How to Care for Your Apple 2 Pear Pushchair

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How to Care for Your Apple 2 Pear Pushchair

With the right care, the iCandy Apple 2 Pear pushchair obtained for a first child can last through several children. These highly durable transportation systems feature removable fabric covers that are easy to wash, modular parts that are easy to add on for a second child, and tyre pumps in the pockets to help you keep tyre pressures right for a smooth ride.


Store It Out of the Weather

When you and your children are out and about, you may have to walk in the sun or the rain, but when the Apple 2 Pear pushchair is not in use, a safe shelter away from the elements is preferable. Extended exposure to sunlight discolours the fabric on the chair, and plastic parts could become brittle. Allowing an iCandy Pear Double pushchair to sit out in the rain creates a fertile ground for mould and bacteria to grow. After a rainy-day outing, be sure to thoroughly dry the pushchair before storing it. If dirt and sand from puddles or corrosive salt from the sea air are on the pushchair, hose it down and then let it dry before putting it away in a sun-sheltered, dry location.


Clean Fabrics Regularly

Children soil fabrics with dirty shoes and hands, spilled sippy cups, and saliva. Washing the fabric regularly keeps the pushchair clean and safe. It also prevents unpleasant odours from developing. Remove the seat liner and any newborn nests for separate washing. It may be possible to wash some pushchair fabrics with a mild detergent without removing them.


Repair Any Signs of Wear

Certain signs of wear are typical and easy to repair. If the front wheels stick, it often indicates low rear tyre pressure. Confirm the proper inflation of the rear tyres at 20 psi to 22 psi before making a service call. The iCandy Pear pump is in the pocket at the back of the shopping basket. It is best if a certified technician handles front wheel replacements. Handlebar foam may become worn, especially after use with several children. The pre-fitted foam adheres to the handlebar and is not replaceable, but you can replace the entire handlebar. Some children manage to damage the bumper bar. This bar is replaceable, or you can fit bumper bar caps to the seat mouldings so a child cannot put fingers or food into the holes for the bumper bar.


Final Maintenance Check

Regularly check the pips to make sure they are secure. Pip adaptors help parents change the orientation from front-facing to rear-facing, add another carrier, or transform it to a car carrier. Pips secure every kind of iCandy Pear seat, frame, carrycot, newborn nest, and car seat. Their importance to a child's safety and a parent's peace of mind is immeasurable.

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