How to: Care for your Solid Surface Worktops

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Solid surface is manufactured from synthetic resins and natural minerals.  There are numerous brands on the market including Corian, Staron, LG Hi-Macs, Hanex, Getacore and Miro Stone.  Question is how do you look after your work surface to keep it looking like new?

The material itself is hygienic, non porous and highly durable making it easy to maintain and repair.

Day to Day Care

General day to day care is incredibly simple.  Wipe the work surface regularly with a damp cloth followed by buffing with a good quality dry cloth.  A microfibre cloth suitable for granite is perfect for this.

Minor Spillages & Stains

This is an incredibly simple process due to the nature of solid surface material.  Spills and stains can be removed easily using warm soapy water and a small amount of washing up liquid.  Make sure to rinse the surface well and buff using a microfibre cloth.

Weekly Routine

Getting into the habit early of using Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner®, a minimum of twice a week (ideally every day if you can), will really help you keep your work surfaces looking their best for many years.  It will keep them looking like new, will prevent any stains taking hold, make liquids bead, repel finger prints and enhance the richness of colour.

Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner will also help with the removal of grease and dried on stains or food spills.  Simply spray on the area affected, leave for up to 5 minutes, wipe away with kitchen towel or microfibre cloth then buff dry.

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General Maintenance

Should your work surfaces become scratched or stained then these can be removed with a little effort.  The following items are required:

Eagle Care Kit


Flatting/sanding block
Grey & White Beartex polishing discs or similar.
Very fine polishing compound such as Eagle rubbing compound.  Do not use harsh products like T-Cut.
Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner
Clean Microfibre cloths.

Step 1
Attach the grey Beartex polishing disc to the flatting block.  Moisten with water and apply a suitable amount of the polishing compound.  Work the surface in a circular and diagonal action over a wide area to remove the stain or scratch and to prevent hollowing of the surface.  Wash down with clean water to remove the residue and dry. 
Step 2
Attach the white Beartex disc to the flatting block and moisten with water.  Again work in a circular and diagonal action over a slightly wider area than in step 1 to obtain a smooth finish. Wash down with clean water and dry.
Step 3
Apply Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner to the whole area.  Using a clean dry cloth, rub the product into the surface using a circular motion until no residue is left.  Buff to a high shine with a clean microfibre cloth.


I always recommend using Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner everyday for the first week; this ensures that the invisible protection layer is built up to make it easier to remove spills and stains.

Do not expose your solid surface to strong chemicals and cleaners.  If this does happen they should be removed immediately and the surface washed down with clean water and buffed dry.  Flush with warm soapy water first if necessary.  Finish using Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner.

Always use chopping boards.  Cutting directly on to the work surface will result in scratches and the blunting of cutting edges.

Always use trivets or stainless steel hob bars.  Placing hot ovenware, pots and pans etc directly on to your worktop will result in damage to the surface.

When pouring boiling water into a solid surface sink it is recommended that you run the cold water at the same time.  This will cool the boiling water before it touches the surface prolonging the life of the sink.

The grey and white Beartex discs listed above are very fine polishing pads specially developed for removing small scratches etc from solid surfaces.  Using more severe (red or green discs for example) will result in more damage to your work surface.  Please make sure you order fine polishing pads if you do not wish to use the Beartex recommended in this guide.
Should your solid surface sustain more than slight damage please get in touch with your installer or the manufacturer.  They should be happy to assist with any problems you have.
If you need any more advice please get in touch.

Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner is a trademark of Eagle International Distribution Ltd
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