How to Buy the Right Pram or Pushchair for Your Child

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How to Buy the Right Pram or Pushchair for Your Child

Parents want to ensure their child's safety and comfort when travelling. A pram or pushchair can provide a more comfortable experience for both parent and child, whether walking for recreation or out of necessity. Prams look like a bassinet, and are made for an infant to lie down in, rather than to sit up. Pushchairs, on the other hand, are for an older child who can sit up in the stroller.

When purchasing a pram or pushchair for a child, knowledge of the correct type and size is important. Understanding the various features is also helpful. Certain features make the chair far more comfortable and accessible to both the user and the child. Personal lifestyle factors are important to consider, as well, since the use of chair can vary. Prams and pushchairs are available in specialty stores, and online. eBay has a large selection of both prams and pushchairs available for purchase.

Types of Prams and Pushchairs

Some buyers choose to purchase two prams or pushchairs, a lightweight one for walks and quick trips, and a larger, heavier duty one that has a great deal of storage space. When choosing a stroller, buyers should factor in its weight. A heavier stroller might be more difficult to manoeuvre and lift. Also consider the space where the stroller is used or stored, both in the home and on the go. If the stroller is too large to fit in the home, on the bus, or in the boot of the car, consider purchasing a smaller one. Storage in the pram or pushchair is also important, as many items are often required when travelling with an infant, including baby food, nappies, and other baby necessities.

Pram Types

Prams are usually a little larger than pushchairs because they need a larger basket for the child to lie down in. Because of this larger basket, some prams are difficult to transport up and down stairs, on and off public transportation, or in and out of cars. Prams sometimes have an adjustable backrest that allows flexibility as the infant grows. This does not necessarily mean that they fold all the way up into a chair, but they do elevate the head at varying angles for comfort.

Some manufacturers call prams "baby carriages", so be aware of this when looking for a pram. One thing about prams is that they are only used for a limited amount of time, because the infant quickly outgrows the pram, usually within a year. Some multipurpose prams convert into pushchairs when the child becomes old enough to sit up. These prams alleviate the hassle and price tag of buying both a pram and a pushchair.

Twin or triplet prams are available for buyers transporting multiple infants. These prams are much larger and heavier than other prams. Therefore, users should have a single-seated pram as well, to provide versatility.

Pushchair Types

Pushchairs often have storage space beneath or behind the chair of the stroller. Sometimes there is a basket on top that provides more storage space.

All-terrain pushchairs are designed to be used on footpaths and other terrains, including dirt, stones, and sand. These strollers are more stable on unstable ground, which makes them a suitable option for buyers who are going off footpaths. All-terrain strollers often have three wheels instead of four. They are similar to jogging pushchairs.

Some pushchairs are lightweight, while others are heavier. Lightweight pushchairs usually weigh less than 5.44 kilogrammes, and are suitable for longer trips or for running errands. Lightweight pushchairs are usually more convenient, and fold up to fit in small spaces. Lightweight pushchairs do not usually recline, and so are not suitable for infants.

Different Features of Prams and Pushchairs

Most of the variability among prams and pushchairs is in the different available features. Be sure that the stroller purchased has all the features desired, including the correct type of wheels, handles, padding, sun protection, and buckles.

Handle Heights

When purchasing a stroller, be sure that the handle height is suitable for the user. Handle height can be a hassle if it is too low or too high for the user. Some strollers have an adjustable handle. If the stroller is to be used by multiple users, look for this feature to ensure comfort.

Another thing to consider is whether the handle can swing from one side of the pram to the other. This changes the way the infant faces when inside the pram. Also, keep in mind whether the wheels swivel or not, and how this impacts steering when the handles are moved from one side to the other.

Different Types of Wheels

The two main types of stroller wheels are 1) hard plastic wheels, and 2) rubber tires filled with compressed air. Tires filled with compressed air are better for rough terrains, and are generally found on all-terrain strollers. Unfortunately, these tires can be punctured by sharp objects on the ground. Tires are also heavier than plastic wheels. Hard plastic wheels are found on smaller, more lightweight strollers, while tires are used on heavier duty, all-purpose strollers.

Swivel Wheels vs. Fixed Wheels

Prams and pushchairs come with either swivel wheels or fixed wheels. Swivel wheels rotate, and provide more manoeuvrability. Fixed wheels do not rotate, and are better than swivel wheels on rough surfaces. Some pushchairs offer a combination of both fixed and swivel wheels.

Lockable Wheels

Most prams and pushchairs have lockable wheels. Lockable wheels are a safety feature that act as brakes. Some hand-operated brakes are also available, but brakes located by the wheel are generally more dependable and easier to use.

Shade Cloth, Footmuffs, and Rain Covers

Most prams and pushchairs come with a hood that can fold up to shade the child, which folds back and fits close to the handles when not in use. Still, too much sun is something that infants and children should avoid. The sun is bright and shines into a child's eyes while they are in a pram, and sometimes causes sunburns. A shade cloth or sun canopy on a pram or pushchair protects the child from excessive sun. Be sure to park the stroller in shade when resting in one spot for a period of time. Some strollers are called umbrella strollers; these have a built in shade cloth. Other features to consider include footmuffs, which warm the child's feet, and rain covers, which protect the child or infant from the rain.


Look for details on the amount of padding that is in the cushion of the pushchair or pram. For more lightweight strollers, less padding is used. All-purpose strollers used for longer trips usually include more padding, to ensure the comfort of the child throughout the day.


Stroller safety features are extremely important. Some pushchairs have simple buckles that snap across the lap of the child, while others have more intricate harnesses that reach over the shoulders and snap in place. The buckle must be child proof so that it does not come unfastened while being pushed.

How to Buy a Pram or Pushchair on eBay

Begin your eBay search by typing "pram" or "pushchair" into the search box on the eBay homepage. Browse through the various listings to find one that suits your needs. If you want to reduce the number of search results returned, use more specific terminology or describe particular features desired.

When examining listings, be sure to read the detailed item description to make sure the item has all the features you are looking for. Check the condition of the item and the previous use as well. Read the seller's information to find out more information on the seller. Feedback from previous buyers is available for you to review. This feedback is from the previous 12 months, and gives you a good idea of how satisfied other buyers have been. Message the seller with any additional questions you have about the item.

Because strollers are a bulkier item, you may want to locate sellers in or near your area. To do this, enter your postcode into the box under the distance information on the eBay search results pages.


Nearly every new parent needs a pram or a pushchair to assist with their day-to-day activities. One important consideration when purchasing a stroller is whether to purchase a pram, a pushchair, or a combination of both. A pram is suitable for infants that are too young to sit up on their own, while a pushchair allows the child to sit upright. The combination of the two is a popular option, as it has a longer useable lifespan than either of the other two.

Other considerations include the style and features that come with these strollers, including tire or wheel type, handle height and adjustability, braking features, and element protection. Some come with three tires, and are designed for longer tips or rough terrain. These are sometimes referred to as all-terrain prams or pushchairs. Some buyers choose both a lightweight stroller for short trips, and a multi-purpose stroller with storage, for longer day trips. Prams and pushchairs are available in baby stores and department stores, as well as online. eBay has a large selection of strollers available for a wide variety of needs.

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