How to Change Phone Colours with Non-OEM Replacement Parts

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How to Change Phone Colours with Non-OEM Replacement Parts

Many phone covers can be changed simply by removing the old cover and replacing it with a new one. Changing phone covers is a great way to change styles or freshen up the look of an old phone.

Choosing Non-OEM Replacement Parts to Change Phone Colours

When choosing a non-OEM part to change phone colour, there are a few things to consider. These include how non-OEM parts weigh up against OEM parts as well as the process for fitting replacement parts and a few cautions to bear in mind before committing to purchase. These considerations are outlined in the sections below.

OEM and Non-OEM Parts

There are two basic options for changing a phone cover to give it a new colour. The first is to use OEM parts. The second is to use non-OEM parts. These, with their general advantages and disadvantages, are discussed below.

OEM Parts

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. OEM parts are produced by the same manufacturer as the original goods. This means they are designed to fit the product precisely. They are typically higher quality and more reliable when it comes to fit and functionality. Because OEM parts are recommended or approved products, they may come with their own warranty and will not affect the phone’s original warranty. However, they are also typically more expensive than non-OEM parts.

Non-OEM Parts

On the other hand, non-OEM phone parts are products that have come to the marketplace after the phone has been manufactured. They are designed to fit specific phones or phone brands, but they may be of lower quality, not as long-lasting, and not so reliable when it comes to compatibility. Non-OEM parts may also be referred to as generic or aftermarket parts. The manufacturer is not always stated or known, and there is typically no attached warranty. Because they are not generally approved by the original manufacturer, they may affect the original warranty of the phone. However, they are also usually less expensive than OEM parts, which can make them a more attractive purchase.

How to Change Phone Covers

Changing phone colours with a new cover is simple. It can either be done with an actual new cover or, alternatively, with a skin that fits over the phone. Fitting a new cover is often the preferred method as it results in a cleaner appearance.

Change Phone Colour with a Skin

However, the skin option is arguably the easiest and requires simply ordering a compatible skin and fitting it over the phone. There is no need to remove the phone cover or alter the phone in any way to fit it. Skins are available in a large number of colours as well as patterned and pictorial designs, so it is just a matter of choosing one that suits. Non-OEM skins are widely available and popular choices as they tend to be cheaper.

Fitting the New Skin

While fitting a skin is quite straightforward, there are a few basic precautions that should be taken to ensure it is fitted in the best way. These include ensuring the work area, hands, skin and phone are all clean and free from dust. If necessary, wipe them down with a cloth. Dust on the skin can result in bubbling. If a screen protector is also being fitted, this should be put on before the skin. If the phone already has a screen protector, it can be left in place. To fit the skin, first turn off the phone and dampen the screen very slightly with a paper towel. Then peel the skin from the backing paper, taking care not to stretch it or get it stuck, and place it correctly over the phone. Once it is positioned, it can be carefully pushed down onto the phone, working from the centre outwards.

Change Phone Colour with a New Cover

The second option is to change the actual case, and this involves removing the old or original case from the phone. This can be a more attractive option as it gives the phone a stylish new streamlined look, free from silicone or other materials used in phone covers that may affect the intended appearance of the phone. Finding a non-OEM replacement cover is fairly straightforward and just requires knowing the brand and model of the phone.

Components to New Cover

Depending on the phone and cover required, the cover or housing may include a battery cover or back cover, faceplate, or front cover and even a new keypad. Some phone users prefer simply to change the back cover.

Fitting the New Phone Cover

To remove the back cover, a thin screwdriver is typically required. Many back covers can be removed simply by sliding the screwdriver along the join on the back cover and prying it off. Keep any screws that need to be unscrewed. The cover should snap off easily. The new cover can then be placed over the phone, the top of the cover fitted first, and then the bottom of the cover clicked into place. This may require some pressure being applied to the cover to make sure it fits precisely. Either press down on the back of the cover with the phone upside down, or turn the phone right way up and press down on the front. Replace any screws. Fitting a complete new housing is slightly more complicated. The screen and battery may need to be removed. Then the general process is to remove the back cover, the keypad, and faceplate. The new keypad and front cover can then be positioned and pressed into place. Then the battery and new back cover can be fitted. Once the back cover is in place, the screen can be replaced simply by pressing it down into position. The process may vary from phone to phone, so always ask the seller or check alternative sources for instructions if necessary.

Considerations When Buying Non-OEM Replacement Phone Covers

There are a few things that should be kept in mind when purchasing non-OEM replacement phone covers. One of the most important of these is to check the seller’s background. If it is possible to find reviews, then check these out. There may be options when purchasing to select insurance, and if the cover is expensive, it can make sense to add this into the cost. Also check if there is a returns policy should the cover not fit or if there are any other problems. Although non-OEM products are not generally approved by the original manufacturer, there is no reason why non-OEM covers cannot be used on mobiles and smartphones to change the colour and appearance of the phone. If the product description states the item is suitable for a particular phone or phones, then it should be compatible and fit properly. Any issues with fit or compatibility should be taken up with the seller who should be able to receive it back for a refund or replacement.

Find Non-OEM Replacement Parts to Change Phone Colours on eBay

There are many listings on eBay for non-OEM replacement parts which can be used to change the colour of mobiles and smartphones. Beginning at the eBay homepage, it is easy to scroll to the left hand side tabs and open the Electronics & Technology tab. This brings up a drop down menu from which Mobile Phones & Communication can be selected. For skins, follow the tab for Cases & Covers followed by Fitted Cases/Skins. Non-OEM skins can be found by selecting Unbranded/Generic under the Brand heading. Then select the appropriate phone, colour, and material if necessary. For phone covers, follow the tab for All Categories and select Replacement Parts & Tools. Select the compatible brand and phone model, as well as the colour if necessary. Numerous listings will appear, including listings for generic replacement covers. Alternately, using the search field at the top of the page can bring up listings quicker. Try typing in terms using the phone model, type of cover required, and any colour preference. For example, type in “iPhone 4 blue back cover” or “BlackBerry Curve faceplate cover”.


Non-OEM parts can be used to change the colour of mobile phones. In comparison to OEM parts, they may be of slightly lower quality and not fit quite as precisely, although in most cases they fit perfectly adequately. They are an attractive option because they are usually significantly cheaper than their OEM counterparts. Always check the seller’s background before committing to a purchase, and be sure to buy a cover that is compatible with the phone

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