How to Care for Your LDV Convoy

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The LDV Convoy is a real workhorse. It is popular as a minibus, panel van, city van, or a high loader. Regardless of your variant, there are several simple things you can do to keep it running and looking great. Caring for your LDV Convoy is not difficult, but it does require regular checkups of the engine, tyres, and the exterior. 


Regular Engine Maintenance of Your LDV Convoy

By regularly maintaining your LDV Convoy, you ensure that the engine continues to run smoothly and trouble free. You should always stock up on extra fluids and basic spare parts, such as motor oil, coolant, screen wash, and oil filters. You can check and top up engine oil quickly and easily on your LDV Convoy. Oil is an indicator of engine health, and you should check it regularly to ensure it has the right amount to run smoothly. Also, check the coolant regularly, as well as inspect the engine for leaking oil. The LDV Convoy is such a popular van, finding spare parts and replacing worn out engine components is usually a hassle-free procedure. 


Tyre Care for Your LDV Convoy

Along with the engine, you should take special care of your tyres for both safety and fuel economy. If the tyre pressure is too low, your fuel consumption may increase. Driving on under-inflated tyres is unsafe and can lead to a blowout. Tyres can also fail if you overinflate them, so it is important to keep the pressure within the designated range, easily checked using a simple tyre pressure gauge. Remember that worn threads on tyres are unsafe and may result in a fine.


Body Care for Your LDV Convoy

Like most vans, the LDV Convoy is a large vehicle and may not fit in every garage. That makes it susceptible the effects of snow, rain, and wind. Try to keep your Convoy clean and dry at all times. Older vehicles are especially difficult to clean, particularly when grime and salt build up. By keeping the van dirt free, you will be able to spot trouble spots early enough to fix them cheaply. Water and dirt not only cause rust, but also wear out paint. Be sure to clean the surfaces well, and use wax or similar products to protect the paint. The best way to protect the interior fabrics and the floor mats is to vacuum often and keep the interior as dry as possible.


Extra Accessories for Your LDV Convoy

If you use your LDV Convoy to transport objects of various sizes and shapes, consider purchasing additional protective covers for the seats and the cargo area. If your Convoy is a work vehicle and you keep your tools permanently inside it, think about securing the doors with additional locks and alarms. Consider tinting the windows to prevent curious people from peeking inside.

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