How to Change Soundtracks Remove Subtitles on DVDs

Like if this guide is helpful

General advice for DVDs that may contain foreign soundtracks and, or subtitles

So excitedly you rip open your jiffy bag to hope'in for that Region 2 version of that Film you have been looking for an age !

Your heart sinks when you see foreign writing on the cover, don't worry all is not lost !

Use my simply guide below:
  Start the film, were possible selecting the original English soundtrack.
 (Look for an audio menu on the DVD menu)
 If the film starts with German soundtrack for example:
 Press the AUDIO button on your DVD remote it changes thru the available soundtracks’, selecting the appropriate one
 Likewise if there are any on screen subtitles:
 Press the SUBS button till there removed, Sometimes subtitles cannot be removed, make sure you read the auction text carefully.

Hope someone finds this useful, if you do have a quick look thru the DVDs I have for sale.

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