing mattress as well as taking any personal needs into account, such as physical ailments, and then choosing the mattress topper that is appropriate for the situation, a person is one step closer to obtaining sleep that dreams are made of.

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