How to Care for Your Wheel Trims

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How to Care for Your Wheel Trims

Car owners that take pride in their vehicle's appearance can add style with wheel trims. These accessories also have the practical function of keeping dirt and debris from building up in the wheel well. They are made from various materials, including plastic, stainless steel and chrome, which require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best.


Clean Wheel Trims

Wash your wheel trims regularly to maintain their appearance. Soap and water work well to remove dirt and dust on most types of wheel trim. However, some materials require a special car wheel cleaner to prevent damage to the finish. When cleaning the trim, use a soft cloth to get inside all of the cracks and crevices where dirt builds up; using a brush or other abrasive tool often leads to scratches. For stainless steel or chrome wheel trims, apply a polishing agent to restore their shine.


Retouch Wheel Trims

Occasionally wheel trims need to be retouched to maintain their lustre. Plastic wheel trims tend to become dull over time. To touch up the paint, remove the wheel trim from the tyre and place it on a sheet. Use special trim paint to add a new coat of colour. If you only want to paint a section of the trim, cover the rest with masking tape. Allow the paint to dry fully before placing the accessories back on your car.


Protect Wheel Trims

Thieves sometimes target car accessories, especially high-end trims. To protect these parts, you can secure them to the tyres using plastic cable ties. This makes it more time-consuming for thieves to remove the wheel trims, so they are more likely to be noticed. To protect the trims from unnecessary scratches, take care where you park the car and negotiate corners. Rubbing wheel trims against a curb may result in scratches to the finish.


Replace Wheel Trims

After years of wear and tear, you should replace your wheel trims. First, choose the correct size by looking at the code on the edge of the tyre. In the sequence, look for the letter R followed by a number between 13 and 17. This tells you the size of trim for the tyre. Gently remove the old wheel trim using a screwdriver to prise it out, if necessary. Align the new trim with the tyre and push it into place. To add a touch of colour, choose red wheel trims edged in black.

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