How to Choose Cologne for a Night Out

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How to Choose Cologne for a Night Out

Wearing cologne on a night out is a great way to set the mood and complete an outfit. The right cologne even gives some people more self-confidence. There are a wide number of colognes to choose from, including designer scents like Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Paco Robanne, but knowing more about the notes in the fragrance helps buyers to find their ideal scent.


Understanding Cologne Notes

Colognes and other fragrances are described according to their notes. Each type of cologne has three notes: top, middle, and base. The top note is the immediate scent. It is typically fairly light and lasts around 15 minutes. After this time passes, the middle note, also known as the heart note, comes through. Middle notes are richer and more complex than top notes, and they are the predominant scent in the cologne. Base notes are subtle, but they are the richest component. Spices and woods are often used as base notes. These notes tend to linger the longest.


Categories of Cologne

The most common categories for men's colognes are green, citrus and spice. Green colognes have a fairly sweet scent, and often feature notes of anise, grass, and cucumber. This type of cologne is a good choice for dinner at a friend's house or other casual night's out. Citrus colognes typically smell crisp and clean, and feature notes of lemon, orange, or grapefruit. Citrus fragrances for men are a good, fresh choice for night out dancing at a club. Spice eau de colognes commonly feature notes of cloves, cinnamon, coriander, and mace. Some also have deep woody scents. They have a warm, somewhat exciting tone, and they are ideal for a romantic night out.


Choosing Cologne for a Night Out

When choosing cologne, it is a good idea to avoid trying on more than four in one session in order to get a good idea of the scents. Test the four fragrances, one at a time, using a single wrist and then the crook of each elbow. Wait at least 15 minutes between each scent because it takes at least that time for the fragrance to react with the skin and the top note to fade. Take a few breaths through a cloth before smelling new cologne to clear the nose. Alternatively, look for fragrance samples and wear each type of cologne for a day before committing to a full bottle of fragrance or a fragrance set.

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