How to Care for Your Boat Trailer

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How to Care for Your Boat Trailer

Everybody needs some kind of boat trailer to transport their boats. Whereas boats are much loved and people like take care of them properly, they often forget about the trailers. However, easy trailer care extends the lifetime of trailers and is not very hard if you follow a few simple steps.


Clean the Trailer Regularly

If possible, always wash your boat trailer with fresh water after every use. Occasionally using a trailer cleaner is also a good idea. This simple washing procedure removes dried  salt  from the seawater. If you do not wash the trailer, the salt accelerates corrosion, so washing can really extend the trailer's life. You should pay special attention to the wheels and brakes when washing. In addition, check that the brakes are working after use, as once you are mobile faulty breaks may damage your boat. Do not forget to apply marine grease onto the wheel bearings to avoid corrosion. After cleaning, cover the trailer with car wax to protect the finish.


Check the Tyres

If the tyres do not have enough pressure they may wear prematurely. Moreover, under-inflated tyres are less efficient forcing you to reduce speed and use more fuel to transport your boat. Without proper pressure, the tyres can overheat and could even burst. Check the tyres regularly, especially before and after a long haul. Inflate all the tyres, including the jockey wheel.


Prevent Corrosion

Corrosion is dangerous as it wears the metal and reduces its lifespan. Corroded metal is more prone to breakages than unaffected metal. Check for corrosion on springs and bolts as well as the ball coupling that connects the trailer to the car. If you notice corrosion, take some sandpaper and rub the surface in order to determine whether it is only on the surface or deeper. If you cannot remove the corrosion because it is too deep, replace the part. Protect metal parts from corrosion with marine grease or other special products. The same applies for the winch and rollers, they last longer if you inspect them regularly and apply protective grease.


Maintain the Lights

The trailer's lights should always be in working order. They are essential to ensure safe travel. Replace any broken or dead bulbs immediately. Check rubber seals for water tightness. Do not forget to inspect the electrical connections and dab them with a corrosion inhibitor for protection.

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