How to Change Your Sunroof

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How to Change Your Sunroof

The sunroof on a car is a great way to enjoy good weather and fresh air while driving. However, it tends to wear out over time. It may begin to develop leaks, become foggy with age, crack, or the electrical components may wear out. In the event that a sunroof has become unusable or is no longer working properly, it is possible to replace it with a new one.

To change the sunroof on a car, there are several steps that should be taken. Firstly, determine whether the entire sunroof must be replaced or only the glass. For cars that have a mechanised opener, the replacement process can be fairly complicated. It is also important to choose a new sunroof that is compatible with the car being driven. Choose parts designed for the specific make, model, and year of the car to ensure compatibility.

A sunroof can be purchased from dealers, specialist car parts retailers, and online sellers. Marketplaces, like eBay, also have a high number of listings. With a bit of time and the right tools, a sunroof can be changed at home successfully without the need for a professional.

Buy a Replacement Sunroof

The first step when changing the sunroof on a car is to buy compatible parts. A sunroof is created to fit specific car makes, models, and years. It is therefore important to find a sunroof that matches the particular car being driven. In some cases, a sunroof may fit models produced over the course of several years. For example, the same sunroof can be used on any Renault Modus hatchback produced between 2004 and 2008.

Replace Each Type of Sunroof

The process of removing and reinstalling a sunroof can vary greatly in terms of difficulty and the amount of time required. If the sunroof is a fixed piece of glass, the process is quite simple. However, a mechanised version can be far more difficult. Learn some of the basics of replacing each type of sunroof to get started.

Stationary Sunroof

A sunroof made from a single piece of glass fixed in place is simple to remove and can be done with one or two basic tools. Begin by removing the plastic moulding on the top of the sunroof. Once this is peeled away, locate the nuts that hold the glass in place. There are normally eight of these, with four on each side. Remove these with a small adjustable spanner or socket spanner. From inside the car, press upwards on the glass. It should lift up from its position.

A sunroof can have shims, or spacers, to help to prevent leaks. These need to be replaced at the same time as the glass. Note the position each shim was in and attempt to put it back in the same place. Add the new glass and screw in the nuts. Return the plastic moulding into position. If the rubber moulding is dry or cracked, replace it with a new one. This helps to protect against leaks that can cause rust and other damage to the car.

Electric Sunroof

Replacing an electric sunroof can be a rather long and complicated process. The exact components and wiring for a sunroof vary from one car to the next, so it is useful to obtain a diagram for the particular model in question. These can sometimes be found online.

Begin by removing the plastic moulding that seals the sunroof. Then, set the glass to the vent position. At this point, the nuts that hold the glass in place should be visible. Remove these to free the glass from the full sunroof. Try opening and closing the sunroof at this point to see if the source of the problem can be identified. If the sunroof does not move at all, there may be a problem with the motor. Assessing an individual problem in the unit before replacing the entire sunroof can save money.

If the entire sunroof must be replaced, try to keep track of each step performed while removing the unit. Place all screws, nuts, and bolts in a single location. Perform each step in reverse order to add the new sunroof. Some online resources can provide details about the replacement process for a sunroof on specific cars in tutorials or forum discussions.

Professional Replacement

If there are any doubts about the driver's ability to remove the old sunroof and add a new one successfully, do not hesitate to contact a professional installer. Many mechanics can perform the work on a sunroof. Although this costs a fee, it can also save drivers a considerable amount of time and trouble. It is better to have a sunroof installed professionally than risk damaging the unit or the car.

Choose a Sunroof Seller

There are several ways to find a sunroof for a car. Dealers can be a reliable source for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts, although they tend to be more expensive. Dealers may be the only source for a new electric sunroof. They may also provide the necessary components, especially items like shims and glass panels. Nuts and bolts can be purchased easily from a range of suppliers. If the sunroof is only missing a few of the necessary nuts and bolts, use one of the remaining ones to find a proper match.

Private sellers can be one of the best options for obtaining necessary parts for a good price. It is possible to find the glass as well as the full frame for a mechanised sunroof, along with any necessary nuts and bolts. These sellers may be replacing their own sunroof, so all of the parts can be purchased as a package.

New vs. Used Sunroof

Buying a used sunroof can save buyers a considerable amount of money, especially on a complete electrical unit. However, it is important to verify the condition of the used sunroof before making a purchase. Read the description provided by the seller to learn if an electric sunroof is in full working order. Determine if there is any damage to the unit. Where possible, buy from sites that provide information about the sellers. The ability to contact the seller after a sale is completed can be valuable.

Buying a Sunroof on eBay

A fixed or electric sunroof can be purchased from the sellers on eBay. These items are sold in both new and used condition. An easy way to search for items on the site is to enter keywords into the search field on the home page. For example, type "Peugeot 206 electric sunroof" to see all of the items tagged with those terms. You may refine the listings by adding new keywords or by clicking on any of eBay's category links.

Read the Full Description

Read the full description of an item to learn about its condition and the car it is for. Compare available information with photographs posted by the seller to be clear on the specific item. Check its full price and remember to add delivery fees to your estimate of the total cost.

Read the Seller Feedback

Sellers on eBay have a feedback rating that reflects the satisfaction of buyers within the past 12 months. Use this information in relation to the number of transactions completed to find the most experienced and reliable sellers on the site. You can view additional details about seller histories by clicking on the usernames in the item listings. Look for comments and ratings left by past buyers to learn about the quality of a seller's communication and the accuracy of the item descriptions. Leave feedback at the conclusion of the transaction to inform other eBay buyers about the seller.


Changing the sunroof on a car can be done at home. This can save drivers a considerable amount of money, but there are several important things to bear in mind to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Begin by finding the appropriate replacement parts. A sunroof is designed to fit specific car makes, models, and years, so choose items that are labelled accordingly.

The actual replacement of the sunroof can vary in difficulty, depending on the work being done. Replacing a piece of glass is relatively easy. Simply remove the moulding and the nuts that hold the glass in place and pop out the sunroof. Add the new glass along with any spacers that were present, then re-attach the nuts and moulding. An electric sunroof is more difficult. Where possible, look for a diagram and even a tutorial for the particular car being worked on. Take notes on the process used to remove the old sunroof. Add the new one using the same steps in reverse order. When in doubt, professional installation may be the best course of action.

A sunroof can be purchased from the sellers on eBay. They list a vast range of car parts, including the glass, shims, nuts, and bolts. With a bit of time and patience, it is possible to change the sunroof for your car.

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