How to Care for Your Plastic Dolls

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How to Care for Your Plastic Dolls

With proper care and handling, plastic dolls can look their best for many years. You can find plastic dolls and everything you need to care for them on eBay. Learn how to clean, display, and store your plastic dolls to ensure that they look as good as new.


Cleaning Plastic Dolls

Plastic dolls consist of different types of plastic and vinyl, and they often have delicately painted features. Harsh chemicals can damage these dolls, especially vintage plastic dolls. Before using any type of household cleaner on a doll, check the manufacturer's instructions to establish if the cleaning product is safe for plastic or vinyl. In most cases, a solution of dishwashing liquid and water is the ideal cleaning agent. To remove tough dirt, use an orange-based cleaner that is safe for plastic and vinyl. Wipe the doll's body and face with cotton balls or cotton buds soaked in a solution of cleaner and water. Wipe the doll clean with water-soaked cotton balls and dry it with a soft cloth. Exercise caution in painted sections to avoid rubbing off the paint. Once the doll is clean, wash your hands before handling it, or wear cotton gloves to prevent the transfer of oils from your skin to the doll.


How to Care for Plastic Dolls on Display

Collecting dolls is a popular hobby for adults and children. If you keep your plastic dolls in a display case, take the appropriate steps required to keep them in pristine condition. Position the display case away from direct sunlight because sunlight degrades and discolours plastic and fabric. Artificial light can also cause fading and damage, so avoid direct light. Tinted display case windows protect against natural and artificial light. If the display case has a light, opt for a cold, UV-filtered bulb and switch the light on sparingly. An enclosed display case protects the dolls from dust and environmental contaminants.


How to Care for Plastic Dolls in Storage

With proper storage, your plastic dolls can delight girls for generations to come. Gently wrap each doll in acid-free white tissue paper. This prevents chemical interactions between the acid in paper and the dolls' materials that could lead to damage and discolouration. Avoid wrapping dolls in old newspaper. This paper contains acid and the ink can stain the doll's clothing, face, and body. Place the dolls in acid-free but breathable storage containers. Avoid using cardboard boxes for storage and bear in mind that plastic containers can produce damaging fumes. Keep the containers in a room or closet that does not become extremely hot or cold. Extreme temperatures can cause warping and plastic degradation. Store clothing and accessories separately. These items may not be colourfast and could stain the dolls. Remove all jewellery to prevent discolouration from oxidation.

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