How to Care for Your Sindy Dolls and Accessories

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How to Care for Your Sindy Dolls and Accessories

Sindy dolls are popular collectors' items with fan groups dedicated to doll restoration, care, and trade. Many people collect the original Sindy dolls rather than the younger-looking, Americanised doll of later generations. Properly caring for your Sindy doll and her accessories can help her last for decades.


Use Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

Sindy dolls have synthetic hair, so using normal shampoo and conditioner is counterproductive. Wig care products are specifically designed for cleaning and restoring synthetic materials. Before shampooing a Sindy doll's hair, try a lightweight wig conditioning spray first, especially if the problem is tangled or matted hair. The spray helps to loosen the tangles and restore shine. If the problem is dirty hair, go ahead with the wig shampoo, but try not to get the rest of the doll wet.


Apply Powder to Sindy's Feet

Sindy dolls often wear boots, but they are difficult to put on and remove. Apply a thin layer of talcum powder to the doll's feet to make removal easier. This can also help to prevent broken and worn ankles, especially on older dolls. Re-apply the powder as needed. Ideally, owners of vintage Sindy dolls who want to retain the doll's value would not remove her clothing unless necessary.


Keep Sindy's Accessories Together

Perhaps the biggest issue with buying and selling antique Sindy dolls is her missing accessories. Doll accessories are easy to lose because they are so small. If you've recently purchased a Sindy doll, put all her accessories into a small, sealable bag when not in use. You can even take off her shoes, earrings, and hair accessories to make sure they don't get lost. These items can fall off when carrying the doll, or get lost during play. They are often forever lost to the vacuum cleaner or pets.


Save Sindy From Pets and Children

If your Sindy doll is antique, place her out of reach of pets and children. If she is new, and children are allowed to play with her, you may wish to discourage your child from cutting her hair or drawing on her. This is a popular pastime with Barbies, and Sindy dolls are likely no exception.


Properly Store Your Sindy Dolls

If you have more than a few Sindy dolls, chances are you keep them boxed away. Unfortunately, Sindy dolls can discolour even when they are not handled. Use acid-free paper to prevent this discolouration. Wrap the doll and her accessories in the paper, place them in a box, and close it away until it is time to show her off again.

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