How to Care for Your Trousers

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How to Care for Your Trousers

Men's trousers are among the most important parts of a man's wardrobe as they are worn almost every day. Because of that, they should be given excellent care to ensure that they look brand new and last for as long as possible. Plus, caring for your trousers and making them last long is a great way to save on repairs or new trousers. To care for your trousers, there are numerous products that you can use to clean, iron, store, and maintain them.

A good pair of trousers not only functions as work attire, but it is also necessary while going to a fancy restaurant with friends, to the theatre, or to a job interview. Maintaining your trousers is therefore crucial because how you look is always important when trying to impress people, whether at work or on any other occasion. To help you care for your trousers, this guide discusses some tips as well as products that you can use to care for this basic garment. Also, this guide also explains how to buy products to care for your trousers on eBay.

Types of Trousers

Men's trousers come in many styles and materials, and each type has different care requirements. Common styles of men's trousers are khakis, chinos, pleated trousers, flat-front trousers, and jeans.

Khaki trousers are usually made of 100 per cent cotton and are a good choice for casual occasions. Pleated and flat-front trousers are often worn as formal attire. Pleated trousers have a sophisticated look and are well suited for any occasion, either formal or casual. Compared to pleated trousers, flat-front ones do not have pleats and look modern. Both of these trousers are usually made of cotton blends or 100 per cent synthetic fabric such as polyester.

Chinos look similar to khakis, are usually made of cotton blends, and look good for any casual occasion. Jeans are made of denim or cotton twill and are probably the most worn trousers in the world because they are versatile and are suitable for most, if not all, casual occasions.

Caring for Different Fabrics

Different fabrics have different properties and care requirements. The most common fabrics for men's trousers are cotton, linen, polyester, and wool.

Cotton Trousers

Cotton is a very common fabric used for men's trousers. Cotton trousers are easy to care for and can be washed with warm or hot water, although you should always read the label first before using hot water. White cotton trousers can be bleached with chlorine, while dyed cotton trousers should be washed with milder detergents and colour-safe bleach. Cotton trousers tend to wrinkle easily and require ironing using high temperatures. They also require a longer time to dry as they absorb and hold water very well. When using a dryer, you can set it to a hot temperature, but it is safer to check the label first.

Linen Trousers

Like cotton, linen is a natural fibre and is often used to make men's trousers. Linen trousers are very comfortable especially in hot weather as they are very breathable. They look elegant and can be worn with a suit to formal events or with a T-shirt for casual wear. Linen trousers may be machine-washable or not, so it is always crucial to check the label not to risk ruining them. After numerous washes, linen trousers can become softer and more comfortable than new ones.

You should iron linen trousers with a steam iron when they are still damp and use the high temperature setting. Start on the inside of the trousers to remove wrinkles and then iron the outside to restore the shine of the fabric. Do not iron until they are dry; just make sure they are smooth enough. After ironing, they should be hung to dry. Ideally, you should only hang your linen trousers after washing; however, they can be briefly tumble dried on low heat if you want.

Polyester Trousers

Many formal trousers are made of 100 percent polyester or blends of polyester to give them a smooth, elegant sheen. Trousers made of polyester blends are easy to wash, iron, and dry. They do not wrinkle easily but are not very breathable and can be uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.

When washing them, you should usually use warm water. It is also advisable to add fabric softener just before the final rinse cycle as polyester is prone to accumulate static, and adding a fabric softener can prevent that. To dry your polyester trousers, use low-temperature tumble dry as high heat can cause them to shrink. After the drying is complete, immediately remove the trousers. A better alternative is to air dry them. When ironing polyester trousers, be sure to use the medium setting on your iron as high heat can burn them.

Wool Trousers

Wool is usually used in blends to make comfortable and lightweight trousers. Before washing your wool trousers, check the label as wool usually requires dry cleaning. If they can be washed, use mild detergents and do not tumble dry them. After each use, make sure to empty the pockets and remove the belt before hanging the trousers in a cool, well-ventilated room and let them air out overnight. You should also brush your wool trousers with a fine clothes brush after each wear to remove any dust. When ironing them, remember to use a steam iron and do not iron the trousers until dry. To protect the fabric from the heat, you can use a protective ironing cloth over the trousers.

Other Tips for Caring for Your Trousers

Although trousers of different materials have different care requirements, there are a few tips to care for any kind of trousers. The following are some simple tips to keep your trousers in good shape.

Before hanging or storing your trousers, remove the belt and empty the pockets to prevent the fabric from wrinkling. Air out your trousers if you have worn them in a smoke-filled room to allow the odours dissipate before you store them in your wardrobe.

Do not to store your trousers in an overstuffed closet because they get wrinkled. Always check your trousers for any stains before you store them. Some stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Additionally, you can iron them after you wipe off the stain, but never iron your trousers while the stain is still on as it might seal the stain onto your trousers permanently.

Products to Care for Trousers

To ensure that your trousers are in good condition, there are a few garment care products which you can use including detergents, fabric softeners, and clothes brushes. These products can easily be found at most department stores, some clothes shops, and also on eBay.

A clothes brush or suit brush is perfect to remove dust or lint from your trousers. Do not use hard brushes as they can damage your trousers. In addition, an iron is an absolute necessity. Most fabrics can be ironed with regular irons while some require steam irons. Wool and linen should be ironed with a steam iron and an ironing cloth to prevent irregular shines on the fabrics. To protect your trousers when storing them in the closet, you can use mothballs against moths and moisture absorbers to prevent mould. It is better to hang your trousers using bar hangers which have thick horizontal bars to prevent wrinkles.

Buying Trouser Care Products on eBay

eBay has a variety of products that you can use to care for your trousers. To search for them, you only need to type the keyword into the search bar on the eBay home page. You can search any garment care product such as 'moisture absorber', 'Tefal steam iron', and more. You can then browse through the list of relevant items and pick the one you want. Look out for promotions as some of these kinds of items are often sold in bigger packs at a lower price.

You can look at the prices of all the items on this list and compare them before you decide. The delivery charge is also usually displayed, and many items, especially those from local sellers, can be delivered to you for free. After you have selected the item that you want, look through all the details including the full item description, the delivery charges, and the estimated delivery time. It is also important to look at the return policy. If there is no return policy for the item, you can ask the seller.


To care for your trousers, you should consider the fabric of your trousers. Cotton trousers are easy to care for as they can be machine-washed with warm water. However, they require more ironing as they wrinkle easily. Polyester trousers can resist wrinkling but are more sensitive to heat than cotton; therefore, they should be ironed using moderate heat.

Before storing your trousers, remove the belt and empty the pockets to prevent wrinkling. Products that can be useful in caring for your trousers include fabric softeners, clothes brushes, and ironing clothes. Fabric softeners can be used to keep your trousers smooth and soft and to prevent static electricity. Taking care of your trousers helps you save money because your trousers will look good and last longer. eBay has a huge selection of products to care for trousers, and with the information learnt from this guide, it should be easy to find the products that will suit your trouser caring needs.

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