How to Buy the Right Work Gloves

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Whether it's a spot of DIY, a weekend out in the garden or on the construction site, it’s important to have the right pair of work gloves for the task in hand.

Most importantly, picking the best work gloves will help reduce the risk of accidents or even exposure to harmful substances letting you get the job done safely and in comfort.
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Buying Work Gloves: Things to Consider
Work gloves might sound like an easy thing to buy but depending on what you are using them for there’s some important factors to consider.

An obvious aspect is size and comfort. If you are going to be wearing them all day or night, it’s important that they can be used for long periods with little irritation.  

Before that though you need to know what kind of materials and substances you are going to be in contact with and for how long to decide the best option.

Whether it’s heavy duty mechanical work where hands are more at risk of cuts and abrasions or more potent chemical and thermal hazards identifying these accurately will help select the most protective gloves for the situation.

Considering the weather conditions and climate you will be working in should be factored in as well. Will you be spending most of the time indoors or outside in the cold? Looking for the right amount of insulation and thickness in gloves can be important to keep hands warm so you can efficiently carrying out work.
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Which Works Gloves Are Right for You?
If you are in construction or a gardener who predominantly works outside, a suitable pair of gloves need to be heavy enough to protect the hands, offer plenty of flexibility and ventilation when conditions get hot and sweaty.

The kind of materials you are going to want to look out for are kevlar, cotton, rubber or leather. The DEWALT Performance Power Tool Glove uses breathable neoprene to improve flexibility, synthetic leather on the knuckle strap for extra protection with reinforced padding and double stitching for extra durability.  

For working with more dangerous materials like acids and potentially corrosive substances, gloves made with rubber, latex offer the best form of protection.

The thicker the gloves the better they will be at guarding against chemical hazards. Showa nitrile gloves are good options providing a firm grip while keeping hands dry.

It’s worth searching out the glove manufacturer websites which can often include charts on how well protected you are against certain substances and for how long.

Leather gloves are a suitable option when posed with risks from sparks, scraping against sharp and rough surfaces and generally encountering electrical hazards.

The Kuny 125L Handyman Flexigrip gloves are made from synthetic leather and come with padded knuckles for extra protection and reinforced fingertips to give them a tougher and more durable design.

When you are putting your hands at risk from intense heat like when welding for instance, a pair of aluminised gloves can provide the proper form of protection to withstand hot temperatures and also guard against cuts and abrasions.

A pair of High Temp Heat Resistant Aluminised Safety Wire Work Gloves are kevlar sewn to make them light and use heat resistant fabric to be able to work with materials at exceedingly hot temperatures.

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Buying Work Gloves: What to Look Out For
Getting the right type of fabric is vitally important. It can be the difference between getting the job done safely or putting yourself at serious risk.

Make sure you are not allergic to any of the materials used in work gloved or are likely to make hands feel sweaty and uncomfortable.

Fit is an obvious thing as well. If the work gloves are too big, it can prevent a good grip or if too small can be uncomfortable to wear for an entire day.

Check manufacturer websites for sizing charts or to find the best fit, measure the circumference of your hand with a tape measure. If you go by the measurement of the largest hand you should find the closest to a perfect form-fitting glove.
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