How to Care for Oxygen Boots

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How to Care for Oxygen Boots

Your shielded feet, when wearing boots, slug it out enduring rain, snow, and sleet, and need your help to retain their original look and feel year after year. Leather in itself is long lasting, but you can extend the life of oxygen boots by observing a few simple steps, making the most of your purchase.


Remove Dirt and Grime

Try as you might, dirt and dust gathers onto your genuine leather Oxygen Rhone boots or Oxygen Danube boots, especially under the ankle buckles which wrap around the boots. Use a microfibre cleaning cloth sprayed with a light mist of water or purchase a container of baby wipes to wash the boots. Gently rub the surface with the cloth, cleaning under the buckles without stretching them. Use Murphy's oil soap soft wipes to remove ground-in dirt. Rub gently, but do not scrub the leather's surface. Cleaned leather prepares your boots for the next step in caring for brown, red, or black Oxygen boots.


Decide If Your Boots Have Been Sealed

If you do not know whether your boots came treated with a protective coating to extend and protect the life of the leather, you can assess this by rubbing in a leather shoe cleaner. If the cleaner absorbs into the leather, the boots are not sealed and benefit from frequent oiling or polishing. Should the cleaner not absorb into the leather, then the boots have a finished surface and need cleaning but not oiling or waxing.


Apply a Protective Coating

Make sure you can wait at least 24 hours before wearing the Oxygen boots after applying oil or wax. Use a clean rag and rub the product into the leather, letting it soak in as the leather takes in what it needs. Wipe off any extra oil or buff out the wax coating with another clean cloth. The coating protects the boots from water stains, keeps the boots looking fresh, and helps shield the leather from moisture. When your boots start looking tired and scuffed, apply another coating.


Clean and Store the Boots

Get in the habit of cleaning and brushing your Oxygen boots immediately upon returning home. First, wipe off the boots with a soft cloth. Oxygen boots have heavy double stitching that needs brushing with a shoe brush, especially where the soles attach to the leather. When dirt stays on the leather's surface for an extended period, the rawhide may start to deteriorate. If possible, store your boots on a boot hanger to retain the leather's shape and keep air circulating on the insides. A boot shaper/holder is another storage alternative.

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