How to Care for Children's Gold Jewellery

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How to Care for Children's Gold Jewellry

Caring for a child's gold jewellery is very similar to caring for adults' gold jewellery. Caring for gold jewellery is a two-part event which includes cleaning and maintenance as well as integrity care. In essence, the aim is not only to keep their gold jewellery sparkly, but the jewellery should also maintain its shape and initial design. The steps below aid in maintaining strong shiny gold jewellery.


Gold Jewellery Initial Maintenance

The longer you can go before having to clean gold jewellery, the more you can maintain its integrity and longevity. When a child gets a new piece of jewellery they may want to wear it constantly, especially if they place a sentimental value to it, so children's jewellery may get dirty quickly. However, try to get them to remove the item before taking a shower as soap and hard water can build up the jewellery making it look dull. Additionally, have them remove their favourite gold bracelet, ring, necklace, or earrings, before going in the swimming pool. Aside from the risk of losing the jewellery, the chlorine may permanently discolour it.


Gold Jewellery Cleaning

Aside from getting the gold jewellery professionally cleaned, a mild solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water can be very helpful in restoring a piece of jewellery to its former luster. Put in enough jewellery pieces that the container can hold without having the pieces piling or rubbing up on each other. Too much contact may lead to scratches. Let the items soak for a few minutes, especially if they have small creases and crevices where dirt is hidden. Remove them and clean each item one-at-a-time by gently brushing it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and then rinse with warm water, dry, and buff with a soft cloth. Some people recommend other jewellery cleaning chemicals such as ammonia, but ammonia can be abrasive and can progressively diminish the integrity of the jewellery if it used for frequent cleaning.


Other Gold Jewellery Maintenance Tips

Children are not always careful with their jewellery so it may be best to buy children gold jewellery with more solid karat ratios. For instance, a 10k gold ring would be less pliable than a 22k gold ring of the same size and width because 22k gold jewellery has in more gold and less fillers of other metal alloy. If a child does own 18k or 22k gold jewellery such as a ring or bracelet, they should understand that the item can easily bend out of shape or break if too much pressure is added or if it is not cared for properly. Fine gold jewellery is also easily scratched, so when it is not being worn for that special occasion, it should be stored in a designated jewellery box or wrapped in a soft cloth and packed away carefully.

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