How to Care for a Citizen Watch

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How to Care for a Citizen Watch

Wearing a Citizen watch on a regular basis can result in sweat, dirt, and sunscreen build-up and damaging the watch. If not cleaned, these elements affect both the watch's appearance and performance. To ensure your watch works well over time, take proper care for the timepiece with regular maintenance.


Cleaning a Citizen Watch

Remove the strap from the Citizen watch prior to cleaning if possible. If not, be careful not to get the watch itself wet even if it is water-resistant. Next, soak the Citizen watch strap in a mixture of soap and water; you can also use rubbing alcohol to accomplish this task. Generally speaking, the longer you soak the watch strap, the more the dirt loosens. Afterwards, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub between the links, both on the inside and outside. Be sure to dry the Citizen watch bracelet with a lint-free cloth to avoid getting the fibres stuck between the links. You can then reattach the strap and use a slightly dampened cloth to wipe the watch down. Note that not all Citizen watches feature chain link straps. For a leather strap, wash it in a mixture of white vinegar and water. Avoid submerging it in water, as this weakens the strap and can cause it to tear. Be sure to let the leather watch strap dry completely prior to wear.


Watch Maintenance

Citizen watches require regular maintenance, not only in regards to cleaning, but also with respect to lubrication of the movement. Generally speaking, a mechanical movement needs servicing every three to four years. On the other hand, a quartz movement should have its battery replaced as soon as it stops working. If not, the battery may leak acid into the watch and damage the movement. For best results, consider having your Citizen watch professionally serviced, as opening your timepiece in the wrong environment exposes it to dust and moisture, leaving it susceptible to corrosion.


Watch Storage

When you are not wearing your Citizen watch, store it properly in a watch box. If your watch has an automatic or self-wind movement, consider investing in a high quality watch winder. These motorised watch box keep your watch in proper working order, eliminating the need to reset it each time you wear it.


Temperature and Chemicals

To maintain the integrity of your Citizen watch, avoid exposing it to extreme heat or cold. Extreme heat shortens the lifespan of the battery, while extreme cold may cause the watch to lose time. Likewise, never expose it to abrasive solvents, chemicals, or gases, as this may lead to discolouration or deterioration.

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