How to Change a Tyre on a Daihatsu

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How to Change a Tyre on a Daihatsu

Like any vehicle, a Daihatsu might get a flat tyre at the most inopportune moments. The model of car makes no difference. It could be a Daihatsu Copen, Move, or Fourtrak. All vehicles are susceptible whether the cause is debris on the road or regular wear and tear. Fortunately, owners only need a spare, a car jack, and a wheel brace to change a tyre.


Replacement Wheels

In order to be prepared for a flat tyre, shoppers need to have a replacement wheel on hand. You can opt for a regular wheel or a replacement only meant for temporary use to get the vehicle off the road and to a shop. Since every vehicle varies by model and year, read the owner's manual to find out the specific tyre and rim size for your Daihatsu.


Stabilise the Daihatsu

Since drivers have to lift the vehicle up in order to change a flat tyre, they need to stabilise the car. Avoid driving the vehicle any more than necessary, but it may be necessary to roll or drive a car parked on a slanted surface to the nearest flat area. However, if too far, wedge rocks or anything available under the wheels of the Daihatsu to prevent it from rolling. Put the car in park or first gear, and then engage the emergency brake. If necessary, turn on the hazard lights to warn other drivers.


Loosen the Wheel Nuts

First, remove the nave plate. Before lifting the tyre off the ground, loosen all the wheel nuts with the wheel brace without actually taking them off. Doing this step becomes more difficult once the tyre is elevated because the wheel may spin as you try to rotate the nuts.


Elevate the Daihatsu

Find a flat surface on the bottom of the Daihatsu's frame near the flat tyre to place the car jack under. The goal is to lift the flat tyre off the ground without lifting the other three. If the latter start to come up, reposition the car jack closer to the flat tyre. Avoid putting the jack under the body of the car, as doing so bends the body panels. If unsure of where to put the jack, a safe place is always the axle, though it can be hard to get to.


Change the Tyre

With the wheel off the ground, remove the wheel nuts, and take the tyre off the axle. Afterwards, just put the spare in place, and screw the wheel nuts on tight before setting the car back down; ensure that the rim is on straight. Release the car jack to set the wheel back onto the ground, and then tighten the wheel nuts with the wheel brace.

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