How to Care for Suede Court Shoes

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How to Care for Suede Court Shoes

With their elegant, high-heeled designs, suede court shoes give women a stylish answer to formal footwear. Suede, however, can be a difficult material to care for and maintain. Women can benefit from learning a few tips on how to care for their suede court shoes, and having the proper materials to care for these chic shoes.


Assembling the Right Tools to Care for Suede Court Shoes

As a first step, women need to gather the brushes, solutions, and accessories necessary to care for suede. First off, having a multipurpose suede brush on hand is important. This type of brush provides a variety of brushes on one tool so that women can use the one that works best with their particular type of suede material. Second, look for a suede cleaning block to clean away embedded stains. Finally, a suede protector can provide the future protection to keep court shoes in good shape for the long term.


Cleaning Stains Off of Suede Court Shoes

If dirt or debris gets into the surface of a court shoe, it is crucial to clean it off carefully so as not to disturb the nap of the suede. A suede eraser or cleaning block is a non-intrusive way to remove stains. Women can simply rub the block against the suede lightly; the block dissolves as it cleans the shoe. For lighter stains, women can rub the suede surface of the other shoe against the stain on the shoe to loosen debris gently without disturbing the nap. Wool detergent and suede cleaner can also work for spot cleaning. When using any of these methods, make sure not to not rub too vigorously, as this can strip or mar the material on these suede heels. It is also a good idea to test a cleaner on a small spot to ensure that it does not discolour the suede.


Regular Maintenance of Suede Court Shoes

After cleaning the shoes, women should take the suede brush and brush the entire suede surface of the shoe. This brings life back into the nap and removes any leftover debris. Spraying with a suede protector is the last step. Ideally, women should brush the shoes every day and try to spray the shoes on a weekly basis.


General Tips for Keeping Suede Court Shoes Looking Good

There are a few general tips women should follow to keep their court shoes in good condition. Avoiding direct sunlight is a good idea, since suede can fade easily under UV rays. When storing shoes, women can also consider stuffing them with white paper or using a shoe tree. These methods absorb moisture that the foot has left in the shoe and helps the suede retain its shape.

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