How to Choose Between a Standard Range Rover and the Evoque

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How to Choose Between a Standard Range Rover and the Range Rover Evoque

Jaguar Land Rover Limited, the manufacturer of Land Rover, offers a variety of high-end vehicles designed for intense driving situations. The original Land Rover was developed in 1948. Its construction was developed to take a lot of abuse while still looking fabulous. The Land Rover was designed to deal with the world's toughest terrains, from the African jungle to the Alps. It revolutionised the world of modern vehicles, creating a market for sport utility vehicles for civilians.

Throughout the 1950's and 1960's, the company continued to improve vehicle design, as the Land Rover was still a bit rough around the edges for on-road drivers. Finally, in the 1970's, the company came up with a way to marry on-road luxury with off-road toughness. The progeny of this union came in the form of the Range Rover. Since that time, the Range Rover has come to be one of the more popular SUVs of all time, with multiple models. The Range Rover Evoque, is one such model, with an environment-friendly tag. When choosing between this model and a standard Range Rover, there are many considerations. Understanding the differences can be helpful in making the right decision.

More About the Range Rover

The Land Rover Range Rover was originally designed to bring the power of the original Land Rover, a military vehicle, to a more stylish, street-friendly package. The classy exterior and rugged interior workings make it a great option for someone hoping to find the best of both worlds in a single vehicle. Since its beginnings, the Range Rover has changed quite a bit. Still at the top of the heap when it comes to luxury and gritty performance, the Range Rover remains a well-loved vehicle. There are several versions of Land Rover's original Range Rover creation. Not only is there a variety of models that dub the Range Rover moniker, but there are also different "sub models", each with its unique set of standard features and customisation options.

The Land Rover Range Rover offers many standard features that cannot be found in an average vehicle. Features include heated leather memory seats, advanced reverse sensing systems, rain sensing wipers, and an integrated navigation system. There are four primary package options for the standard Range Rover. These options are mainly based on features and vary substantially in price, with the "base" package having the lowest market price and the "supercharged plus" version having the highest.

Standard Range Rover Features

The Range Rover brand comes with a variety of optional features but for most, the standard features alone are incredible. The chart below lists some of the dozens of standard features in the four available package grades of the modern Range Rover. These options may vary by model year or when purchasing the vehicle second hand. Many other features may also be added.

Model Package

Fuel Economy

Maximum Capacity

Remote Sensing


22.5 km/h City

32.1 km/h Highway


Front and rear with camera.


22.5 km/h City

32.1 km/h Highway


Front and rear with camera; automated for an additional Fee.


21 km/h City

30.5 km/h Highway


Front and rear with camera; automated for an additional fee.

Supercharged Plus

21 km/h City

30.5 km/h Highway

Four or five, depending on additional features.


This chart indicates the variables between the different types of Land Rover Range Rover. It is important for potential buyers to keep in mind that the features differ depending on the model year. If purchasing a used vehicle, some features may have been added by the original owner of the vehicle, so it is recommended that the buyer takes time to ask about all the features in the car.

Range Rover Evoque

Several subcategories of the original Range Rover have sprung forth throughout the years. One of the most popular modern incarnations is the Range Rover Evoque, designed to lend a more modern eco-friendly personality to the original. Both the Range Rover and the Range Rover Evoque have a huge following. Sometimes, selecting between the two can be a challenge, as they are both great vehicles. When choosing between the two it helps to know some of what sets these vehicles apart.

The Range Rover Evoque is a crossover luxury SUV which sprung from the original slightly larger Land Rover Range Rover. The Evoque has many of the same powerful, off-roading capabilities of the standard Range Rover but in a smaller, slightly more fuel-efficient package. The Evoque is a good choice for consumers hoping to have the same level of style and endurance as the Range Rover, but in a more compact, slightly less expensive version.

Standard Features of the Range Rover Evoque

Like the standard Range Rover, the Evoque comes with multiple optional features and the ability to upgrade many others. Just as there are four different Range Rover packages available, the Range Rover Evoque comes in two standard versions based on slight differences in design as well as the features provided as standard. In the case of the Evoque, the two options are the Pure and the Pure Plus. Additional features may be added to the car, and potential buyers should bear this in mind when purchasing a car in the used vehicle market. Additionally, the Land Rover as well as many aftermarket retailers are able to install a number of extra features that may not be part of the standard package.

The chart below demonstrates some differences between the Pure and the Pure Plus styles of Range Rover Evoque. The two car types are quite similar, and the difference in the number of doors is one of the more obvious variables between the two models.

Model Package

Fuel Economy

Number of Doors

Genuine Wood Dash


32 km/h City

45 km/h Highway


Available at Additional Cost

Pure Plus

32 km/h City

45 km/h Highway


Not Available

The features provided above are standard to the Range Rover Evoque Pure and the Range Rover Evoque Pure Plus sub models. Consumers should be aware that some of the features may vary or be altered by other factors.

Price Comparison between the Range Rover and Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover offers a lot of extra features and strength not found in the Range Rover Evoque. The standard Range Rover is also bigger than the Evoque, and all models come equipped with four doors. On the other hand, the Evoque has a two-door model known as the Evoque Pure Plus.

An individual who wants a Range Rover in all its full-size glory may be able to find one in his or her target price range by seeking an older model. However, side-by-side, brand new, the Evoque is often marketed at a cost that is much less than the price of the Range Rover standard. Furthermore, the Evoque provides far better gas mileage and holds nearly as many passengers.

Consumers hoping to finding the larger, more heavy-duty version of the Land Rover brand may do better with either a Range Rover or one of the other larger models. However, those seeking the same performance and luxury in a more economical package are likely to be satisfied with the Evoque.

Buying a Standard Range Rover and the Range Rover Evoque on eBay

When looking for a Range Rover of any kind, the online retailer eBay can prove to be a great resource. To find the car you need, start by typing related keywords into the eBay search bar. In this particular case, you may opt to search using a simple and general search term, such as "Range Rover", or something more specific, such as "Range Rover Evoque" or "1997 Range Rover".

Getting the Range Rover to its New Owner

There are many options for those who purchase vehicles through eBay. You could opt to drive to the seller's home and pick up your vehicle, or you may choose to have it shipped to you. Keep in mind that shipping can add quite a bit to the cost of something as large as a Range Rover. It is therefore a good idea to iron out these details with the seller before initiating purchase on eBay. This ensures that the fees related to shipping or pickup are within your budget.


Whether a standard Range Rover, with all its power and versatility, or a more eco-friendly and compact-sized Evoque is the right option, every buyer can find a version of the popular Land Rover Range Rover line of vehicles that fits his needs. In fact, the standard Range Rover and the Range Rover Evoque are only two of the vehicles amongst the company's wide-range of offerings in vehicles.

Choosing the ideal Range Rover for one's needs can be a challenging prospect. Once a model is selected, the hunt is then on to find a vehicle at the right price, whether new or used. In order to ensure a great deal, it is a good idea to expand shopping horizons to include a wide range of both brick-and-mortar and online retailers. The end result of such careful planning and selection is likely to be a high-quality, long-lasting vehicle at a price well within one's budget.

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