How to Care for Your Callaway Drivers

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How to Care for Your Callaway Drivers

Callaway has been crafting high-quality golf products for years. However, Callaway golf clubs can be quite an investment, so owners should make sure to care for their drivers properly. Though the design of the clubs is very complex, the maintenance process is actually quite simple.



It is important to understand what differentiates a driver from the other clubs. In many ways, the driver is the most important club in your collection. It hits the ball farther than any other club, and its structure reflects this fact. Because of this, there is a very low loft, making it difficult for beginners to use drivers at first.


Regularly Inspect Your Drivers

Make it a habit to check the status of your driver after every game you play. The first place you should check is the grips. If there are any excessive signs of use, such as smoothness, then it may be time to replace them. A good grip can help you get some extra distance on that first shot. It is also important to check the shaft for rust or creases. Also make sure to check the heads for gouges and cracks.


Cleaning the Head

This process requires a bucket, some brushes, and soap. Pour some warm water into a bucket and then mix it with soap. You then need to let the driver sit in the bucket for approximately five minutes. At this point, take out the head and scrub it with your brush. Make sure you are both thorough and gentle. Some may choose to apply a chrome or stainless polish upon drying, but this step is not necessary.


Cleaning the Shaft

All you need to do to clean the shaft is wipe it down with a towel. However, in cases where your driver has not been cleaned, you may need to put a bit more time into the process to get rid of rust. Steel wool with a 000 or 0000 grit can eliminate any sign of rust. Anything coarser will do more harm than good.


General Maintenance Tips

Always store your driver indoors. Storing them in an area that has a lot of moisture or heat can cause damage to the grip. Also try to make a habit of carrying around a golf towel with you. Using it regularly during your games can prevent most big issues from even occurring.

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