How to Care for Your Pentax K Camera

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How to Care for Your Pentax K Camera

Pentax K cameras feature the K-mount. The company introduced the mount type back in 1975 and it is still in use for many 35 mm and DSLR cameras. Caring for a Pentax K camera to maintain its top performance is similar to caring for other types of cameras.


Protect Your Camera

The best way to care for your camera properly is to prevent damage in the first place. When not in use, cover the lens with the lens cap. If you leave the lens exposed, dust settles on it readily. If you remove the lens from the camera, also cap its other end. For even better protection, you can employ a lens hood that many professionals use. Carry the camera in a special bag that protects it from moisture and all kinds of weather conditions.


Use a Cleaning Cloth

Use a special microfibre cleaning cloth to wipe off any dust or other particles. Using your T-shirt is not a good idea because it can have sweat and dirt on it that you could then transfer onto the lens and damage the glass. Paper towels have the same effect, so you should only use a cleaning cloth or lens tissue. You can also use an air blower or a specialty brush to remove dust. Do not use compressed air because this is too harsh on the fragile photography equipment.


Protect the Sensor

The image sensor is an essential part of your camera, but it also attracts dust when you change the lens for different shooting conditions. The more time you expose the lens to the elements during the swapping process, the more dust it gathers. When changing the lenses, always face the camera downwards. You can also clean the sensor with special tools, such as sensor cleaning kits. Take extra care when cleaning the sensor, as this is the heart of your camera.


Maintain the Right Temperature

If you leave your camera in direct sunlight, the equipment quickly heats up. This can cause the lubricating grease on the camera to break and melt, seep through the cover, and damage the hardware. Moreover, your Pentax K parts can expand if the camera heats up. On the other hand, extreme cold is not good for your camera either as it makes the equipment susceptible to damage. Keep your camera cool when the temperature is warm and warm when it is cold outside because cameras operate best in moderate temperatures. In cold, the camera battery runs out quickly and you could miss many good shots. Moreover, your camera could experience condensation that can cause permanent damage.

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