How to Care for Your Caravan Tyres

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How to Care for Your Caravan Tyres

Regular contact with roads results in caravan tyres wearing off sooner than most other parts. Their condition plays a crucial role in steering, cornering, acceleration, and braking, and it makes all the difference between safe tyres and ones that require replacing. Worn, balding, or cracked tyres can result in poor handling, increased consumption of fuel, and even blowouts. Follow a few simple measures to extend the life of your caravan tyres.


Tyre Pressure

Over- and under-inflated tyres have a detrimental effect on handling, can lead to tyre failure, and are prone to quicker wear. Check tyre pressure prior to a journey, when they are still cold, and not after, when they become typically warmer. Inflating warm tyres leads to low pressure once they return to a normal temperature. Afterwards, check the valve for leaks and ensure all valve caps are in place. Those with sealing washers offer suitable protection against dust and dirt. Moreover, tyre pressure should always remain in line with manufacturer recommendations and account for any extra load. In case the full-load suggested pressure is the same, increase the pressure in the rear tyres by four to seven psi when loading the caravan to full capacity.


Regular Checks

Examine caravan tyre tread regularly, and remove any stones, pebbles, and embedded objects, as these can cause damage. If an embedded object like a nail penetrates the casing, get a professional tyre fitter to inspect the damage. Significant tread wear in a short period can indicate the wrong pressure, incorrect loading, or poor wheel alignment. If the problem persists after correcting pressure and loading, the caravan requires professional wheel alignment. Furthermore, paint, oil, and fuel can damage tyres as well, so clean them off using laundry detergent as quickly as possible. Make sure the spare caravan wheel remains in good condition even though not in use. Regularly interchanging tyres along with your caravan wheels ensures that they wear evenly, and this allows you to replace them collectively, instead of one at a time.


Winter Care

People who do not use their caravans during winters should pay particular attention to tyre care because tyres that stand in the same position for prolonged periods can develop flat spots on their tread. To avoid, drive the caravan around a little bit every four to six weeks, while also maintaining correct tyre pressure. Other options include removing the wheels and tyres or keeping them elevated. Before doing so, find out if your insurance provider allows it. Additionally, keep them away from sunlight, and when you cannot park in the shade, use wheel covers that protect against dirt as well as UV light.

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