How to Care for Your Wilson Staff Golf Clubs

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How to Care for Your Wilson Staff Golf Clubs

Wilson Sporting Good Company operates as a leading global manufacturer producing equipment for nine different core sports in more than 100 countries. Wilson Staff Golf Clubs offer tailored experiences for those looking to improve control, wanting to shoot farther, or desiring a unique feel. Properly caring for golf irons requires cleaning them regularly, using them appropriately, and storing them well.


Regular Cleaning

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule should help protect the integrity of the Wilson Staff Golf Clubs. After every few rounds on the course or after a particularly muddy day, use warm soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any accumulation of mud or grass in the grooves of the clubheads. Then, dry each of them thoroughly with a towel. When cleaning, examine the shafts of the clubs and watch out for any severe damage. Normally, a good wipe-down with a wet cloth will suffice in the cleaning of these, but sometimes large scratches indicate a need for replacement. Use water or windex to clean the golf grips at the end of the shaft as well, drying the parts with a towel when finished. Occasionally, golfers might even need to replace these as they become slick or crack with use over time.


Playing it Safe

In addition to frequent thorough cleanings, doing little things while playing also helps keep clubs in good shape and performing well. Every once in awhile between holes, take a few moments to wipe the heads of the golf clubs down using a towel. This should prevent the build-up of dirt, debris or rust. When changing irons, make sure to carefully slide each club carefully into place and cover the head of the club after placing it back in the bag. Using headcoverings helps prevent any marring of the iron or wood as the golf clubs shift around during transit.


Storage of Wilson Staff Golf Clubs

Proper storage often means the difference between using the same clubs for many years and requiring early replacement. When storing Wilson Staff clubs, make sure to use a soft-sided bag, as hard surfaces might scratch or ding the shaft or clubheads. This bag should stand upright with a zip-close flap covering the tops of the clubheads. Savvy golfers also look for products that contain storage options for towels, balls, and tees. After packing up everything, make sure to keep the bag or container holding the clubs indoors where the temperature remains relatively steady. A few hours probably won't hurt the irons, but do not leave them in a vehicle for a prolonged amount of time.

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