How to Care for a Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

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How to Care for a Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a piece of jewellery that sees a lot of use during its life. Frequent use exposes it to lotions, skin oils, everyday dirt, and other substances that can diminish its natural shine. To keep it looking the same as the day you got engaged, the diamond cluster ring requires some care involving wear habits, storage, and cleaning.


Wear Habits

One common mistake is non-stop wear. Remove the ring prior to applying hand cream or working with harsh chemicals. Hand cream can grease it up and make it easy for dirt to accumulate. Harsh chemicals can loosen the stones, and they can react badly with the metal base. Prolonged exposure with water is also not recommended, especially for ones with a silver base. Do not wear it while showering or dishwashing. Moreover, take care to avoid physically damaging the ring. Though diamond may be one of the hardest materials known, it can still chip and get scratched. Pay special attention to the corners of a square cluster diamond ring. The metal surface may become scratched as well, but easily remedy this with a polishing cloth.


Storing the Ring

As rings are small pieces of jewellery, misplacing is easy and commonplace. An engagement ring should have a special storage solution to keep it safe. A jewellery box is the obvious solution, but keep in mind that a diamond ring can scratch other items in the box. Place it in a soft fabric or leather pouch to isolate it from other jewellery, or simply keep it in a separate compartment.



Warm water and dish soap can clean most of the accumulated oils and debris on the ring surface. Let it soak in the solution before cleaning with a soft toothbrush. A large diamond cluster ring may gather a lot of dirt in the spaces between the diamonds. Focus on those areas, but do not apply force, or you risk loosening some stones. Alternatively, leaving it in a glass of vodka overnight can dissolve all oils and restore a natural shine. Simply rinse with warm water in the morning, and gently brush the surface to remove residual debris. Moreover, you can soak the ring for 10 minutes in a solution of four parts water and one part household ammonia. This solution works well with diamonds, but it can damage other types of stones. After rinsing with water, do not forget to dry it well with a lint-free cloth.

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